Best Headsets With Mic In 2020

Best Headsets With Mic In 2020 | Enhancing Sound Quality

Are you looking for a device that will enhance your gaming sessions with friends? Maybe want to invest in some branded headsets with mic that will fall well under your budget? Guess what? You are in good hands!

To save you from all that brainwork and mind-boggling confusion, we decided to review some of the best headsets with mic that you can currently find on the market. Without wasting any more time, let us get right into the reviews!

Top 10 Best Headsets With Mic In 2020

10. Logitech Headsets With Mic

Logitech Headsets With Mic 

Introducing our first pick of the day, this Logitech H390 headset with mic is now USB compatible. Packed in with a cable in the box, you can make use of the headset from as far as 7.64 feet.

Sporting a modest black color on the body, the product comes with padded ear and headbands for optimal user comfort. You will find the volume controls on the body of the product.

  • Compatible with a range of platforms, including Windows Vista
  • Noise-canceling feature integrated
  • Multi-directional microphone.

9. Cyber Acoustics Headsets With Mic

Cyber Acoustics Headsets With Mic

With a minimal weight of only 4.8 ounces, this highly portable and compact Cyber Acoustics AC 204 headset with mic makes use of a simple 3.5mm cable connection.

The headset features leather-built ear pads, which are actually very easy to cleanout. The multi-directional microphone is almost indestructible to breaking.

  • Comes with a Y-adapter for better compatibility
  • The headset has a durable cable
  • Headband on the product is adjustable.

8. Microsoft LifeChat Headsets With Mic

Microsoft LifeChat Headsets With Mic 

Want something that is specifically compatible with your new Windows PC? Check out the JUG 00013 headset with the mic model of the new Microsoft LifeChat series.

Featuring a durable black body built to perfection, the headset comes incorporated with a digital USB for users’ comfort. Expect only the best sound quality and clarity for the multi-directional mic on this product.

  • Leather ear pads
  • The cable on this headset is of 6 feet long
  • Booming mic quality
  • Compatible with all Windows versions.

7. Plantronics Headsets With Mic

Plantronics Headsets With Mic

The CS510 version Plantronics headset with mic will allow you to make calls from as far as 350 feet!

This black, overhead style headset has a one-touch feature you can use to manage all your calls, change the volume, or even put your side on mute.

  • Long battery life of at least 9 hours straight
  • Noise cancellation feature induced
  • The product has a DECT wireless security system
  • A chic magnetic charging base included in the package.

6. Cyber Acoustics Headsets With Mic

Cyber Acoustics Headsets With Mic 

Similar to the previous Cyber Acoustics model that we reviewed here, this headset with mic also has a 180 degrees-directional microphone attached to the body.

This headset is ideal for you if you want a high-quality booming microphone within a short budget. The flexibility and compatibility of this headset can fit anyone and connect with any software/platform respectively.

  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Single plug design is convenient
  • Soft, leather-constructed ear pad.

5. Panasonic Headsets With Mic

Panasonic Headsets With Mic 

Featuring a modern design for the body, this grey-bodied Panasonic headset with mic is lightweight, portable, and comfortable.

The noise-canceling mic on this headset is also adjustable, so you can always expect the best and clearest sound quality when on-call or simply gaming away.

  • Compatible with different platforms, including gaming consoles
  • The volume and mute controls are placed on the body
  • A cord clip is included in the package.

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4. Koss Communications

Koss Communications

The CS100 Koss Communications headset with mic has one of the most comfortable foam ear cushions on the market right now.

The high noise cancellation feature of the microphone on this headset is perfect for making long-distance business calls. Charge the product easily with the USB plug that comes included in the pack.


3. Yamaha Headset With Mic

Yamaha Headset With Mic 

With a brand name that echoes wide and far in the industry, this Yamaha CM500 Headset with a mic can be found in a minimalistic black color for the body.

This Bluetooth incorporated headset is ideal for studio artists and gamers. The high-frequency 20kHz mic produces crystal clear sound quality every time.

  • Ergonomic over-head headset with mic design
  • The microphone is flexible and can even be twisted in different directions
  • Soft leatherette ear pads.

2. Andrea Communications

Andrea Communications

This monaural headset with mic by Andrea Communications comes with a built-in windsock that cancels out all sorts of background noise effectively.

The product features a Pro-flex adjustable mic on the stainless steel constructed body. You can easily fold this headset away from storage.

  • Durable, steel body
  • The headset is compact enough to be stored away
  • High fidelity microphone.

1. Turtle Beach Headsets With Mic

Turtle Beach Headsets With Mic 

You might want to check out this Turtle Beach XCI headset with mic if the previous models did not suit your liking. From making international business calls to gaming away on your PS4, this headset will be worth your money.

The ear cup design on this headset works to give your ears a snugger fit, thus cancelling out background noises perfectly. The durable and rotatable mic will ensure you high sound quality.

  • Soft, mesh constructed ear pads
  • Convenient in-line controls
  • Voice recognition feature incorporated.

Whether you want to catch up with that one friend living overseas or start your own podcasting channel, it never hurts to invest in a high-quality headset with a mic. Waste no time and get your own best headset today.

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