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Best Memory Sticks in 2020 | Hold Your Data & Video

Memory Stick’s key purpose for designing was to build a compact storage medium which can be conveniently extracted from a system and retrieved by a machine. Most devices use Memory Sticks to hold both data and videos of the photos.

Memory stick users may use these cards to hold details and then use a memory stick card machine or converter to pass it to a device later.

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Top 10 Best Memory Sticks in 2020 

10. SDCZ48-128G-U46 


The SanDisk Intense USB 3.0 Memory stick packs a wallet-sized kit with unprecedented transfer rates and generous power.

It has a thin and premium look.


– Super-transfer speeds.

– Supports USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 too.

– For data security Rescue PRO file recovery attached.

– Wide temperature range it supports.

– Some create an issue when it boots.

9. SDCZ60-064G-A46 


Cruzer-Glide memory stick drive is a fast and safe way to transfer, switch and fully back your main data.

Portable, reliable, and professional design.


-User-friendly and plug&play features.

– It has secure-access software to protect this.

– Drag and drop features for vault uses.

-The weather does not affect this device.

-Data transfer is slower in USB 2.0 and lower.

8. KOOTION Thumb Drive 

KOOTION Thumb Drive 

This trendy memory stick has two ports, USB C, and USB 3.0 port, easy to use, you can quickly and securely move data from different devices, such as pcs, laptops, computer, plug-in and play.

Full package weight is 15g and the color is blue.


– It has twin interface USB 3.0 along with USB type C.

-Great read write speed.

– OTG supported.

– exFAT and NTFS format available.

– Bitwise lock works properly.

– Not so much durable.

7. ASUS Chromebit-CS10 

ASUS Chromebit-CS10 

ASUS Chromebit-CS10 stands just beneath 5 inches and is also the tiniest Chrome App unit throughout the world. It’s simple to transform your huge monitor or TV into a device running the new Chrome Software-simply insert Chromebit-CS10 into the HDMI port and connect it with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Smarter and simpler design that easily attract anyone.


– Chrome OS supports thousands of apps.

– Dual-band wifi feature.

– This is the smallest device that is containing the Chrome OS.

-Includes an HDMI extension cable.

-It has built-in security.

-Some heat issues.

6. 5 Pack Cruzer Memory Stick 

5 Pack Cruzer Memory Stick 

These are for USB ports showing up wherever you go, you need to archive and upload your images, movies, and music on the move quickly and securely.

Smart and slim design.


-It transfers data with full of confidence.

-The video transfer is amazing on this device.

– Keep your data safe with this memory stick.

– Good on back using windows 10.

– Sliding plastic is the cutest part of memory disk.

– The lanyard should be in the packet.

5. 10 Pack Memory Stick

Data speed, design, and other features make it an amazing memory stick.

It has a sleek, convenient and chic design.


-Grade chips are used.

-Works with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 too.

– Lightweight and perfect for sharing photos & other media files.

– Read the wite indicator.

– Cost-effective.

-Plug and play facilities.

– Some of them have a read-write problem.

4. Enfain Swivel Thumb

Enfain Swivel Thumb

Enfain is based on the single pack memory stick. This allows for secure collection and exchange of data for different purposes.

Slim design with attached cap and lanyard. It has a twisted turn 360 degrees.


– Plug and play that supports all the latest OS.

-High-speed data read and write.

-Affordable and professional look.

-Easy to transfer media files.

-A data security provider.

– Sometimes it doesn’t boot.



The compact, lightweight Memory stick includes less construction of a slipping collar cap and ensures no further casings missing.

Amazing sliding collar and capless design with an integrated loop.


– 10 times faster than USB 2.0

– Larger file transfer is possible.

– It supports all PC, Mac, and Linux OS.

– Best pricing.

– A perfect solution for quick and secure data storing.

– Some have soft ‘POP’ noises.

2. SDCZ73-128G-G46 


Such goods are designed to the highest quality and checked with rigor.

Durable metal-casting and sleek design.


– Read speed up to 150 MB per second

– Password protection is available.

– Fifteen times faster than classic USB 2.0.

– The tough casing protects it from hazards.

– Wide operating temperature range.

– Write speed is lower and it varies.

1. SDCZ60-128G-B35 


Get access to 128 GB of stable, efficient space for images, videos, audio, and other media.

It has a retractable convenient design.


– Reliable data storage for media files.

– The capacity of the drive is high.

– It is also compatible with USB 2.0

-The connector is kept safe with retractable design.

-Very attractive design.

-It supports almost all operating systems.

– Sometimes it creates issues while copying.

To sum it up, memory Sticks are about to go obsolete with the creation of other external storage devices, particularly several inexpensive memory sticks products. Wireless file-sharing or cloud services is not yet ideal and technically has no super-accessible rights.

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