Best Laminating Films In 2020

Best Laminating Films In 2020 | Document Preservation

Are you trying to laminate documents all by yourself or are you planning to let the machine do its job? Either way, you will need laminating films to get the job done. In this case, if you require to laminate on a regular basis, you should definitely get a laminating film today! You can find them on Amazon quite easily. We have enlisted the best ten laminating films for you. Check them out!

Top 10 Best Laminating Films In 2020

10. GBC Thermal Laminating Film 1.5 Mil, 25″

GBC Thermal Laminating Film 1.5 Mil, 25"

Are you looking for a laminating film for heavy-duty work? If so, then you should check out these laminating films by GBC. These films will ensure you a fine and everlasting binding which will keep all your important documents protected for years. Don’t stress over the loading process, it’s easy and takes a few seconds.

These laminating films are designed to fit into most of the laminator machines.

  • The pack contains two rolls.
  • Each of the rolls is 25 inches x 500 inches.
  • These are suitable for laminating posters, paper stocks, and so on.

9. GBC Laminating Film 3 Mil, 25″

GBC Laminating Film 3 Mil, 25"

When it’s about laminating films, we assure you that the best ones are from GBC. Check out another fantastic laminating film from them. You can use these films on pretty much every project. Load it easily on your laminator machine and let it do its magic. The contents will stand out due to its crystal clear and glossy texture.

The design of the films will leave a shiny finishing touch.

  • Each roll is 25” x 250’
  • Two rolls are in one pack.
  • Includes Color-coded instructions.

8. GBC Laminating Film 1.5 Mil, 27″

GBC Laminating Film 1.5 Mil, 27"

With this GBC laminating film, you can laminate projects from small to large. The easy loading process will save you time and save you from any hurdle. These laminating films are widely used for educational purposes.

These laminating films are made of high-quality materials.

  • The entire pack contains 2 film rolls.
  • Each of the rolls is 27 inches x 500 inches.
  • This film is compatible with most of the laminators.

7. GBC Glossy Laminating Film 

GBC Glossy Laminating Film 

When it’s about laminating your projects or important documents, GBC always has some outstanding laminating films to offer you. This laminating film comes with color-coded instructions to guide you in case you find it difficult to load the film. This makes the loading process easier and less time-consuming.

This laminating film is specially designed to keep all your important documents protected.

  • The film is compatible with GBC ultima 35 laminators.
  • Each of the pack has two laminating film rolls.
  • Size-12” x 100”

6. School Smart Laminating Film 


School Smart Laminating Film 

Other than GBC, here is another brand offering the most minimalistic and effective laminating films on Amazon. Check out this single laminating film roll from School Smart! It protects your important and precious projects for a very long time. If you mistakenly spill anything on your project, it allows you to wipe it off without leaving marks or deteriorating the quality of the laminating.

This laminating film is designed to provide an effective service.

  • The pack contains one roll of laminating film.
  • It can protect the files from being easily torn.
  • The size of the roll is 25 inches x 200 feet.

5. C-Line Laminating Film 


C-Line Laminating Film 

Are you looking for laminating films that let you laminate all by yourself? We have something interesting for you in that case. This laminating film is from C-line leaves you with professional looking lamination. All you need to do is keep track of the measurements.

This laminating film is designed for people who are interested to work without laminating machines.

  • The film is suitable for posters and maps.
  • The pack contains a single roll.
  • No machines required.

4. School Laminating Clear Glossy Film 

School Laminating Clear Glossy Film 

Are you looking for a heavy-duty laminating film? Perhaps, we have something incredible about that. Check out this amazing laminating film from Sircle! You can laminate tons of projects with this one.

It can keep all your important documents preserved very well.

  • The pack comes with two laminating rolls.
  • The core size is 1 inch.
  • Overall size is 25” x 250’

3. Scotch Laminating Sheets


Scotch Laminating Sheets

We are back again with self-adhesive laminating films. This one is a hefty pack. You can work on the laminating process all by yourself without any laminating machine. There’s a protective backing sheet attached to it. All you have to do is remove it before you are on go!

Plus with this pack, you won’t be needing a laminating machine for the laminating process.

  • No additional machine required.
  • Ensures a professional finish.
  • The overall size is 120 inches x 16 inches.

2. Vistafoil Laminating Film Roll 

Vistafoil Laminating Film Roll 

Vistafoil brings you a self-adhesive laminating film roll which is extremely easy to work with. It protects your important documents over a period of time. It additionally ensures that your documents don’t get torn.

Other than this, the self-adhesive film uses top-notch materials to keep it durable.

  • Overall size- 9 inches x 200 inches.
  • Clear laminating film.
  • The pack contains one film.

1. KapLam Laminating Film

KapLam Laminating Film

We have reached our top pick. Check out this amazing laminating film on Amazon. Apart from regular documents and artworks, you can laminate books with this pack of laminating films.

It is a design that suits best for heavy-duty service.

  • Repositionable
  • Durable
  • Size- 10″ x 400″

Laminating films come in different forms and packs. If you own a laminator, then go for the regular ones we suggested on the list. Apart from that, if you want to laminate your documents without a laminator, then we recommend that you go for the self-adhesive ones.

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