Nekmit Leather Desk Mat

Nekmit Leather Desk Mat: The Best Mat for Your Desk

Desks have more value in your life than you even realize. Common sense says that a clean setup allows an individual to be more attentive to his objectives. However, maintaining a clean setup is very difficult.

There are a lot of possibilities that our desk may get spoiled while we work. An accidental pen leakage can ruin your whole desk. One of your tools might scratch the desk. We often have drinks on our desk, they might spill and leave a nasty stain on your desk. The possibilities are endless.

You should not allow this so easily. And the best counter-measure is getting. The mat can cover a large portion of your desk. It will keep your desk safe from the scratches, spills, and stains. Moreover, these mats are pretty affordable. Getting one of these to protect your expensive desk only seems logical.

You might get confused looking for a leather desk mat. On the internet, you will find hundreds of products. To help you decide, we have picked up the best one for you. And that is the Nekmit leather desk mat.

Nekmit Leather Desk Mat: The Best Mat for Your Desk

Nekmit Leather Desk Blotter Pad

The Nekmit mat is black and it is made of quality material. The material gives it the appearance and feel of genuine leather. This mat is perfect for all sorts of usage. You can use it for writing, keeping your teacup, or even as a mouse pad.

Not all desk mats work as a mouse pad. Some have reflective surfaces, while some can get really sticky. These mats hinder the normal movement of a mouse. However, the Nekmit leather desk mat functions as a mouse pad as it has evenly dark color all over.

The desk pad is water-resistant. With this, you can carry your drinks to your desk without the fear of ruining your desk with cup rings. Even if you spill a bit of liquid on it, you can simply wash it off and there will be no stain.

The Nekmit leather desk pad works great as a writing surface. The mat provides a flat surface and it is quite thin. You will not puncture your page while writing with a pen. It is available in five different sizes. No matter what the size of your desk is, you can get the fitting size from the range it offers.

The matte black texture of this desk mat makes it very attractive. It will blend in with any color of the desk. However, it is true that when this mat is used with a white desk, the contrast looks the best. But it looks good on other colors as well.

The Nekmit leather desk pad provides a premium feel. The best part is that it does not come with an expensive price tag. It is very affordable. At this price range, you will not get another desk mat that provides quality even close to this.

With this on your desk, you will not have to be overly cautious while writing or sipping a cup of coffee. With only one swipe at the end of the day, you can clean this desk mat and restore your deck to its former glory. That is why we loved it so much!

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Nekmit Leather Desk Mat


As the mat offers a lot of options for the size, you will not face any problem getting a suitable one for your desk. The top of the mat uses a faux-leather. It is 3mm thick and evenly flat all the way around. That enables the user to write seamlessly on the mat.

The top surface is not reflective. As a result, the user can use it as a keyboard and mouse mat as well. The mat looks good even with RGB computer build. The back of the pad also uses a faux-leather. It has an anti-slip design that will hold the mat in place. The design, color, and texture of the mat allow it to blend in with any background. You can use this leather desk mat in your home or office.

The Nekmit leather desk pad is made of durable, high-quality material. It can withstand minor pen scratches. If you have cup rings or spill your drink on it, you can simply wash it off and it will not leave permanent marks. All of these features made this leather desk pad the best choice.

The thickness of the mat is 3mm. If it were thicker, it would not be good for writing. And if it were thinner, it would have been perforated from a pen. We can say that the thickness of the mat is perfectly balanced.

  • Elegant leather desk mat
  • Black in color, has a texture like a leather
  • 3mm thickness for the most balanced experience
  • Will save your desk from scratches, pen marks, cup rings, and spills
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Can be sued as a mouse pad
  • Made with durable material


Do you work on your desk for a long period at a stretch? If you do, you already know that ruining a perfect desk is one of the easiest things in the world. Even the most meticulous people face a hard time keeping their desks clean.

However, this leather desk pad can do exactly that. And though there are other products similar to this, they are far too expensive comparing to the Nekmit mat. At this price range, you will not have a mat as good as this. That means, with this mat you are getting premium features at a cheap price. That is why we recommend that you get the Nekmit leather desk pad.

A leather desk mat is a must if you want to keep your desk safe and clean. Get the Nekmit desk mat today, and you will not have to worry about your desk’s safety anymore!

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