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Best Asus Laptops in 2020 | For All Purposes

If you take one look at the market, you will realize that Asus laptop is one of the best ever. They have received praise and universal recognition through years of hard work. They cover most of the price ranges and offer a diverse range of services. Whether you are looking for a gaming laptop or for business purposes, you can completely rely on Asus laptops. So, let’s have a look at some of the best Asus laptops for you to choose from:

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Top 10 Best Asus Laptops in 2020

10. Asus ZenBook Flip 14

Asus ZenBook Flip 14 

 Asus laptops such as, the ZenBook Flip 14 is useful for many reasons. You can cover a bit of photo editing and video rendering with help from the ZenBook Flip 14.

It consists of elegant design and comes with a 14-inch screen. In addition, these Asus laptops offer form factor versatility and perform well under pressure.

  • Contains 16GB RAM
  • Consists of touchscreen properties
  • Comprises of Intel Core i7-8550U

9. Asus ZenBook 3

Asus ZenBook 3 

 If you are looking for Asus laptops that deliver an all-round performance, then the ZenBook 3 is a good option. Not only is this laptop lightweight but ultra-thin also.

These Asus laptops contain a gorgeous design and come with a number of solid components.

  • Smooth and clear display
  • Contains 512GB SSD storage space
  • Includes a 12.5” screen

8. Asus ProArt StudioBook Pro 17

Asus ProArt StudioBook Pro 17 

What makes the ProArt StudioBook one of the most powerful Asus laptops ever, is an Intel Xeon E-2276M. This processor is one of the best in the market in terms of capable mobile CPUs.

As with any other Asus laptop, the ProArt StudioBook contains a number of ports that includes the Thunderbolt 3. In addition, the compact design for this laptop makes it portable.

  • Provides 4TB of storage space
  • Supports as high as 64GB of RAM
  • Supports NVIDIA Quadro T2000 for graphics

7. Asus ZenBook 13

Asus ZenBook 13

There are many things to like in the ZenBook 13 that are rare among other Asus laptops. For instance, it packs in a lot of features while remaining ultra-thin. So, it weighs far less than the components make it appear.

The Nano-edge Bezel display on the ZenBook 13 looks even more soothing with a svelte design.

  • Body made with aluminum
  • Consists of a 50Wh lithium-polymer battery
  • Contains Intel Core i5-8250U Quad-Core processor

6. Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701

Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 

Asus laptops like the ROG Zephyrus S are well-known for delivering solid performances each and every time. Of course, having an Intelligent Cooling System helps but, the 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM deserves praise as well.

These Asus laptops feature a smooth design. In addition, the body can handle a number of ports with a thickness of 0.74-inches only.

  • Supports 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • Comprises of PCle NVMe SSD
  • Runs on Windows 10 Home

5. Asus VivoBook S15

Asus VivoBook S15 

The VivoBook S15 is one of those Asus laptops that can handle anything you throw at it. If you are looking to work for long hours, the VivoBook S15 can handle it. The same goes for gaming but as long as you don’t go for an intense gaming session.

With an ErgoLift hinge, the VivoBook S15 helps you type faster and stay relaxed. In addition, the gold metal finish gives it a lavish look.

  • Contains Nano-edge bezel display
  • Provides a 15.6-inch screen
  • Contains a 8GB DDR4 RAM

4. Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX531GX

Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX531GX 

 There are very few Asus laptops that can handle heavyweight computing like the ROG Zephyrus S GX531GX. In addition, this laptop has all the components necessary for a bit of gaming.

These Asus laptops have been designed to be easy to carry while storing a 24GB RAM.

  • Consists of NVIDIA Max-Q technology
  • Handles video editing tasks with ease
  • Comes with Intel Core i7-8750H processor

3. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

 There are very few Asus laptops that can deliver solid performances like the ZenBook Pro Duo. It contains more than one display with the second one set right on top of the keyboard.

This laptop features a matte coating that gives it a professional look. The additional display lets you get a lot of work done without switching between applications.

  • Provides 1TB for storage
  • Supports a 4K OLED display
  • Consists of 71WHr battery

2. Asus ZenBook 15

Asus ZenBook 15 

 With the ZenBook 15, the Asus laptops usher in a new era in which ultra-light chassis is readily available. It consists of a secondary touchscreen that boosts the productivity and keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Asus laptops like the ZenBook 15 contain an ultra-portable design. Moreover, the laptop is really good at multitasking.

  • Comprises of a new ScreenPad 2.0
  • Provides a fun smartphone-like interface
  • Runs on Windows 10 Home
  • Clocks in at 4.9GHz of speed

1. Asus ZenBook Flip 14”

Asus ZenBook Flip 14” 

There are so many features on the ZenBook Flip that it is easily among the best Asus laptops. With a turbo boost, this laptop can clock in at 4.6GHz of speed.

The touchscreen features coupled with a simple design make it easy on the eyes. So, you can for longer hours without feeling drained.

  • Contains fingerprint reader for security
  • Comes with Intel Core i7-8565U
  • Contains 16GB of powerful memory

Asus laptops on this list are feature-rich and turn in strong performances. The brand has crafted hundreds of laptops that deliver solid performance every time. It means that you have see of Asus laptops from which to buy. With that said, you will need to decide which laptop is the most suitable for you.

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