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Best iPhone Gaming Controllers in 2020

The iPhone has evolved to new heights since its inauguration, and the quality of its games is flourishing frequently. With thousands of games released every week, iPhone is the dream for gamers on the go.

With the rise of the app store, game developers are introducing impressively high quality and exclusive games. However, the new innovative games require better controls and enhanced accuracy than those offered by a touch screen display. Fortunately, the top iPhone gaming controllers can supply you with a more tactile experience and can level the playing field.

We would recommend an iPhone gaming controller to any serious mobile gamers looking for an advantage on the competition. We have looked into some of the best iPhone gaming controllers on the market and reviewed the best 10 to enhance your gaming experience.

Top 10 iPhone Gaming Controllers in 2020

10. FIYAPOO Mobile Game Controller

FIYAPOO Mobile Game Controller 

Get into the game fast and easy with this simple game controller from FIYAPOO. This trigger-based controller supports all Battle Royale games, including PUBG, Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, etc.

FIYAPOO Mobile Game Controller offers a non-slip cushion design with a firm grip. Featuring a foldable phone holder, it eases our video watching experience.

  • 180-degree rotatable trigger
  • Ergonomic design

9. Megadream Mobile game controller

Megadream Mobile game controller

Elevate your gaming experience with the Megadream Mobile game Controller. This cost-effective, yet highly functional gaming controller keeps gamers happy and satisfied.

The sleek peripheral comes equipped with a phone clamp holder, which releases gamers from the misery of holding the phone for a long time.

  • Built-in 400 mAh battery with 18 hours of battery life
  • Wireless connection with a range of 6-8 meters

8. Bigaint Game Controller

Bigaint Game Controller

The Bigaint Game Controller is simple and compatible with all mobile phones, including iPhones. The wireless iPhone gaming controller propounds excellent control and maneuverability.

Bigaint Game Controller is a well-designed with a built-in phone bracket to improve your ease of use and features a colorful LED backlight on buttons.

  • Features telescopic phone stand
  • Wireless connection with Bluetooth 4.0 type, within a range of 8 meters

7. PowerLead PG8718 Wireless

PowerLead PG8718 Wireless

If you are a patient gamer, then PowerLead PG8718 Wireless is the right choice for you as it can 8keep up with long hours of gaming.

The PowerLead PG8718 Wireless is the perfect option for you because of its symmetric analog layout and its slip-resistant design. Moreover, it is absolutely loaded with buttons: two joysticks, two triggers, and four action buttons and directional pads.

  • Continuous gaming for 10 hours with 400mAh lithium battery
  • Wireless connection within a range of 8 meters

6. Gamevice Gamepad

Gamevice Gamepad 

The Gamevice Gamepad is a new variety of controllers based on smartphones. Staying loyal to classic controller designs, this game controller is packed with modern functionalities.

The Gamevice Gamepad possesses similar buttons as of the classic controllers along with a body suitable for iPhone gameplays. This iPhone Gaming Controller features a dual nifty control panel attached by a stretchable band.

  • Features 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • No pairing or power loss

5.OIVO Controller (B07Z4RFKXD)

OIVO Controller

Are you seeking precise aiming, movement, and overall good gaming experience at an extraordinary price? It doesn’t get much better than the OIVO controller.

OIVO Controller is a well-gripped and durable iPhone gaming controller mountable to a PS4. It comes with an adjustable phone stand.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Compatible with all phones

4. SteelSeries Nimbus

Steelseries Nimbus+

SteelSeries Nimbus belongs to the top-tier of iPhone gaming controllers. This iPhone gaming controller offers it all with its high-quality components, compatibility, and support through the free companion app.

With outstanding pressure-sensitive buttons and ergonomic console layout, you will always experience gratifying gameplay. Moreover, this iPhone gaming controller comes with a built-in lithium-polymer battery that provides forty hours of continuous gameplay.

  • Compatible with all ios devices.
  • Comes with a free companion app
  • 40+ hours of nonstop gameplay.

3. Rotor Riot

Gamevice Gamepad

Are you concerned about your falling kill-death ratio in video games? Don’t worry! Free of lag and latency, Rotor Riot will enhance your mobile gaming experience and eventually help you to improve performance like a pro-gamer.

Rotor Riot is a well-built iPhone gaming controller with a sleek design with a better grip. This iPhone gaming controller is connected via a wire to avoid any sort of latency.

  • Offers pass-through charging for unlimited charging
  • No lag and latency
  • Can also be used as Drone Controller

2. DELAM Mobile Game Controller

DELAM Mobile Game Controller 

DELAM Mobile Game Controller is one of its kind. The coolest part is that you don’t even have to wait for controller support by games. Just install it on your device, and you are good to go!

This iPhone gaming controller’s overall design seems to be a modernized mixture of classic controllers and gaming triggers. The ABS, rubber, and alloy built triggers are very efficient with little or no delay in response. Featuring 4 trigger buttons, it is operational with 6 fingers.

  • Features 180° reversible buttons
  • Durable and ergonomic grip

1. Steelseries Nimbus+

Steelseries Nimbus+

Steelseries Nimbus+ is an official Apple licensed iPhone gaming controller engineered to ease the gaming experience of gamers. The rechargeable battery allows access to immersive gaming for more than 30hours.

Steelseries Nimbus+ is the most elegant looking and robust iPhone gaming controller in the market. Its vast compatibility makes it the perfect choice for pro gamers.

  • Official Apple-licensed wireless connectivity
  • Includes an iPhone mount
  • Continuous gameplay for 30 hours in a single charge

With the evolution of the mobile gaming industry, hardcore gamers are moving from PCs to small screens. If you enjoy gaming on the run, iPhone gaming controllers can enhance the gaming experience for you. The first and foremost factor to keep in mind while choosing an iPhone gaming controller is its compatibility, along with some other key factors like battery life, durability, and responsiveness of buttons. We have made a list of some top iPhone gaming controllers keeping all the factors in mind. Happy gaming!

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