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EBYPHAN Mini USB LED Light Lamp Review

We often find ourselves in need of a lamp that can illuminate a specific portion of our room without brightening up our surroundings or disturbing other people nearby. Also, there are times that we need a lamp that can be carried everywhere without any hassle. All of these happen in all of our lives and we suffer from these situations a lot. But due to technological advancements, the solution is at hand, and at an affordable price. Because now, we have EBYPHAN Mini USB LED Light Lamp. This lamp is versatile compared to our traditional light bulbs and this is what made these lights so popular among all kinds of consumers in such a short time. These lamps are not only energy-efficient, but they are compact, easy to use and packed with tons of features keeping user demands in mind also. Engineered to perform and feel different than conventional lights, USB lights can provide you with enough light to read your book or keyboard without lighting up a large space. You can plug them into any USB port to use anywhere you need them to light up something for you.

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Ebyphan is comparatively a new brand in the market. But their mini USB light with flexible gooseneck is the best pick if you are looking for a USB light. Let us now look at the features that make this mini USB light one of a kind.

Product Design and Quality

For starters, the pack contains ten EBYPHAN Mini USB LED Light Lamps with a variety of colors. These USB lamps are green that is,  this comes from silicone and metal. Any harmful material is absent in the constituents of this lamp. There is no battery contained in these lamps, which also makes them environment friendly. Then we have the lights. The lighting board has 6 small and bright beads of LED. The lights of these lamps are eye-caring. The energy-efficient LEDs emit a soft light that will illuminate your book or other targeted objects nicely but will not harm your eyes, save you from eye fatigue. The lamp is 168mm long and 18mm wide. It has a silicone made flexible gooseneck. At the exterior part opposite to the lamp, there is a heat dissipation board which can protect the LED beads by dispersing the produced heat. As for connectivity, the USB lamps can be connected to various USB ports of 5V and 0.5-2A ranging from adapters, power banks, laptops, desktops, etc. If you own an OTG converter you can also light these lamps with your mobile phones. The versatility of this USB lamp makes it suitable for studying, keyboard illumination, bedside reading, and even outdoor camping.

Product Features

The Ebyphan mini USB LED light lamp is an energy-efficient lamp. One of the features that is necessary is its eye-caring soft light-emitting LED beads. The colors that these lamps come in are very attractive and can fit into your style. As these lamps are only 168mm in length and 18mm in width, they can be carried everywhere very easily. The heat dissipation board, as its name suggests, disperses the heat that the lamp produces. The gooseneck is very flexible and can be bent full 360 degrees. As the lamp is made of silicone and metal, it is environment friendly. You can use this lamp by connecting to adapters, USB ports and even with cell phones using an OTG converter.

Pros and Cons 


  • Energy-efficient,
  • Eye-caring LED beads,
  • 360-degree flexible neck,
  • Green constituents,
  • Heat Dissipation Board,
  • Supports all kind of USB ports of PC and MAC,
  • Compact design.


  • Heat dissipation board gets very hot while continuous usage,
  • The strength of the LED beads reduces to 70% with time.

Is it worth it?  

As far as a USB LED lamp goes, the EBYPHAN Mini USB LED Light Lamps are a great pick. It is available in the 10 pcs and 8 pcs packs so you can get the one convenient for you. The colors that the lamps come in are attractive. We must say, the price to performance ratio of these lamps are great. In this price range, the presence of eye-caring LED beads, heat dissipation sink, the 360-degree bendable neck can provide you the angle you need and the use of green materials is praiseworthy. The energy efficiency of these lamps is also great and you can use them with power banks, adapters or even USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports of your desktop or laptop. These lamps work great in case of illuminating keyboards. But keep in mind that these lamps cannot be used with TVs, printers or home theaters as they emit ultraviolet and infrared heat which is detrimental for LED beads. The lifetime of these LED beads is no less than the usual 50,000 hours. As a result, you can expect to use these LED light lamps for years. If you have multiple of these, you can keep them in different workplaces so that you find them in times of need. Studying, bedside reading, lightening up a keyboard, camping, no matter what you need to be done, these lamps are the best pick for you.

 To conclude, LED light lamps to help us to focus solely on our work without disturbing anyone else nearby. Not only this, the other advantages such as using anywhere with adapters or USB ports, lightening up a keyboard and easy carrying facilities also make these lamps a great choice. Out of all the LED lamps available in the market at this moment, the EBYPHAN Mini USB LED Light Lamp easily stands out due to the compact design, color variety, material quality and durability. If you are looking forward to buying a LED light lamp, the EBYPHAN Mini USB LED Light Lamp is highly recommended. In this price range, this is the best USB LED light lamp you will find out there.

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