Ergotech Three Monitor Stand

Ergotech Three Monitor Stand: Worth Getting in 2020?

From 2009 when AMD first introduced its Eyefinity technology, the usage of multiple monitors gradually increased. Although only programmers and developers used to avail this facility earlier, nowadays, having a Ergotech Three Monitor Stand setup is very common amongst gamers.

In the case of gaming, although having two monitors is not better than one, having three definitely is. It allows the gamer to view a much wider angle. As he or she can see the gameplay at a greater angle, it seems more realistic.

But, to mount triple monitors, one must have a good monitor stand. Using the built-in stands, one can never customize the setup to attain the perfect viewing experience. That is why it is essential to buy a suitable three monitor stand separately.

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Today, we will review a three-monitor stand. Following down the article you will get to know its features, quality, and design. Let’s get started right away!

Ergotech Three Monitor Stand 

Ergotech Three Monitor Stand

Now there are many types of setup a person can choose from. Starting from the resolution, to the frequency, and to the number of monitors, the possibilities are endless. And people there is one other thing people care about a lot, it is aesthetics. If you want to build a workstation, getting a triple monitor setup is the most suitable irrespective of your purpose. But the real confusion arises while buying a monitor stand.

However, we have found the best three monitor stand after thorough research. And that is the Ergotech monitor stand. We picked this particular product because it comes packed with features. The stand has three arms and all of them come with their patented quick-release pivots. It allows the user to attach or detach the monitor easily for faster installation.

Each of the pivots can hold weight up to twenty-five pounds. For your information, a monitor stand hardly exceeds ten pounds nowadays and most stay around the five pounds threshold. No need to worry there.

Again, the individual pivots can hold a 27-inch monitor per arm. Again, most monitors stay around 23 inches to 27 inches nowadays. And the ones that go beyond are ultra-wide monitors. They are not designed for a tripe monitor setup anyway. There you go, another green flag.

The pivots support vesa mounts of 75×75 mm or 100×100 mm. If your monitors have any other system, you can find adapters. They are available and can be found easily.

The base of the monitor is pretty wide. As it will carry immense weight, a bigger base is necessary. However, the design of the base is very stylish. It will not hurt your setup aesthetics.

The stand allows the user to tilt the individual pivots. You can tilt them upwards up to twenty degrees, and downwards up to ten degrees. You can even rotate the whole setup 180 degrees if you want.

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The stand that will hold your monitors together must be very durable. If only one of them breaks, you are done for. Thus, it is really necessary that you check the durability of the product beforehand. And among all the products in the market, the Ergotech three monitor stand caught our attention.

The telescopic wings and the stand are made of steel and aluminum. They are extremely durable and hardy. Each of the pivots are capable of withstanding thrice the pressure any desktop monitor can possibly exert.

In the design of the triple monitor stand lies a great feature. It is designed in such a way that, with a few extra parts only you can mount up to six monitors! So, even if you dream of getting a six monitor setup in future, this monitor stand will be at your side!

Previously, we have discussed how durable the product is. We don’t expect that you will be assured by that only. However, it might be assuring for you to hear that the stand has a lifetime warranty! Even if it is damaged after twenty years or so, the company will take care of the product and fix it for you. How great is that?

The pivots perform as promised. You can tilt them accordingly and rotate them completely without any hitch. The arms can be adjusted according to the specifications of your monitors. However, you will not be able to mount monitor over 27 inches.

The stand has a sleek black color. It has a brushed aluminum texture which makes it look pretty impressive. The stand will fit right in no matter what the color of your desk is.

  • Three monitor desk stand
  • Expandable up to six monitors with additional parts
  • Each pivot is compatible to hold a 27 inches monitor
  • Vesa 75×75 mm or 100×100 mm mounts supported
  • Each pivot can withstand 25lbs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can be rotated 180 degrees
  • Pivots can be tilted 25 degrees upwards and 10 degrees downwards individually
  • Arms can be adjusted as per necessity


The Ergotech three monitor stand is the most perfect monitor stand on the market. For example, it costs just as much as any other high quality triple monitor stand costs. However, it can later be extended up to six monitors and that too for a cheap price. This is very convenient as you always have the option to expand without having to buy a new stand.

Again, the overall build is pretty durable. Even if it’s damage a bit, you can fix it with the lifetime warranty. Lastly, the features and flexibility of this stand is staggering. And that is why we are recommending this product confidently.

Are you planning on getting a triple monitor setup? Or do you have one already? No matter what the case is, if you do not have a three monitor stand, get yourself one today. A triple monitor setup remains incomplete without a three monitor stand.

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