Best Left Handed Golf Clubs In 2021 | Sport For The Left-Handed

Best Left Handed Golf Clubs In 2021 | Sport For The Left-Handed

Left-handed golfers occupy a very small portion of the total sports market. It was not easy to find the equipment for them even five years ago. The situation has improved a lot recently; most of the top brands are now touching this little market and supplying clubs directly targeting the left-handed golfers. Here you go with the top 10 left-handed golf clubs.

Top 10 Left-Handed Golf Clubs In 2020

10. Founders Club

Founders Club - Left Handed Golf Clubs

This is a set of great looking clubs that you can find at a competitive price. A group of users has always been praising this set of clubs in terms of performance and price.

The lightweight large graphite shaft driver allows more forgiveness for a better playing experience. These left-handed golf clubs are built with irons shafts that ensure straight shots and a longer carry.

  • Lightweight
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Graphite shafts

9. Nitro Golf


Nitro Golf - Left Handed Golf Clubs

The Nitro golf club makes games easy and helps the golfers perform consistently. Not for children aged less than 13, this set including 10 clubs is designed for left-handed players.

This set of clubs is made of steel and graphite to make it stronger and long-lasting. It is equipped with an easy hitting driver and balanced head for improved accuracy and better control.

  • Consistent performance
  • Affordable club set
  • Made from quality materials

8. Wilson

Wilson - Left Handed Golf Clubs

This unique set is being offered with the motto that one size doesn’t fit for all and leaving an opportunity for you to get a custom fit package with 13 options.

Equipped with game improvement technology, this set of clubs is made of high-quality materials. Good for use both indoor and outdoor, this package is offering a unique experience to the newbies in golfing.

  • Custom-fit set
  • High-quality materials
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use

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7. Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf - Left Handed Golf Clubs

Enjoy a higher ball flight and a better level of forgiveness with this iron set from Cleveland Golf that you can’t get anywhere else. This set of irons can dramatically improve your golfing experience.

The hollow construction of the iron offers more forgiving than the conventional iron build. The use of dynamic gold 98 steel shaft makes it stand out from other clubs that increase club speed and hit the ball higher.

  • Use of dynamic gold
  • Improved forgiveness
  • Produce longer distance

6. Cobra Golf

Cobra Golf - Left Handed Golf Clubs

Cobra’s patented E9 technology used in this club allows more hotspots along with perfect thickness to accelerate ball speed and distance. It is able to provide what you may hope for in a club.

Designed to deliver the highest level of result with the thinnest and most precise face. It can produce a high trajectory and better forgiveness because of its carbon fiber crown.

  • Patented technologies
  • More accuracy
  • Quality materials used

5. Palm Spings

Palm Spings - Left Handed Golf Clubs

These left-handed golf clubs are a great quality package for the newbies and progressing ones in golfing. You will find the clubs easier to use and get better results with the biggest permitted sweet spot and regular flex shaft made from graphite.

The clubs are designed to be more forgiving and produce consistent results when you are still developing your golfing skills. This nicely organized set of clubs includes a driver, wood, hybrids, irons, and completing the unique putter.

  • More forgiving
  • Easy to use
  • A deluxe stand bag

4. Pinemeadow Golf

Pinemeadow Golf - Left Handed Golf Clubs

A package of clubs that serves you for a long, you can play and grow with this perfect set of clubs. The value it delivers is worth every cent you give in exchange.

The use of graphite shaft on the driver and woods ensures its durability and long-lasting service. All the clubs have a white finish that makes them easily visible during the addressing.

  • Long-lasting
  • 460cc driver
  • Easy visibility during addressing

3. Tour Edge

Tour Edge - Left Handed Golf Clubs

If you are new to golf and looking for your first set of clubs or if you don’t attend the games often, this set of clubs might be a good option for you to play with.

This club set is newly designed to increase ball flights and improve accuracy. Change in shapes and weight results in better forgiveness and the ultra-thin faces accelerate the speed.

  • Eliminates hard-hitting problem
  • Increased ball flight
  • Forgiveness and accelerated speed

2. PreciseGolf Co.



PreciseGolf Co. - Left Handed Golf Clubs

You are free to boom off the tee with this complete golf club set including driver, wood, iron and putter.

Designed ergonomically for the left-handed juniors so you youngsters can improve distance and accuracy naturally. These lightweight clubs offer a rather easier playing experience.

  • Designed for young golfers
  • Easy to use
  • Improve distance and accuracy

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1. Callaway

Callaway - Left Handed Golf Clubs

This is a 16-piece set of left-handed golf clubs designed for maximum distance and highest performance. Irons equipped with high flight technology allow perfect distance and control.

The driver made of titanium gives a large spot and forgiveness to get you to perform well. The wood is designed for high flying shots and hybrids are there to make a variety of shots.

  • 16-piece set
  • High flight technology
  • More control and accuracy

If you think lefties and righties are the same, you should know that clubface is built in the opposite direction. However, if you have been using the regular clubs, there is no need to switch clubs now. This is more efficient for first-time players. Happy shopping!

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