Casio SA-46-The Best Keyboard for Kids

Casio SA-46 | The Best Keyboard for Kids

We want the best for our children. Their growing brains feed on whatever we provide for them. As parents, we buy them all sorts of brain developing toys that enhance their cognitive skills. We purchase puzzles, Legos, easy bake ovens, and all sorts of toys for their imagination to go wild. It isn’t a matter of what the kids are learning but if they are actually having fun. We have picked out an instrument that will be fun to interact with and help them dance to their own tunes.

Different case scenario. It’s your nephew’s birthday and you have to buy the perfect gift that little Jamie will enjoy, but also make mamma happy. You arrive to steal the show and look at all the thoughtful gifts, baseball gloves, and stuffed toys, and you look at your own gift – Bath towels. It’s time for our assistance to guide you to the ideal gift.

In this article, we bring you something that is full of entertainment and brings out the inners strengths of your child. A kid’s keyboard has been tested by mothers to be appropriate for kids having educational levels of preschool to even college music students. And the best part? Your kid can’t swallow it. We recommend a kid’s keyboard by Casio. We have all had Casio watches and calculators, so it’s regardless to say that Casio offers both efficient and affordable products.

Casio SA-46: The Best Keyboard for Kids

Casio SA-46: The Best Keyboard for Kids

The Casio SA – 46 is a portable keyboard designed for kids aged 5 to 14. Consisting of 32 keys, the keyboard features both musical rhymes and individual key tones like a regular keyboard. This is one of the many kids’ keyboards by Casio and is the best one. Other keyboards have a different number of keys but to unlock the creativity of your child, the Casio SA – 46 works like a charm.

The keyboard has a portable size, so children can carry it in their backpack wherever they want. I’d give them the choice to play it for the neighbourhood kids or on playdates. The keyboard plays a numerous variety of tunes and allows the kids to choose their favorite rhymes for dancing and singalongs. Handling an instrument such as this reveals the confidence within your child.

The lower portion of the electronic keyboard is colored so that they don’t claim it as a lame instrument for adults. Furthermore, to rightfully feel like a real keyboard just for children, the keyboard has a change-over switch that can be easily turned by them. To transform the keyboard from an organ sound to an electrifying piano sound, all they have to do is push a switch. One tip is to color or add stickers to the buttons they frequently use so that the children can find the power, auto-play, and also the volume control buttons by themselves.

We’ve been reading the wholesome reviews of the Casio SA – 46 and a few of them turned out to be pretty useful. One dad says that the Casio SA – 46 is a portable version of the keyboards by Casio and he plays the keyboard himself because of the amplified tones. For any child interested in playing a synthesizer, this keyboard can be a stepping stone before upgrading a better version.

  • Affordable price
  • Versatile for kids and adults
  • Drum pads for learning
  • Portable size
  • ⅛ the size jack headphone output
  • Less features than other keyboards
  • Low noted polyphony for advanced learners

Casio SA-46: The Best Keyboard for Kids

The Casio SA – 46 has a sleek retro flair in bright combinations of black and neon green. The panel on the top is laid out well and has some interesting frills. Children will love it as it is easy to follow and does not have any complex systems. The kids’ keyboard consists of 32 miniature keys, each designed for different purposes. This encourages the curiosity among younger kids when they first start interacting with it.

For kids who are actually interested in playing the piano, the SA – 46 can be played as an entry-level keyboard for beginners. The mini keyboard consists of an 8-note polyphony and a sound source. For those parents who know nothing about pianos, a polyphony is the capacity of sounds and notes played on the piano at the same time, to be heard without a drop or any interruption.

While a keyboard having a 64-note polyphony is generally used by music enthusiasts, an 8-note polyphony plays not more than 4 notes. That is actually somewhat relaxing to the ear if a toddler jams all the keys of the piano together at the same time. The keyboard also has a headphone output if you can’t bear their rambling.

To grab the attention of all those nursery rhymers, the SA – 46 includes 100 built-in voices and 50 drum rhythms. Trumpets, french horns, hard bass or a 90’s orchestra hit, this kids keyboard has it all. The best part about this keyboard is that the top panel consists of 5 exclusive drum pads. With the different percussions of drum rhythms, your child will develop his/her skills in melody. They learn to separate the softer tones from the harder ones and inherently learn which to bang. This is the sole reason the SA -46 beat all other keyboards.

The Casio SA – 46 is a kid’s keyboard and can be a mere collection for advanced piano players. It has a low number of features unlike other keyboards and is less colorful than some others. Nevertheless, the keyboard stands in the middle to be used by children and adults. The brain developing drum pads and ⅛ size jack make the Casio SA – 46 make it an essential instrument at a low price.

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