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Best Lenovo Notebooks in 2020 | Increase Your Productivity

All the brands in the market are in a competitive state all the time. So, they develop new features to give themselves a competitive edge. There are hundreds of notebooks and laptops at every price point. While it can be hard to pick the most suitable one, you can always take a look at Lenovo notebooks.

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Best Lenovo Notebooks in 2020

8. Lenovo IdeaPad 130 Notebook

Lenovo IdeaPad 130 Notebook 

Lenovo Notebooks such as the IdeaPad 130 is ideal for those who have to work nonstop. It boasts of a 15.6-inch screen and is easy on the eyes.

The IdeaPad 130 has been designed to help you increase productivity. It has a memory size of 8GB and should be enough to store all your important files.

  • Runs on Windows 10
  • Clocks in at 3.10GHz of speed
  • Comprises of WLED backlight.

7. Lenovo ThinkBook 13S Notebook

Lenovo ThinkBook 13S Notebook 

 The ThinkBook 13S is an underrated gem when it comes to Lenovo Notebooks. It’s 256GB PCle SSD is sufficient to compete with the best Notebooks in the market. This Notebook can clock in at a speed of 1.6GHz.

The ThinkBook 13S features a rather simple design and so it may not initially attract your attention. However, its powerful performance with an Intel Core i5 processor can make you think twice before moving on.

  • Consists of UHD Graphics 620
  • Runs on Windows 10 Pro
  • Contains a screen resolution of 1920×1080.

6. Lenovo IdeaPad Premium Notebook

Lenovo IdeaPad Premium Notebook 

While the IdeaPad Premium is not a powerhouse like other Lenovo Notebooks, it still turns in solid performances. This notebook comes with a 7th Gen AMD dual-core processor that you can rely on all the time.

It consists of AMD A6 APU that is responsible for balancing the load. So, you can multitask on the IdeaPad Premium with ease.

  • Provides 1TB Hard Drive
  • Comprises of 8GB system memory
  • Clocks in at 2.6GHz.

5. Lenovo IdeaPad 730s Notebook

Lenovo IdeaPad 730s Notebook 

You can get so much work done with the 730s Notebook. It is made possible by an i5-8265u processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

The simplified aluminum chassis and the miniscule body make it one of the best Lenovo notebooks.

  • Contains a 13.3-inch screen
  • Battery lasts for 10 hours
  • Consists of Dolby Vision technology
  • Contains razor-thin bezels.

4. Lenovo ThinkPad T490 Notebook

Lenovo ThinkPad T490 Notebook 

Lenovo Notebooks such as, the ThinkPad T490 is a masterpiece in terms of screen resolution and CPU. It comes with an Intel Core i5 15-8265U that helps to deliver strong performance all day long.

The ThinkPad T490 is complete with a glossy black color that gives it a professional look. In addition, the manufacturers provided integrated graphics that makes them much more valuable than other Lenovo Notebooks.

  • Contains UHD Graphics 620
  • Consists of multiple USB ports
  • Contains a 14-inch screen.

3. Lenovo Chromebook C330

Lenovo Chromebook C330 

The Chromebook C330 is a must-have for those who need sufficient storage space for their work. It contains a simple yet easy Chrome Operating System that delivers consistent performance each and every time.

The body features a smooth design and is 360-degree convertible. In addition, it is just one-inch thick. So, you will have no problem with carrying it around wherever you go.

  • Contains in-built virus protector
  • Offers an extended battery life
  • Provides multiple USB ports
  • Boasts of Bluetooth 4.2 technology
  • Provides a 64GB space on hard disk.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad 720S

Lenovo IdeaPad 720S 

The processing power of IdeaPad 720S puts it ahead of many Lenovo Notebooks. It has been made to handle all the work that you do on a regular basis.

There is a 13-inch wide-angle display on this notebook that makes it look fabulous. In addition, the angled edges help to make it look really thin.

  • Includes Dolby Atmos technology
  • Creates an immersive audio experience
  • Comes with an extended battery life
  • Contains fingerprint security system.

1. Lenovo ThinkPad 490S Notebook

Lenovo ThinkPad 490S Notebook 

Lenovo Notebooks such as the ThinkPad 490S have a reputation for being highly secured. When you combine its security features with a solid performance, it becomes one of the best Notebooks in the market.

It comes with an LCD display technology and a simple design.

  • Clocks in at 1.80GHz of speed
  • Contains 8th Gen processor
  • Contains a 14-inch screen.

Things to consider before purchasing Lenovo Notebooks

Lenovo is known all over the world as one of the biggest PC manufacturers right now. The product portfolio of Lenovo is full and they have every device you could think of. But, Lenovo notebooks have been able to carve a special niche out all the devices.

However, if you have confusion about the factors to consider, you may need some time. As such, here are a few things you should consider before you look for the best Lenovo Notebooks:

Screen Quality

Resolution matters a lot in today’s world because people use laptops and notebooks all the time. The best option in this case is a notebook with 1920×1080-pixel resolution. Since a lot of top quality display panels come at a high price, you can avoid 4k resolutions.

Quality of Keyboard

Keyboards matter not just for gaming only. If you happen to work a lot then you need a comfortable keyboard. In addition, if the keyboard is backlit then it helps you with viewing the keyboard in dimly lit rooms.


There was a time when Core i3-based Lenovo Notebooks were considered okay. If you want a good notebook these days, it has to have a Core i7-based system.

The Lenovo Notebooks on this list have undergone multiple tests and thorough screening. So, they are ready to perform at the highest level. With that said, it should now be easier for you to pick a Lenovo Notebook that fulfills your needs.

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