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Best CCTV Cameras in 2020 | Enhancing Your Security

With the emergence of top-notch technologies, in came top-notch criminals too. So, as a global human being, you need to be prepared and face the challenges, enhancing your security. Speaking of security, the best form of surveillance these days is the CCTV cameras. Today, we’ll take you through a thorough adventure to find out the best CCTV cameras.

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Top 10 Best CCTV Cameras of 2020

1. ARLO Ultra 4k UHD

ARLO Ultra 4k UHD

If there was a CCTV camera award for sharp and sleekness, this one would win the award every year, with ease. The intelligent nature of this device includes the ability to figure out human faces and detect packages at the doorstep.

Super smart technology, 180-degree fisheye view, 4k footage, and the specifications list goes on and on.


With a max resolution of 4K, the videos come very, very clear. The camera is wireless, with a viewing angle of 180 degrees. This is, as expected, an outdoor camera. It also has a two-way communication system.

– Enhanced night vision system

– Fish-eye view of 180 degrees

– Noise cancellation system

– Pretty expensive.



A very professional camera, with a polished look and enchanting videos. It sure doesn’t have a 4K display, but 1080P is pretty much enough to check surveillance feeds.

With a sleek design and sturdy build, it is now owned by Amazon. You can simply check the videos in your TV with a simple command from Alexa.


This wireless camera has a 115-degree angle and a two-way audio system. It has a 1080P max resolution and the design is sleek. You can store the videos on your cloud with a monthly subscription or use a microSD card.

– 1080p feature offers high-quality video

– Versatile, got a lot of features

– Two-way audio system

– A bit too expensive considering the features.



The only thing that is setting it apart from our first choice is the 4K HD display. This one doesn’t go too bad as well, with a 2K max resolution.

This is an outdoor camera and it is highly weatherproof. A very decent quality here is the integrated spotlight and the integrated smart siren.


It has a whopping 160-degree view, added with the two-way audio. The storage system is a cloud, however, and you have to pay to save the clips.

– Night vision with colors

– 160-degree view

– Integrated siren and spotlight

– Very expensive

– No microSD storage system.

4. NEOS SmartCam

NEOS SmartCam

If you’re buying for the first time, and the whopping price tags of good CCTV cameras so far are blowing your brains out, what do you do? You look for the ones that are cheap yet effective! NEOS SmartCam is exactly your pick here.

For indoors, it’s a very safe and effective pick.


It has a 1080P max resolution and a 110-degree viewing angle. With the two-way audio and wired system, this may seem like any other usual good camera. That’s when the incredibly low price tag comes in.

– Pretty good image quality

– Free cloud storage for 14 days

– Doesn’t have a lot of features

– Not very technically advanced compared to others.

5. Ring Indoor Cam

Ring Indoor Cam

If you want a camera for indoors that is affordable with good specs, this is your pick. Coming from Amazon, it has the usual Amazon features too.

 This camera has a pretty decent viewing angle.


Unlike the previous one, this camera doesn’t have free cloud storage or doesn’t allow micro SD cards. It has two-way audio and is wired.

– Very easy to set up and control

– Quite affordable price

– Lack of adequate features.

6. SWANN 1080P Smart Security Camera

SWANN 1080P Smart Security Camera

So far we’ve seen super cheap indoor cameras and quite expensive outdoor cameras. Now comes an outdoor camera that is quite affordable! With a 1080P quality, this camera is a very good option if you consider the affordability.

Design and Quality: With a stylish design and strong build, it has a very decent motion sensor.


It has no dedicated hubs to connect, it connects directly to the router and then you get the images and videos on your phone or other connected devices.

– Affordable price

– Very quick to send alerts and detect motions

– Sometimes give sluggish response times

– The mount is a bit weak.

7. D-Link DCS-2802KT-EU Pro

D-Link DCS-2802KT-EU Pro

D-Link’s routers are famous all around the world, but their CCTV cameras aren’t bad either! This one, particularly, stands out in a crowd of middle-ranged cameras.

With effective and fast hub, this device will secure your household and office.


This is an outdoor camera with a 180-degree viewing angle and a max resolution of 1080P. It is wireless and has a MicroSD or cloud storage system.

– Easy installation

– IP65 rated, which means it can withstand the heat of a jet plane hose

– Affordable price

– Can be slow and rigid at times

– The picture quality isn’t very convincing.

8. TP-LINK Kasa Spot KC100

TP-LINK Kasa Spot KC100

This one doesn’t have a lot of features, it doesn’t have super fancy image qualities, but it does its work well. Considering the price, this camera is worth trying.

With a cloud storage and decent image quality, this device will ensure you safe household.


An indoor CCTV camera with a 130-degree viewing angle that can rotate around 360 degrees.

– Clear and direct video footage

– Excellent night-view mode quality.

– Lacks a lot of modern-day features.

9. SWANN FloodlightSecurity Camera

SWANN FloodlightSecurity Camera

How do we scare burglars and thieves off? There might be a thousand ways but nothing better than a flash of spotlight coming at their face and marking them right away.

The camera has a 125-degree angle and is for outdoors.


It is wired and has storage services in both cloud and microSD. But the biggest feature here is the spotlights and its effects.

– Massive spotlight power

-Heat sensor

– Two-way audio

– Quite expensive.

10. LOGI Circle 2

LOGI Circle 2

The last camera on our list is a pretty decent one. It comes with a 24-hours free trial to clouds.

It is a very intelligent Wi-Fi camera and has a very decent conversation system.


This camera has a 1080p resolution and a 180-degree viewing angle. It’s a wired outdoor camera with a two-way audio system.

– Very comfortable to use

– Responsive to commands

– Isn’t feasible for catching burglars.

Your privacy, your house, and your money- they’re never safe unless you have ample security on them. So, this is our list of top ten best CCTV cameras. Hope they’ll come to use!

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