Best Corner TV Mounts In 2020 | Smart Use of Space

Best Corner TV Mounts In 2020 | Smart Use of Space

Flat-screen TVs are becoming more and more affordable each day. In almost every house you walk in, you may notice a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall in the living room. Many people tend to get multiple TVs for different rooms. Mounting the TV on a wall is common. You can get a TV unit and decorate the entire wall as you wish. But it’s not written in stone that the TV has to be mounted on a wall, it can be on the corner of the room.

This trend started to become appreciated as a lot of people don’t have empty wall space for a huge flat-screen TV. Mounting the TV on a corner is their best bet and saves them a lot of space. So if you want something similar for your house, we have a list of 10 of the best corner TV mounts below. Feel free to take a peak.

Top 10 Corner TV Mounts In 2020

10. InstallerParts Corner TV Wall Mount

InstallerParts Corner TV Wall Mount 

This highly durable corner mount from InstallerParts comes with a full-motion swiveling arm with which you can swivel your TV both left and right by 60-degree. The tilting mechanism prevents screen glares.

  • 130lbs of weight capacity
  • Standard VESA mounting plate
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Solid steel build

9. Impact Mounts Corner TV Wall Mount

Impact Mounts Corner TV Wall Mount 

This mount comes with a dual-articulating arm that can easily withstand an 88lbs TV. The full-motion system allows the viewer to discover their preferred angle that won’t give off any screen glares. The durable and scratch-resistant frame ensures a long-term service.

  • Universal VESA patterned plate
  • Up to 20-inches of an extendable arm
  • 60-degree swivel on both sides
  • Locking mechanism included

8. Mounting Dream Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

Mounting Dream Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket 

Mounting Dream comes with this sturdy wall bracket that can support up to a 50-inch TV. With its retractable arm, the TV can be placed as little as 3.4-inches away from the wall. To enjoy a non-glaring screen, you can tilt the TV by 15-degree on the back and 5-degree on the front. The little adjustments can be made after the TV is properly mounted so you can get a great view no matter where you are in the room.

  • 99lbs of weight capacity
  • Max VESA 400mm mounting plate
  • 45-degree swiveling on both sides
  • Easy installation

7. Vemount Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

Vemount Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket 

With a 99lbs weight capacity, the bracket can hold up to a 65-inch TV. The extendable arm can be pulled 16.5-inches away from the wall and retracted back to 3.1-inches. You can adjust the TV for 3-degree after it’s mounted to get it leveled perfectly.

  • Universal VESA mounting patterned plate
  • 45-degree swiveling
  • Durable steel construction
  • Dual-articulating arms

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6. Mount-It! Corner TV Mount

Mount-It! Corner TV Mount 

With a low-profile design, this mount is great for hanging your TV on the corners. It can support between a 37 and a 63-inch TV. You can tilt the TV for 15-degree after mounting to get a glare-free viewing angle. The mount is easy to install with all the required hardware provided in the package.

  • 132lbs of weight capacity
  • Made from strong reinforced steel material
  • VESA mounting plate
  • Full motion adjustments

5. Everstone TV Wall Mount

Everstone TV Wall Mount 

The mount can hold up between 26 and 60-inch TVs with a maximum weight capacity of 88lbs. The full-motion arm extends for up to 15-inches. You can adjust the rotation of the TV after mounting to get your preferred viewing angle.

  • Unique 6 arms design
  • 3-degree backward and 15-degree forward tilting
  • Left and right 90-degree swiveling
  • Easy to install in a few steps

4. ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount

ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount 

The wall mount can support up to an 86-inch TV with a weight capacity of 125lbs. The full-motion arm makes it easier to figure out the perfect angle to watch the TV without any glare coming off the screen. The VESA pattern makes it compatible with almost any brand of TV.

  • Strong steel frame construction
  • 130-degree swiveling adjustments
  • Suitable for concrete walls and wood studs
  • Easy to install (hardware included)

3. Aeon Stands and Mounts Full Motion Wall Mount

Aeon Stands and Mounts Full Motion Wall Mount 

The mount comes with a solid die-casting arm that won’t crumble over-usage. You can adjust the arm as needed to get the preferred angle. The full-motion mount lets you swivel your TV a good 29-inches away from the wall.

  • Universal VESA mounting plate
  • Full motion-swiveling arm
  • Weight capacity of 70lbs
  • Built-in cable management

2. Cheetah Mounts TV Wall Mount Bracket

Cheetah Mounts TV Wall Mount Bracket 

The bracket can hold a 65-inch TV. With its articulating arm, you can tilt swivel, and rotate your TV as needed to get your preferred angle. The TV stays 2.7-inch away from the wall normally when the arm is retracted.

  • Up to 14.5-inches extendable arm
  • VESA mounting plate
  • 115lbs of maximum weight capacity

1. VideoSecu MW380B5 TV Wall Mount Bracket

VideoSecu MW380B5 TV Wall Mount Bracket 

The heavy-duty bracket can hold between a 37 and a 70-inch TV. Its retractable articulating arm keeps the TV 3-inches away from the wall and can extend up to a good 14-inch. The 160-degree swiveling adjustments help discover an optimum viewing angle.

  • Maximum weight capacity of 125lbs
  • Full motion adjustments
  • Low-profile design
  • Comes with a free HDMI cable
  • Durable steel construction

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We tried to highlight the specifications of these products as much as possible. Consider what each of them has to offer and what you seek before focusing on one. We hope one of the listed TV mounts makes it to the corner of your room.

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