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There’s nothing like an iPad sleeve for your iPad. No other accessory or protective gear. It’s so snug, you just take it in and take it out. Helps keep your iPad intact. You might argue that iPads are essentially self-sustainable. Not exactly Screens can crack and they are not completely waterproof. The sleeves take the iPad to the next level of sustainability or longevity. Here’s our list of top ten iPad sleeves to help you choose from.

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 Top iPad Sleeves in 2020



This is a very classic-looking sleeve. It will seamlessly accent your outfit with vibrancy. It’s about time the ladies got some attention in the tech world.

It comes in a beautiful floral pattern, with a handle and strap for carrying. The design is sleek and also durable. The canvas fabric used offers loads of protection. It has a more vintage vibe to it, one that’ll stand out in a crowd. It comes in two sizes.

  • Padded with polyester foam and fleece
  • Bump free and absorbs shock
  • Zipper, handles and shoulder strap
  • Pockets for storing other accessories.

9. Audirex


If you’re truly an environmentally conscious person, you might want to get this one. It’s made with eco-friendly materials only, so that no harm comes to the environment.

The design is far from unique. It’s very minimalistic and practical. It fits inside bags making it a great choice for both students and professionals.

  • Bump Free and absorbs shock
  • Eco-friendly and durable
  • Light and travel friendly

8. Procase


 If you’re looking for something sleek and basic then this is it. This stylish sleeve stands out among all others because of its elite look.

The design is classic and the build quality is quite durable. It comes in four colors.

  • Pocket for documents and Apple pencil holder
  • Magnet seal and protect the tablet
  • Scratch free due to leather exterior and microfiber interior.
  • Light and portable.



If you want something that is sleek and resourceful, then get this. You will not be disappointed.

This sleeve is designed with a 12.9 inch screen. It comes in four colors.

  • 12.9 inches and has an Apple pencil holder
  • Waterproof and absorbs shock
  • Protects from dust dirt and dents.

6. Solo Bond Padded Sleeve

Solo Bond Padded Sleeve 

This is a simple steadfast one. It has the quality you can trust. It’s perfect traveling, business, or even school.

It’s simple, sleek with a lot of space. It only comes in black.

  • Full padding and light sleeves
  • 13-inch screen
  • Sleek but very light and travel friendly
  • Guarantee for five years.

5. Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Bag

Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Bag

If you’re looking for a iPad Sleeves with a zippered front pocket than this might be a good choice. Also it has good protection.

It has a sleek aesthetic with a zippered front pocket. Available in two colors and two prints—a little something for everyone.

  • 360 degree protection and absorbs shock
  • Long lasting and compact
  • Front pocket for all your accessories

4. LENTION Split Leather Sleeve Case

LENTION Split Leather Sleeve Case 

 If you crave for sleeves with flaps, then try this one out. This is only compatible with iPad Pro 12.9.

The design is very sleek with a flap for convenience. It comes in two colors.

  • Sealable two magnets for opening and closing
  • Scratch resistant and velvet lining protects
  • Light and durable.

3. Woolnut


 Want something simple black and executive? Than get this one. It’s a great fit for all those business executives out there.

For all the iPad lovers who love minimalism, you can try this one out.

  • Charging option
  • Scandinavian leather and woolen interior
  • Robust and durable.

2. Classic Sleeve for Apple MacBook Pro and iPad Pro

Classic Sleeve for Apple MacBook Pro and iPad Pro 

This comes a close second on the strength of it’s quality. IT’s incredibly light but hard and impregnable. No small feat. To sweeten the deal, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

It stands out with its black and red design. You can get them in two different colors.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Laser encryption of your name if desired
  • Handcrafted, lightweight and durable
  • Charging option.

1. DOMISO Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

DOMISO Waterproof Laptop Sleeve 

This one has certainly earned it’s number one position. It’s modern, with a one-in-all concept. This is all you need to carry your iPad and accessories that go with it.

It has a sleek minimalistic aesthetic design. It’s available in three colors.

  • Multiple pockets with zippers
  • Headphone jack accessibility
  • Charge your phone or iPad anywhere
  • Adjustable strap.

To conclude, you’re the only one who can decide if you really need an iPad sleeve. Now that’s entirely up to you! However, it’s important to remember that an iPad is always an investment on some serious hi-tech gadgetry. So once you spend that money, you want to take good care of said iPad. That’s why an iPad sleeve is your best choice, aesthetically and practically. You get the best value for money for the longest time. So don’t let the choices confuse you, take your time and choose the best iPad sleeve for you.

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