Best Ceiling TV Mount In 2021 | Secure & Non-Messy

Best Ceiling TV Mount In 2021 | Secure & Non-Messy

Ceiling TV mounts can usually take on three times the weight they suggest. They are a secure and non-messy way to display your TV to whomever the audience may be. It is great for public places and also your home if you have children who can tip the TV from the stands, causing a hazard. To make your life simpler, we have selected ten stable ceiling TV mounts for you.

Top 10 Ceiling TV Mount In 2021

10. VideoSecu LCD Plasma Flat Panel TV Ceiling Mount

VideoSecu LCD Plasma Flat Panel TV Ceiling Mount


If you want high quality and solid TV mount at a reasonable price, get this one from VideoSecu.

This TV mount has a large bracket for stability. The pole is thick enough to contain the wires providing a neat look. It rotates 360 degrees allowing a comfortable viewing experience.

  • Support any 37″ to 60″ TV within 110lbs.
  • Extend from 26″ to 35.4.”
  • Installation hardware included.

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9. Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling Tv Mount

Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling Tv Mount

This smartly designed, sturdy ceiling TV mount is a total steal for its price.

This TV mount has a folding design and is very easy to install with a detachable VESA plate. It is well built, with a high load-bearing capacity.

  • Compatible with 13-27″ TVs up to 44lbs.
  • Arm length 7-11 inches.

8. Suptek Ceiling TV Wall Mount

Suptek Ceiling TV Wall Mount

Suptec TV mount is durable and allows full rotation making it perfect for cafes or restaurants.

The pole of this TV mount hangs low and can be adjusted from 23.6″ to 39.4″. It has an inbuilt cable management system.

  • Support 26-50″ LCD TV up to 100 lbs.
  • Tilt – 15° tilting and 360° swivel.
  • Instruction manual and hardware included.

7. Loctek Adjustable Tilting Wall Ceiling TV Mount

Loctek Adjustable Tilting Wall Ceiling TV Mount

This Loctec ceiling TV mount is incredibly versatile and guaranteed to provide you the best viewing angle at a great value.

This unique mount has several hole patterns and adjustments for easy installment and positioning. The 90-degree flexible plate can be placed on both flat or sloped ceiling or even the wall.

  • Compatible with 26″-55″ televisions.
  • 66lbs maximum loading capacity.
  • All Hardware included, including bolds and screws.

6. Barkan TV Ceiling Mount

Barkan TV Ceiling Mount

After passing rigorous quality tests, rest assured this Barkan Ceiling TV mount will last you a lifetime!

This Ceiling TV mount has innovative movable brackets. It not only allows you to attach flat LCD TV’s, but also the ones that are curved or have structures at the back. Although the suggested weight is 88lbs, it can support up to four times that.

  • TV mount fits most 29-65″ TVs
  • Allows 16 inches extension, 160-degree swivel, and 25-degree tilt.


SIMBR Ceiling TV Mount 

This strong SIMBR TV mount gives you a full range of motion, making it perfect for restaurants, airports, or shopping malls.

SIMBR TV mount has a roof installation that is tilted to adapt to various surfaces. The pole has 6 levels of adjustment, with the longest being 47 inches, which is perfect for high ceilings.

  • Compatible with 22″-75″ TVs up to 110lbs.
  • Movements: 15° down tilt and 340° rotation, angle swiveling between -170° to +170.

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4. Mount-It! TV Ceiling Mount Bracket

Mount-It! TV Ceiling Mount Bracket 

Mount-It! Premium TV mount is a breeze to install and use and will last you through all your TV upgrades.

This high strength steel has a ceiling plate that can adapt to all surfaces. It extends up to three feet and has holes for easy access to wiring.

  • Screen Size: 32″ – 70″ up to 110lbs.
  • Movements: 360-degree rotation, 25-degree tilt and 22″ – 35.8″ extention.

3. AmazonBasics Ceiling TV Mount

AmazonBasics Ceiling TV Mount 

AmazonBasics offer all the qualities you want in a great ceiling TV mount, perfect for any setting.

This TV mount has a unique contoured ceiling plate giving your entertainment area a stylish, non-bulky look for your home. The cables can be tucked within the mounting structure for a neat look.

  • Movement: 15-degree tilt and left-right 360 swivels
  • 6.5-foot HDMI cable included.
  • Compatible with 37 to 80-inch television within 100 lbs.

2. Mount-It! MI-4211

Mount-It! MI-4211 TV Ceiling Mount 

This superior quality TV mount is tested to endure three times the suggested weight. It is retractable, saving extra space and a great choice for under cabinets.

The smartly designed 90-degree foldable system has a secure latch to flatten the TV to the ceiling. It can support up to 44lbs and swivel at a 45-degree angle for easy viewing.

  • Compatible with 17 inch – 37-inch TV.
  • All mounting hardware and instructions are included.
  • Height adjustment: 5 inches.

1. Mount-It! Dual Screen

Mount-It! Dual Screen TV Ceiling Mount

If you are looking for an affordable, back-to-back TV mount for restaurants, cathedrals, or airports, this is the one you should get without hesitation.

The ceiling plate can adjust to sloped surfaces and has a large weight-bearing capacity. The pole can extend up to 36 inches and allow each TV to be titled individually for the most comfortable viewing angle.

  • Compatible with any flat 70-inch LCD TV up to 99lbs each.
  • Adjustments: 22 inches to 35.8 inches extension and180 degrees swivel.
  • Inbuilt cable organizer.

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A ceiling TV mount can cut the costs of installing a TV drastically while saving a lot of floor or wall space. Get one from our list for a neat and chic TV setup.

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