BIAJIYA RFID Blocking Phone Pocket

BIAJIYA RFID Blocking Phone Pocket Review

We carry our phones with us almost all the time. Over the years, phones have become some of the most personal devices that carry all our data and our personal/professional lives in them. Not to say phones do not do enough, but ever wondered how convenient it would be if the phone that you carry with you all the time, gives you some extra storage space? Well, that is what we have for you today. The BIAJIYA RFID blocking phone pocket adds some extra storage for your cards and helps reduce your wallet bugle all-together. Plus, it has other extra features like RFID blocking and good build quality. Let’s dive into the full in-depth review.

BIAJIYA RFID Blocking Phone Pocket Review

BIAJIYA RFID Blocking Phone Pocket

Design and Quality

One of the most common pitfalls that often plague phone cases and phone pockets, in this case, is cheap quality and design. You do not want to pair your shiny iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone with a badly made phone pocket.

Luckily, we were quite impressed with the attention to detail BIAJIYA gave to this. From the color finish to the design, it’s all high-quality. The quality of the material was superb too.

Given how much we use our phones and the abuse it has to tolerate being thrown in our pockets, tables, and bags all the time, having good build quality is crucial. The materials used to construct this is a clever use of silicone, polycarbonate, canvas, and faux leather for a premium feel.

The last thing you want is your brand-new phone pocket to bite the dust just after a couple of weeks of use. As is with some other products that have stitching on them, you would, unfortunately, see the stitching starts to come off. We do not think that is a point of concern with these. The stitching is solid and does not seem it will come off quite as easy.

Apart from the build quality, the design of these is also of note. You get a minimal and professional looking phone pocket that will be comfortable carrying everywhere.

Comes in three colors – black, grey, and brown. We think the black option looks pretty sleek.

No matter if you are working at an office during the day or attending a party during the evening, this will match the occasion nicely no matter what.

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Widely Compatible

If you are wondering is this going to be compatible with the model of phone you have, let us put you at ease. This BIAJIYA phone pockets support a ridiculously large variety of phones.

Whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung, LG, Motorola, this should work just fine for all of them.

A point to note though if your phone happens to have a glass back, it is best to use this with a case on your phone. This ensures the adhesive will stick properly to your phone’s back and stay there. Speaking of the adhesive, let’s get on with the performance and features.

RFID blocking Convenient Storage

Alright, so you have had your trusty wallet on you for a couple of years and it is starting to show its age. The material has worn out and the stitching is starting to come off.

This is the perfect time to get a phone pocket that will not simultaneously reduce your wallet bulge but also keep your cards safe and sound. This can hold up to 5 cards and given how most transactions are moving more and more online and of the cashless nature, this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

You get a pull tab on the top which you can use to easily pull out the stored cards. They come out in a stacked position – looks pretty neat and lets you easily choose the card you want.

If you don’t use all the five slots, you can also use one of the slots to carry one or two bills as well.

Remember the adhesive we mentioned? That is how you get this to stick on to the back of your phone. Yes, we know what you are probably thinking. Sticking this to the back of your phone with all your credit/debit cards seems like a risky venture.

It would have if the adhesive wasn’t any good. It uses super-strong 3M adhesive tapes that keep this thing securely glued to the back of your phone – literally. We saw no signs of the adhesive loosening or coming off even after holding it upside down.

As a nice gesture (which we are sure you’ll appreciate just as much as we did here), you get two extra tapes just in case. More protection if you need it in the future. Solid build, great design and good functionality, what else you might need.

Oh yeah, the RFID blocking bit.

What is RFID blocking and Why you need it ?

What is RFID blocking and Why you need it ? 

Credit and debit cards use a technology called RFID that helps the machine read the card. Unfortunately, as is with new technologies, advancements can be done for either good and bad.

With the widespread adoption of these cards, RFID skimming has become a prominent way of identity and credit card theft. The RFID signal can be read with the help of specialized devices which can then be used for malicious activities.

RFID blocking works by making use of electromagnetic technology called a faraday cage which makes the cards electromagnetically opaque by distributing the charge or radiation. This helps protect your cards from electrical charges and their content safes.

Convenience does not have to be expensive. BIAJIYA RFID Blocking phone pocket you get a good build and designed way of adding some extra storage to your phone and make it more versatile. The addition of extra features like the RFID blocking and the minimal professional design does not hurt either.

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