Lamicall Flexible Phone Holder

Lamicall Flexible Phone Holder Review

How long do you hold your phone? Hours is the answer isn’t it? We get it, they do so much and are so useful it is hard to put them down. Luckily you don’t have to. With the Lamicall Flexible clamp-on Phone Holder, you can keep using your phone without hand fatigue.

Getting a phone holder to keep your phone set at a fixed position without you having to do much of the work is a form of convenience you never really know you were missing till you try it out. This is the perfect way to binge your favorite Netflix shows or watch a movie without feeling like your hands are going to fall off.

This review will give you an in-depth look at why this Lamicall Flexible phone holder is the best thing you can get. We will touch on the design and build quality and the functionalities you can get from this. So, without further to do, Let’s jump right in.

Lamicall Flexible Phone Holder Review

Lamicall Flexible Phone Holder

Design-wise there isn’t much to go on here. It is an unassuming phone holder that you can use to keep your phone off your hands. The design is minimal and unobtrusive.

If you are the one to care about the overall aesthetics of things you use and are into minimal designs this should be right up your alley. You get a sturdy base section that has a clamp on it and a vertically grooved cover that has the actual gooseneck bit coming off of it.

The neck extends quite a lot, allowing you to position your phone the way you want. Along with the gooseneck, you will find another plastic shroud that keeps the whole thing balanced and in place.

Overall, we are quite happy with the design of this thing. Perfect for every situation, you can have one in the kitchen for when you want to follow along with a recipe or by your bed for those Netflix binge sessions.

You get two color choices as well. The classic black and white. The white one looks pretty sleek and adds some contrast to any room you set this in.

The build quality of a phone holder is crucial in our books. The last thing you want is a flimsy piece that will be a complete waste and risks your phone getting damaged.

Right out of the box you will be able to tell that Lamicall has spared no efforts in the construction of these. These are as solid as they come. Made from high-quality magnalium alloy, the construction of these are solid and durable.

You won’t be seeing any unsightly bends that were unintentional and can be sure that these are going to last you a long time. The clamp is robust and has an impressive clamping force that keeps the thing steady even with slightly larger phones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max or the Samsung Note 10+.

As mentioned, this features a gooseneck. You can position this in a myriad of angles for the perfect video watching experience. At the other end of the holder, you have the clamp that holds the actual phone.

The clamp can be adjusted to fit different phone sizes, more on that later – but even though the part is adjustable, once it’s one it’s a tight grip. Your phone is not going anywhere with this one. A perfectly well-built and nicely designed phone holder that you can get your hands on.

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Endless Possibilities

Having been impressed with the built quality of these, we move on to the usage and performance. If you often find yourself with tired hands or just need your hands to be free while you are using your phone, this is the perfect little gadget that will help you with that.

For starters, we mentioned the gooseneck. The gooseneck introduces a variety of use cases and convenient little tricks you can do with it. You can set it up to the exact angle you like and it will stay there.

From the base to the phone clamp, it measures in at 33.4 inches. That is plenty of length to use in almost any scenario, even in tight spaces. The flexibility of the arm is complemented by a thoughtful clamp on the other end.

The phone clamp holds the phone is a way that negates any scratches what so ever with its rubber pads. As we mentioned before, it can open up to 2.75 inches, letting you fit most phones in it quite easily. It’s the small things like these that make this phone holder stand out from the rest.

The reviews of people who bought the product also speak to this. With a rating of 4.5 stars from a total of 3,403 reviews as of writing is quite impressive. The gooseneck is also quite sturdy. Once you set it in its position, it is going to stay there. That is a hallmark of a premium gooseneck. Do keep in mind though, the gooseneck is meant when you will not be typing or tapping on the screen.

The idea situation is when you are watching a video and where you do not need to pick your phone up constantly. At the end of the day, that is why you need a phone holder, don’t you? When you want to keep your hands off your phone.

Lamicall is a known brand for functional tech gadgets that just work. Their products are known to perform and perform well and this one is no exception. This Lamicall flexible phone holder blends functionality with durable construction and a beautiful design in a way that is hard to ignore the value off. Improve your movie and video watching experience instantly with this holder in a convenient way that will not break the bank as well. For a product that comes at this price point and offers this much value, this phone holder is an easy recommendation from us.

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