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Best Mouse Pads in 2020 | Soft & Smooth

Most of us possibly are not too much concerned about mouse pads. Mousepads are inexpensive and people do not think too much while buying them. Given the contemporary mouse era, that is without a doubt pretty comprehensible.

Old-school ball mouse was barely usable without a good mouse pad. Therefore here are 10 best mouse pad choices for replacing your worn-out mouse pads.

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Top 10 Best Mouse Pads of 2020

1. SteelSeriesQcK


The padding is very soft with an advantage of non-fraying and weightless traits.

It is very cheap. It has 1 year lifetime. With usage and humidity, it does get warped. But it is value for money nevertheless.


No fraying, No slipping, and a rubber grip at the bottom, Smooth gliding for a soft surface, and Woven cloth made.

2. Corsair


The MM300 from Corsair is a mouse pad for the usage of long sessions. Maintains high-quality accuracy.

Very cheap and durable. Minimal stains and damage but have a lasting chemical smell. Discoloration with time from black to white.


Finest quality material with a smooth finish, Anti-slip feature to reduce peeling, and soft rubber pad for the highest comfort for our hand and wrist.

3. SteelSeriesQcK Surface- XL

SteelSeriesQcK Surface- XL

Ideal for more pace with added precision. It has an RGB lighting system. More texture experience can be added through the flip of the mouse pad as it has dual texture.

Designed with ambiance and comfort. Width is 35” and 11 inches in length and is considered as the largest.


Dual textured, smooth, RGB LED lighting effects that can be adjusted with the PC and the software, large surface for the desktop, and soft pad in the center.

4. HyperX Fury Pro

HyperX Fury Pro

It has fewer DPI capacities and thus tends to bounce. The rounded, unfinished edges of the pad are prone to scraping.

97% black cloth, Weighs only 4 ounces, it an excellent cost for quality, the logo will fade with time, bothersome edges for your arm, and partial DPI skipping.


Simple and chic, large surface, rubber bottom for grasp and accuracy, and easy on hand and wrist.

5. AmazonBasics XXL

AmazonBasics XXL

Modern features are fused to enhance the desktop. Gives unparalleled support to wrist and stability in the movement of the mouse.

8.8 ounces with a simple design and soft cloth surface. The base is made of thick rubber that gives stability thus frisking is limited. Great value for money.


Large surface helping prolonged usage session, the surface is made of texture cloth and stability from a thick rubber base.

6. Razor Firefly

Razor Firefly

It has 16.8 million RGB color combination RGB, gaming mouse pad. But it blends in with the Razer devices. Works best with other Razer devices or else does not sync despite having a really good display.

15.7 ounces with very good quality for cost and no fraying. It has a USB cable for power thus no batteries are wasted and no requirement of AC adapter.


Large surface, with great room for movement and control. It has lighting technology with 16 million color spectrums. It is made up of plastic material with a smooth finish for comfortable movement.

7. RazerGoliathus


The Extended Chroma from RazerGoliathus comes with excellent lighting that syncs with any devices. Massive 16 million and more color combinations.

The surface of Goliathus is made up of texture cloth. It offers pace and easy control. Ensures high-performance gaming with stable rubber bottom.


Smooth textured cloth, slip-resistant, foamy rubber for stability, great chroma lighting that can easily be integrated to create interesting light effects, and cable charging technology.

8. Asus ROG Sheath

 Asus ROG Sheath

The Best feature is the mat that gives a great experience. It is made up of slip, stain, and splash resistant material that protects the pad from spilling. The surface is made up of texture fabric that complements its smooth surface.

Mouse pad is anti-fray with stitched edges and solid rubber as the base. It is very large having 900 by 400 by 2mm to cover the desk substantially with more room for other devices. Simple but delivers just about right.


Large surface, woven texture surface, steady through rubber base, and anti-fray with stitched edges.

9. Quality Selection

Quality Selection

This specific product is designed for a smaller mouse. The superior substances that had been used allow this mouse pad to be extraordinarily comfortable and is great for customers who are searching for a reasonably-priced mouse pad.

Quality Selection is capable of having the job done whilst still keeping a low-priced rate range. It is 4mm thick and 1” high wrist resting area. The length of the mouse pad is 9.4” while the breath is 8.4”. One of the drawbacks is it can accommodate a small mouse. A strong rubber base gives stability and comfort.


High-Quality Pad Material, Comfortable Design, Affordable Price Range, and ideal for a smaller mouse.



This MROCO Mouse Pads with Non-Slip Rubber Base, Premium-Textured and Waterproof Mouse pad is very user-friendly as it has particular features that attract clients who want value for money. It is water-resistant and it is durable over the path of long periods.

3mm thick with stitched edges that prevent wear and tear and high durability. Allows stability, precision and does not slip.


High-speed tracking and movement, sleek fabric, larger size mouse pad for precise position and accurate movement densely shaded that increases the friction and attaches the desktop tightly, Durable with delicately stitched edges.

At present, if you used an optical mouse without a pad for a prolonged period, you found out what you were missing. A smooth and tactile surface remains a need. Regardless of the greatly improved sensitivity and accuracy of optical mouse sensors- whether you are doing specific work like picture design and, or simply tackling at a stretch work. Hope our list of 10 best mouse pads will help you to find the one you need!

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