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Best Lateral File Cabinets in 2020 | Protecting Your Documents

Workplaces can be a bit tricky at times. One time you may feel like “okay, it’s just one file at that lonely corner of my table, no big deal”, and within days you’ll see piles and stacks of files sitting over that one single file. In no time, you’ll lose track of the files, rest is history. So to ease up your work life, you need lateral file cabinets.

We have made a top ten list for your help on this accord. The list is based on the key features, pros, and cons.

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Top 10 Best Lateral File Cabinets of 2020

1. Turtle Fireproof File Cabinet

Turtle Fireproof File Cabinet

The name says it all- a fireproof cabinet. This means, whatever happens, the documents will remain safe. As an office worker, that should be a massive relief.

With a strong and sturdy build, it can withstand a 30-feet drop.


– Four letter or legal-sized file drawers

– No frames required

– Has been equipped with a key-lock

– Fireking has provided a lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts

– It’s strong, heavy and highly durable

– It has a UL 1-hour class 350 fire rating

– The drawers open very smoothly

– Very heavy, so difficult to move.

2. Brigade 600 Filing Cabinet

Brigade 600 Filing Cabinet

This is by far one of the finest American-built lateral file cabinets. Very secured, very well-equipped and has a lifetime warranty.

With a sleek design and stylish look, this cabinet offers you lifetime guaranty to protect your documents.


– Two-sided lock mechanisms

– The base is double-walled for durability

– Steel ball-bearings for swift and smooth drawer transition

– Has one of the best sizes for home or office uses

– Very secure, the lock mechanism is on point

– Very difficult to move.

3. Hirsh Industries  Vertical File Cabinet 

Hirsh Industries  Vertical File Cabinet 

This is a less heavy cabinet which is pretty swift to move. It is quite eco-friendly, so that adds a different value to it.

With a sturdy build, the four-wheel system will make sure you don’t face much hassle while moving it.


– It has high side drawers and a follower block

– The vertical drawer back panel is adjustable

– The lock is powerful; it can only be removed from the core

– It’s sturdy and good-looking

– Easily installable

– Quite thin and vulnerable metal sheets.

4.Alera ALELF3654LG Four-Drawer

Alera ALELF3654LG Four-Drawer

If we talk about durability, then the Alera cabinets are naturally very difficult to beat. They’re famous for this, and this model isn’t any different.

Comes with a modern and stylish design, and also resistant to scratches.


– Wide, deep drawers with side-by-side hang rails

– Double-wall drawers to ensure stability

– Leveling guides for uneven floors

– Sturdy and resistant to scratches

– Single lock system for safety

– A bit too expensive.

5. Lorell Lateral File

Lorell Lateral File

It has four drawers that are massive and a lot of spaces are available. So it would be quite easy for you to keep track of the files.

A Lateral file cabinet made of pure steel, very sturdy and durable.


– Entirely made of steel, very long-lasting

– Has a core-removable lock for safety

– Has four adjustable leveling guides

– Very easy and smooth to glide

– Has a magnetic label holder

– Hard to move.

6. DEVAISE 3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet

The best part about this cabinet is its size- very tall, very lean and sleek. This means it won’t take up too much space anyway.

This sturdy-build cabinet doesn’t need assembling, it comes ready-made.


– Has a wire follower

– Has a core-removable lock

– Very smooth drawers

– Pretty much cost-efficient

– Good value and quality

– Not ideal for heavy files.

7. Kane File Cabinet

Kane File Cabinet

This is a perfect piece for home offices. Imagine working in a small space but you need a good cabinet- this is your pick then.

The cabinet is a solid mix of steel and aluminum and will serve you for a long time.


– Has a follower block

– Steel constructed high sided drawers

– Drawer panels are adjustable

– Affordable price

– Well-built, durable and sturdy

– Hard to move.

8. Scranton and Co. File Cabinet

Scranton and Co. File Cabinet

A very popular vertical file cabinet, mostly known for its sleek shape and elegance.

It saves up a lot of space while making the place more stylish with its present.


– Core-Removable lock for central locking

– Easy-open metal handles

– A very aesthetically pleasing design

– The construction is very solid

– Has four large and spacious drawers

– Not feasible for heavy products.

9. Vertical Filing Cabinet

Vertical Filing Cabinet

So far we’ve listed only the cabinets with four drawers. What if someone does less paperwork so he just needs one or two drawers? For people like those, we have two drawer filing cabinets as well, this is an example!

Comes with a unique and stylish design which will add elegance to your place.


– One strong lock to secure both drawers

– Made with durable powder coated-steel constructions.

– Drawers are fully well-painted

– A very well assembled piece, no need to fix anything

– Steel constructions

– A bit too heavy compared to the other three drawer cabinets.

10. Gigi Mobile Filing Cabinet

Gigi Mobile Filing Cabinet

This is like a cabinet assistant to you. It’s not very big, got wheels underneath, and you can keep daily to-do files here close to you.

 The cabinet seems very sleek and mobile, so it will fit in any places.


– It has included casters to enhance optional mobility

– Classy design

– Very lightweight

– Works swiftly

– It has very sharp edges, they look risky.

Even after you read the reviews, it is always better that you concentrate on the durability, size, and drawers of a lateral file cabinet before concluding. Happy shopping!

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