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Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2020 | Save Up Space

Be it for office work or entertainment purposes, a dual monitor setup saves an awful lot of office space and increases productivity in a drastic order, which is why dual monitors are now pretty common in the world. But to save up space and work comfortably, one thing is a must- dual monitor stands.

We took the liberty of figuring out the ten best dual monitor stands for your help and comfort. Here’s a list with the key-features to let you make your pick.

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Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Stands of 2020

1. HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

Two of the basic issues with dual monitor stands are stability and durability. When two monitors are connected in a stand, it has to withstand the weight. This very stand, the best in our list, excels in that division.

With a strong build, add the stylish look and the easy installation, and the debate will lessen up regarding the best stand out there.


– Has removable VESA plates

– 45-degree tilt, 90-degree swivel, and 360 degrees rotation

– Can raise screen height

– Very strong, unshakable stability

– Easy installation process

– Excellent cable management to keep the desk tidy

– A bit too heavy to carry.

2. VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Vivo has always been a good manufacturer of monitor stands. This one is a masterpiece, to be honest. With an exceptional range of articulation, this stand can do so many things in so little time.

With an excellent sturdy design, this monitor has a splendid cable management system as well.


– Has six top joints to balance the stand

– Has clamp and grommet mounting options

– Can hold a total of 44 lbs

– 180-degree shovel and 360-degree rotation

– Very decent cable management

– Affordable price

– Cannot fit desks smaller than 4 feet.

3. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

A side-by-side monitor stand that tilts, rotates, moves in the flash of an eye. It also increases the desk space and helps you to multitask effortlessly.

This has by far the smoothest motion ever considering other stands.


– Fits in very small desks as well

– Side-by-side monitor-arms that can be adjusted accordingly

– Two separate options for mounting

– The best possible range of super-fast motions

– Compatible with almost all the desks

– A bit too expensive.

4. MI-725 Mount-It Dual Arm (Adaptable) Mount Stand

MI-725 Mount-It Dual Arm (Adaptable) Mount Stand

This is a human version of monitor stands. It has two arms, can practically hold all kinds of monitors.

With a stylish design and the rotator holders, the monitors can be rotated, moved and titled accordingly with this stand.


– Double lock system with C-Clamp position

– Dual arms to balance and adjust the heights

– Rotating monitor holders to enhance the watching experience

– Very strong, can hold on to heavy monitors

– Affordable price

– A bit too heavy to carry.

5. EleTab Adjustable Dual Arm Monitor Stand

EleTab Adjustable Dual Arm Monitor Stand

If someone wants a simple yet elegant design within a low price range, then this should be his pick. This stand is an amazing one, without tons of features but with the ones that just about does the job.

The sleek silver design is unique and aesthetic at the same time.


– Has a spring system to adjust

– Can be adjusted into either portrait or landscape mode

– Can support monitors of bigger sizes

– Easy installation

– Affordable price

– Lacks a lot of features.

6. MDS14 Dell (Dual Monitor) Stand (5TPP7)

MDS14 Dell (Dual Monitor) Stand (5TPP7)

So far most of the dual monitor stands turned out to be of similar shapes. But, this stand, produced by Dell has a unique ‘U’ shaped design and offers excellent adjustment features.

Comes with a strong and sturdy build and a unique design.


– Integrated cable management system

– U shaped design to slide both monitors in the same plane

– Excellent tilt, swivel and height adjustments

– Neat cable management system.

– Cannot support monitors larger than 24 inches

7. ONKRON Dual Monitor Desk Mount

ONKRON Dual Monitor Desk Mount

Ever wanted a monitor stand that will listen to you? That you can do anything with it? Well, your wish has been granted by Onkron with this monitor stand.

This unique stand is visually stunning and has a full motion of the arms.


– Made with airplane-grade aluminum

– Has a built-in spring gauge

– Height adjustable system

– Weight customization system

– Affordable price

– A bit difficult to set up.

8. Loctek D5D Gas Spring LCD Mount Dual Monitor Arm

Loctek D5D Gas Spring LCD Mount Dual Monitor Arm

If you’re looking for a top-performing stand within your minimal price range, this is your best bet.

The stand itself possesses some of the top qualities, and it is one of the bests when it comes to flexibility.


– Has a gas spring for vertical adjustment

– Can go full 360 degrees

– Created from grade-A aluminum

– Easy installation

– Very inexpensive considering the services

– Not compatible for heavier monitors.

9. Fleximounts Dual Monitor Mount

Fleximounts Dual Monitor Mount

This is a tall stand made of pure aluminum, and this is as tough as it can get. The mount can hold a 17.6-pound weight for each monitor.

With a sturdy build and cable management system, this one is surely the one for the people who want to tidy up their desks.


– Swift and seamless movement

– 180-degree swivel and tilts for 20 degrees

– Can hold onto a lot of weight

– Taller than most of its contemporaries

– Doesn’t have as many features as similarly priced products.

10. Mount-It MI-1781 LCD Desk Stand Mount

Mount-It MI-1781 LCD Desk Stand Mount

A dual monitor stand that is vividly popular for its versatility and flexibility. The stand has height adjustability and is pretty strong to hold on to strong objects.

It can rotate at 360 degrees in both orientations. The curved arm design makes sure the viewers don’t face any discomfort while watching.


– Accepts designs from Acer, Samsung, Hp, ASUS, Dell, E Machines, LG and others

– Has a tilt and rotate design

– Has a curved arm design to keep the focus point at the viewers

– Ergonomic setting

– Can rotate at 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally

– Affordable price

– It has an issue on adjustment.

So there were our two cents on some of the best dual monitor’s stands out there. These stands don’t just give you comfort, but they also save up space and make your office and home desk clean and composed. Hope this list comes of help to you!

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