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Printers are delicate office and home equipment. Buying one of these is super tough. It is because every printer is unique from its standpoint. Even the most expensive printer might not come with a feature abundant in affordable models.

Furthermore, your decision should base highly on your purpose. Do you need it for your home? Or for your office? Color printers are more suitable for home as a wide range of documents has to be printed. However, in offices mostly black and white text documents are printed, so you will not need a color printer.

Other than that, there are differences in hardware. There are two types of printers. They are 1. Laser and inkjet. While laser printers are capable of printing high definition texts, inkjet printers can provide better pictures. Here, the purpose is the deciding factor.

Considering every aspect such as purpose, cost-efficiency, features, etc. we have picked the Epson EXP-6000 as the best Epson printer you can lay your hands on in 2020. In the following review, you will learn more details.

About Epson EXP-6000

Epson Workforce 7720 Printer 

Epson EXP-6000

Epson EXP-6000 comes in tight packaging. Along with the printer, you will get some ink to get started right away, a DVD, and some instructions to guide you through the process. The printer is really heavy. It comes with a three-pin power connector as it requires a considerable amount of power to run.

The printer can print up to 13 by 19 inches of paper. There will be no border which means the whole paper will be covered. This is very large and should be adequate for most people. The printer has two paper trays and each of them can hold up to 250 pages. In total, you will get 500 pages.

The printer supports Wi-Fi and you can connect it with your phone. With this feature, you can print the necessary document from your phone directly without having to transfer them. Again, you can scan documents using your phone camera and print them instantly.

Although it is a laser printer and we mentioned earlier that laser printers are not that great for printing images, the WF 7720 is different. It is powered by Epson’s PrecisionCore which provides high definition pictures.

The laser printer is eco-friendly. It consumes 80% less power than standard laser printers. The total volume of the input tray is 500 papers, the output tray is 125 papers, and there is a specialty tray on top. It has a paper saving feature that prints on both sides automatically. You can also scan, copy, as well as fax with this printer.

Scanning documents can be a drag. You have to put every page manually. Well, no more! Epson EXP-6000, best Epson printer, has a 35-page document feeder. If you organize the pages and feed it to the printer, it will make a carbon copy instantly.

If you are one of the people who face difficulty while printing, good news for you. The Epson EXP-6000 comes with a 4.3-inch touch panel. This panel makes navigation very easy and intuitive. The printer can print up to eighteen black and white pages per minute and ten-color pages per minute. If you have to spend tons of ink, you can install the extra-large ink cartridge.

Design and Quality

The best Epson printer, the Epson EXP-6000, is pretty heavy. It is quite large, and it holds two input trays, one output tray, a special tray, extra-large cartridge, and tons of advanced hardware. The specific dimensions are 32.2 x 22.3 x 13.4 inches. You have to set it up only once in a while. So, weight will not a problem.

The hardware is high-quality and durable. It is very unlikely that anything will go wrong. The printer has a rating of 4 out of 5 in Amazon, which resembles the success of the product. The printer is very economical. If you used any other color-laser printer before, you will see a major shift in power consumption. This printer provides better quality at a fraction of power, making it eco-friendly.

The overall design of this printer is very convenient. The two input tray saves the user from the hassle of reloading again and again. With the big output tray, the papers will not get congested easily. Judging from all aspects, it is certainly the best Epson printer.

  • High performance with Precision Core
  • Can print up to 13" x 19" borderless
  • Uses eighty percent less power than standard laser printers
  • 500 pages input tray and 125 pages output tray
  • Prints on both sides automatically
  • Touchscreen for navigation
  • Can be accessed directly with smartphone
  • Extra-large ink cartridge


Epson EXP-6000

Judging from all aspects, you can see that the Epson EXP-6000 is an all-rounder printer. Yes, you might find better features in other printers. However, no other Epson printer comes with so many features. You will get a taste of every possible feature.

If you are shifting to this printer from another, you will find the major drop of power consumption, touchscreen, high volume, and enhanced print quality very convenient. Again, if you are a new user, you will face no problem in navigation. Again, the provided instructions will help you out a lot too.

Considering all of these, we are quite confident that you will find no better Epson printer. If you are looking forward to buying a new printer, we highly recommend this one. Again, if you want to replace your old printer, just give this a try. You will certainly feel the tangible differences.

In conclusion, we are confident that Epson EXP-6000 is the best Epson printer available in 2020. You will not regret getting this laptop for your home or your office. Get the Epson EXP-6000 and start getting high-quality prints.

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