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A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is different than a wireless one. In wireless ones, you need to connect a USB dongle to your PC or laptop. But with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you can connect to the device via a built-in Bluetooth system. Dongles are hard to manage. If you lose it, you’re in trouble. If you are always on the move, it’s not that hard to lose one. Also not every wireless device comes with those dongle storages. So it’s much easier to buy a Bluetooth one and not worry about it at all.

They tend to bring a very sleek and modern look to your workstation. Easier to manage and fewer USB ports wasted. If you are looking for options then you are in the right place. Because we made a list of the 5 best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combos you can find on the internet and available on Amazon in 2020. This list will help you make the best pick.

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Top 5 Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse In 2020

1. Targus



Targus Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is one of the best out there. This combo comes with a Targus B580 mouse and a Targus Kb55 keyboard. Both the keyboard and mouse have advanced technology. This can even connect to a smartphone to make typing easier anywhere and anytime. This is very easy to manage and carry. It comes with one AA, two AAA batteries.

It has a standard looking design. Its mouse has an advanced sensor. The keyboard has scissor-like switch keys. It also has a battery meter. So you can know when to recharge.

  • Comes with a 1,600 DPI optical sensor on the mouse.
  • Comes with Bluetooth 3.0 connection.
  • Provides battery level indicator.
  • Weighs 2.24 ounces.

2. Microsoft


This is the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop Keyboard and Mouse. This model is one of the most modern-looking, stylish, and thin Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It has the latest Bluetooth technology. It gives users an amazing typing experience. The keyboard even has media keys to control the music.

It has a minimalistic design. The ultra-thin design will compliment your workstation pretty well. It comes with more advanced features. The keyboard dimensions are 15.32 inches × 4.41 inches. And the mouse dimensions are 4.21 inches × 2.36 inches. The package comes with four AAA batteries. The mouse is perfect for left or right-handed people because of its design. It can work on any type of surface. This is one of the best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo on the market.

  • Provides more advanced Bluetooth 4.0 connection
  • Comes with an optical laser on the mouse.
  • Comes in an ambidextrous design.
  • Has a built-in number pad on the keyboard.
  • Provides compatibility with windows, mac, or android
  • Comes with BlueTrack technology.
  • Weighs 2.82 ounces. 

3. Logitech K830

Logitech K830

This is Logitech K830, this is the solution to all the messy workstations. It combines the keyboard and mouse. It has a built-in touchpad to act as a mouse. So there will be more space for other things on your desk. Usually, we find these touchpads on laptops. But now anyone with a PC can also have the same experience. You can make your workstation look a lot less crowded. This comes with a charging cable of 51.18 inches. This device senses the amount of light in the room and brightens up or dims the backlights of the device. So usage of this device is comfortable in any place or situation. This is a sure deserving entry for our top 5 list of Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

It has a metal finish design with a premium-grade texture. Moreover, it complements the modern living room or any workstation. It has a very responsive touchpad. The keyboard layout is simple. It has buttons for faster navigation for media consumption. A full charge can last up to 10 days with a 2 hour/day typing usage. The items’ dimensions are 15.10 inches × 5.59 inches × 1.65 inches. This is also a silent keyboard. The typing sound is 55 dBA for all the keys.

  • Provides auto-adjusting backlight.
  • Comes with accurate cursor control.
  • Provides gesture control.
  • Also supports a USB port.
  • Weighs 1.77 lbs.

4. Jelly Comb

Jelly Comb

Jelly Comb Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with touchpad mouse is amazing. It is the most portable device on this list. It is perfect for anyone who likes to travel. Due to the small size, it can fit into any bag. The design is for the ones who like to carry less with them. This is a perfect traveling companion. If anyone has a small workstation then it’s also suitable for them. Since its foldable, it can fit in a small corner. The touchpad does not support iOS or Mac OS.

This design is small and practical. It has a keyboard layout of 63 keys. The range of Bluetooth is about 33 feet. It is also very stylish and sleek. It consumes less charge. The touchpad is very responsive. The size of the keyboard is 11.89 inches × 3.82 inches × 0.31 inches and the touchpad is 2.16 × 1.76 inches.

  • Comes with an automatic sleep function.
  • Comes with a built-in efficient lithium battery.
  • Provides a USB connection also.
  • Weighs 197.3 grams.
  • Comes in a carry-friendly shape.

5. Yafox


Yafox 5049 Slim Portable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad is a super compatible device. It has a range of 10 m. It is a great choice for laptops, iPad, and smartphones. It’s light and slim design is stylish and modern. Its dimensions are 33 cm × 11cm × 5 cm. This is a very good option as a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

This has a lightweight and modest design. It provides a comfortable experience.

  • Comes with a generous size touchpad.
  • Provides compatibility with a wide range of products.
  • Weighs 0.53 lbs.[/su_tab] [/su_tabs]

A good Bluetooth keyboard and mouse will keep your desk more minimal. It frees up your USB ports. Thus, it makes your laptop or PC, or tab more versatile. The devices on this list are 5 of the best you can find on Amazon right now. If you go through all the choices, you can select the one for you.

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