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Best High-Speed HDMI Cables in 2020 | Give A better Experience

If you’re in the market to get an HDMI cable for your new game console, 4K TV, PC Monitor, Media streamer or Satellite box, you would want to pick one that provides the best connection between devices for transmitting audio and video signals. Here’s a list of good quality high-speed HDMI cables which will guarantee that you’re set to watch even your 4K UHD contents at ease:

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Top 10 Best High-Speed HDMI Cables of 2020

10. iVanky


Available in five different sizes starting from 3.3 feet to 25 feet, this cable is a good choice if you want to have excellent picture quality on your advanced media devices.

 This iVanky cable has 32 AWG thin copper wire coated with nylon braided jacket ensuring high-speed data capacity. Withstanding a bend test of 10,000+ times, it has an ultra-durable design.


iVanky 4K HDMI Cable can transfer data at the speed of up to 18Gbps at 60Hz. With immediate connectivity and backward compatibility with HDMI 1.4, 1.3 & 1.2, it is an ultimate 4K device companion.


1. Shares an Internet connection among multiple devices without needing an extra Ethernet cable.

2. Corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors.

3. Stable signal transmission and minimized signal loss.


1. Thicker than most cables.

2. Causes screen flickering every once in a while.

9. AmazonBasics


 Connect your Xbox One, PS4, Fire TV or Blu-Ray player to an AmazonBasics HDMI cable that delivers a brilliant performance along with superior playback.

Coated with protective Nylon braided exterior to keep the cable safe from outer damage.


Being backward compatible with earlier versions, this cable supports a wide range of HDMI enabled devices.


1. Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K video, and Audio Return Channel (ARC)

2. It has an AmazonBasics lifetime warranty.

3. Meets the latest HDMI standards.


1. Not for commercial usage.

2. Defective wires.

8. BlueRigger 4k

BlueRigger 4k

 It has high purity multi-stranded solid copper conductors that maximize video quality and signal strength for a better experience.

1. Durable and corrosive resistant exterior.

2. Full metal jacket housing.


1. Allows simultaneous delivery of Dual Video.

2. Delivers four audio streams to multiple users at a time.


1. Supports transfer rates up to 18 Gbps.

2. Supports up to 32 audio channels and 1536 kHz audio.


1. Not HDCP compatible.

2. Metal ends are poorly constructed.

7. SecurOMax


 Compatible with every HD, HDR device, this HDMI cable is sure to meet your needs.

 It is made of oxygen-free bare copper wiring and is triple-shielded for premium performance with ultra-low SNR.


1. Slimmer cable management box.

2. 24K gold-plated shielded connectors.


1. Supports Quad HD 1440p; Full HD 1080p; 3D format.

2. 28 AWG provides greater configuration adaptability.


1. Bad connection points.

2. Issues with gaming consoles.



It comes with a durable, flexible and stylish look.

This cable is made of premium zinc alloy connectors and high-quality nylon braided jacket.


1. It supports bandwidth up to 18Gbps.

2. Capable of 4K Ultra-HD resolutions.


1. Supports DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD

2. 32 channels, theatre quality audio.


1. Connectors break off easily.

5. iBirdie


 Experience high-resolution images and deep colors with iBirdie HDMI cables that come in handy 3 foot to gigantic 300-foot sizes.

This pure copper HDMI cable functions well without a booster. It has tinned copper mesh shielding coated with a cotton mesh jacket.


1. Works perfectly with the latest 4K UHD TV.

2. Richer range of colors with a high dynamic range.


1. Fibre Optic cable.

2. Many sizes are available.


1. Issues with compatibility.

2. The poor picture quality on some devices.

4. Monoprice


These short cables are best suited to give your home theatre installation a sleek look.

Monoprice cables are designed for ultra-slim TVs.


1. Connects multiple devices and maintains the best HDMI signal for 3D and 4K support.


1. Supports 3D, 4K, ARC, and Ethernet.

2. Lifetime warranty.


1. HDMI cables are fragile.

2. Supports 10.2 Gbps and not 18 Gbps.

3. Belkin


Belkin HDMI cable improves your movies, gaming experience like never before.

This high-end HDMI cable provides you with unmatched brightness, color, and contrast.


1. Double shielded 28AWG copper cable.

2. 2-meter cable connects streaming devices to UHDTV.


1. Dolby Vision compatible.

2. Connects any HDMI device.


1. Belkin HDMI cable is expensive.

2. Syncwire


You can look forward to experiencing uninterrupted sound and picture quality for years with this skillfully constructed HDMI cable.

 Syncwire cables make certain that you get dynamically synchronized audio and video streams.


1. It provides crisp, resistance-free transmission.

2. Thinner construction ensuring greater flexibility.


1. Durable connectors can carry loads up to 5 kg.

2. It has mirror mode and extended mode.


1. It doesn’t come in many sizes.

1. Cable Matters

Cable Matters

 Take your personalized home theatre experience to the next level with this cost-effective, three-color combination, 4K HDMI cable.

The sturdy construction of the cable is made of bare copper conductors, gold-plated connectors and braid shielding.


1. You can control audio with a single remote using Audio Return Channel.

2. They support video resolutions up to 3840×2160, surround sound audio for 5.1 and 7.1 Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio.


1. With color-coded connectors, you can organize your cabling without the help of labels.

2. Noise suppression and authentic audio and video transmission.


1. Looks low-priced.

2. Flickering occurs on 4K monitors.

The HDMI cable you use has a lot to do to ensure that you get the top-notch experience from your media devices. In that case, High-Speed HDMI cables are the one you’re looking for.

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