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Best Magnetic Whiteboards in 2020 | Simple & Classic

Whiteboards are still a necessity in this modern day and age. People still admire the simple and classic approach to these products. They have come a long way, though. The boards today come with a few extra perks and features.

There are different models of them, including tripods, wall mounts, and wheeled models. These models provide portability benefits of their own. Some have pen holders; others have accessories trays in them. With different features of their own, here are the top 10 best magnetic whiteboards of 2020.

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Top 10 Magnetic Whiteboards in 2020

10. VIZ-Pro Magnetic Whiteboard 

VIZ-Pro Magnetic Whiteboard 

This board from VIZ-Pro can be used for visual displays in presentation for offices and schools. The design is modern, and the surface of the board is magnetic. The dimension of the product is 96.3 x 62 x 5.3 cm. The lightweight design of the product makes it easy to carry around.

  • The hook is movable, and it is used to hang the papers. It also has a pen-tray attached to it. You can install it easily, and the procedure is simple.

9. US Art Boardroom XL 

US Art Boardroom XL 

Boardroom XL contains a large aluminum display and is a heavy-duty product. The design of this product is modern, and it is made of high-quality materials. The sturdy construction of this product is responsible for its durability. The feet of this product have rubber, which stops it from skidding on the surfaces.

  • It has an optimal height, which means you can convey your message in presentations without any trouble. It can be used for artworks as the whiteboard bar can be removed.

8. Easel Height Adjustable Whiteboard 

Easel Height Adjustable Whiteboard 

The Easel board is made of high-quality materials, and this premium product can be used as a bulletin board. The improved design of the board makes it easy for you to work on it. You can adjust the height of this board, which means you can easily convey the message in your presentation. The durable surface is smooth, which means you can work on it easily.

  • The board can protect your eyesight as the whiteboard doesn’t reflect any light. There is a lifetime guarantee on this product.

7. Navy Penguin Magnetic Board 

Navy Penguin Magnetic Board 

The board is a premium product that contains one easel whiteboard and one dry eraser, four dry eraser markers. The design and size of this product are comfortable enough for you to work with. The height can be adjusted as well. The marker tray is available as well, which can be attached to the board.

  • There is a lifetime guarantee on this product. It has a multi-functional use as well. It is great for students and managers.

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6. Masters of Boards Wheeled Whiteboard

Masters of Boards Wheeled Whiteboard

 The Magnetic Whiteboard from Masters of Boards is perfect if you want to do great on presentations and classes.

The surface of the board is quite smooth owing to the enamel coated layer. This makes writing on the board smooth and easy. You can use this product in the office as it is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant as well.

  • The writing can be erased off easily due to the protective layer. It is convenient and easy to use.

5. Linno Whiteboard 

Linno Whiteboard 

The whiteboard from Linno is a top-quality whiteboard with a size of 900 x 600 mm. The lightweight design of the product makes it easy for you to move it around. They are made of an Aluminum frame. The leg height can be adjusted according to your need.

  • They come with a pen-tray and paper clip attached to it. They have a warranty of ten years.

4. Displays2GO Aluminum Frame Whiteboard 

Displays2GO Aluminum Frame Whiteboard 

This one comes on a stand that you can set the board on. The board has excellent portability. The lightweight design and construction make it easy to move around in the room. The arm support made of rubber stops the product from skidding on the surfaces.

  • The clamps of the whiteboard securely hold any type of sign, writing, or artwork.

3. Maxtek Bub Whiteboard 

Maxtek Bub Whiteboard 

This board from Maxtek will be a fantastic choice if you are planning on doing demonstrations. It has a dual side double surface, which makes it unique from the other products. It can be rotated to up to 360 degrees, and you can adjust the height accordingly.

  • It is user-friendly. You will be satisfied with the smooth surface, as you can write on it without any hassle.

2. WeYoung Magnetic Whiteboard 

WeYoung Magnetic Whiteboard 

The magnetic whiteboard from WeYoung is a double-sided whiteboard that can be moved on wheels. It is an ideal-sized whiteboard. You can work on your presentations easily as the double-sided surface provide you more space to work with. You can write for a long time on this board due to the smooth surface and the ergonomic writing angle.

  • You can move this whiteboard with the help of wheels attached to the bottom. The surface is of high quality, which ensures a better writing experience.

1. Q-connect Whiteboard 

Q-connect Whiteboard 

This whiteboard from Q-connect can be the perfect tool to help you present your work. The telescopic legs help to adjust the height on your terms.

Magnetic Whiteboards is great if you want to give effective presentations. It has a smooth surface on which you can write easily. The adjustable legs allow you to change the height and convey the message of your presentation just the way you want to.

  • It has a pen tray and whiteboard pads available with it.

These are the top magnetic whiteboards that you can choose from. As you can tell, all of these offer different features. So it would be best if you decided which features you need to serve your needs. Then pick out the best one for you.

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