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Best Laptop Power Banks in 2020 | Light Weight & Reliable

Charging a laptop could be difficult at times, mostly when you are on the go. If you are working from a cafe, traveling, or simply having a power outage, laptop power banks can be your go-to gadgets. You don’t want to scramble to find an outlet when your laptop’s battery percentage is too low. Besides, portable laptop chargers can be the most useful gadget for remote workers and digital nomads.

While choosing the best power bank for your laptop, the primary consideration should be its battery capacity. However, factors like weight, size, and shape need your close consideration as well since you will be carrying the device with you.

In an effort to help you choose the right laptop power bank, we have analyzed and reviewed 10 of the best ones in the market. Check them out!

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Top 10 Laptop Power Banks in 2020

10. ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro

ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro

The ZMI Powerpack comes with a promise to charge up your MacBook even while you are working on it, with its maximum output of 60-watt.

The ZMI PowerPack is a well-designed and cost-effective device. Featuring a unique USB Hub through its two USB-A ports, this laptop power bank works as a 2-in-1 device. All these features come within a compact and lightweight body, making it one of the best options for long-distance travel.

  • Short-circuiting and overheating protection
  • USB Hub Mode
  • Fast Charging with its USB-C port
  • 20,000 mAh battery

9. Renogy Laptop Power Bank

Renogy Laptop Power Bank

The Renogy Ultra High Capacity portable laptop charger is one of the highest capacity yet compact chargers on the market. It’s ideal for long road trips and camping.

 Renogy Laptop Power Bank has a classic design featuring eight LED battery indicators to display its real-time battery levels.

  • High-Speed Recharging
  • Small medical devices can be powered with its cigarette lighter socket
  • 72000 mAh battery

8. Moskee Portable Power Station

Moskee Portable Power Station

The Moskee Portable Power Station is specially designed for outdoors, or for spending a long time away from charging outlets. You can recharge it with a solar panel, wall outlet, or carport.

Its exquisite and portable design is sure to impress you. The power bank features a flashlight, which makes it the perfect choice for outdoor uses.

  • Multiple Charging Methods
  • Features a flashlight.
  • 20,000 mAh battery

7. RAVpower Portable Charger

RAVpower Portable Charger

Equipped with dual fast-charging USB ports to ensure top speed charging for your laptops and smartphones, the RAVpower Portable Charger is an impressive bit of kit.

RAVpower Portable Charger has an eye-catching elegant design. Cleverly engineered to support healthy battery life, this laptop is safe from overcurrent and short-circuit.

  • Dual device fast charging.
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Features a LED battery level indicator
  • 20,000 mAh battery

6. Krisdonia Laptop Power Bank

Krisdonia Laptop Power Bank

 If you are looking for a laptop power bank that can also comfortably charge your other gadgets when you are on-the-go, you should check out the Krisdonia Laptop Power Bank, featuring a LED display that shows voltage and current battery level. It is also compatible with a wide range of laptops along with smartphones.

The Krisdonia Laptop Power Bank is a well-designed and efficient laptop power bank with four output ports suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Passthrough function.
  • High-Speed Charging.
  • 50,000 mAh battery

5. POWERADD Pilot Pro Power Bank

POWERADD Pilot Pro Power Bank

The POWERADD Pilot Pro Laptop Power Bank has all the necessary features of a great laptop power bank, including ultra-high capacity battery, three outputs, and fast charging ability.

Featuring an easy to read LCD display for monitoring voltage and battery level it serves all your charging needs and is available in a grey, and black color scheme.

  • It comes with 10 different connectors for laptops.
  • It has safety features like anti-explosion battery, short-circuit protection.
  • 32,000 mAh battery

4. Omnicharge Omni 20+

Omnicharge Omni 20+

 The Omnicharge Omni 20+ might be as versatile as portable laptop chargers come. It features 20000mAh Lithium Polymer battery, wireless charging, and a built-in OLED display for monitoring the charging status of all connected gadgets.

 The Omnicharge Omni 20+ is compatible with all smart devices, and it is equipped with a multilayered protection system for its built-in battery and charging devices.

  • Wireless charging
  • Ensures Fast and Flexible Recharging
  • Dual Charging option

3. Anker PowerCore+

Anker PowerCore+

Anker is a very popular name in the power bank industry, with a reputation of providing high-quality service. Anker PowerCore+ comes with a high capacity battery along with its fast charging feature.

Anker PowerCore+ is a slimline and stylish laptop power bank that offers a massive 26800mAh battery despite its svelte design.

  • Trickle-Charging mode ensures optimized charging to low power devices
  • Speedy Charging

2. MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank

MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank

The splurge-worthy MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank is jam-packed with features. A total of 14 connectors ensures compatibility with almost all laptops. It is great for train rides, road trips, and camping.

Its slick design and matte black finish mean it won’t look out of place on your desk, in your office, or even when you are traveling.

  • Massive 50000mAh battery
  • Higher discharge efficiency

1. HALO Bolt Power Bank

HALO Bolt Power Bank

HALO Bolt Power Bank is built with pro users in mind. It isn’t just a laptop power bank; this portable charger is also engineered to jumpstart vehicles like cars, motorbikes, boats, etc.

HALO Bolt Power Bank comes with a huge variety of colors and a sophisticated design. This laptop power bank is very efficient, thanks to its AC outlet. With its ultra-high battery capacity, it can be used as a universal charger.

  • Can jumpstart a car
  • Fast charging and can charge multiple devices at once.
  • 58,830 MWh battery

When your laptop is close to dying in the middle of important work, you don’t want to scramble in panic to find a charging outlet. A high capacity power bank could be an antidote to such panic and has the potential to save your day. Depending on your necessities and preferences, you can choose any of the laptop power banks from our top 10 picks, and run your laptop without any hindrance.

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