Best Notice Boards In 2020 | Informative & Handy

Best Notice Boards In 2020 | Informative & Handy

Even in this era of internet and technology, we cannot think of a school or an office without a notice board. The demand for notice boards is still sky-high, and we all know for a fact that it will never go out of trend. There are just so many reasons to invest on a notice board. You can use it at work to share notices or content with your employees, and also to hang in to-do lists, notes, or mementos at home. Not to mention, you can create your very own vision board too! If you are thinking of getting your hands on a notice board, check out the list below straight away!

Top 10 Notice Boards In 2020

10. ReLIVE Burlap Board

ReLIVE Burlap Board - Notice Boards

Want to buy a decent notice board that does its job well without breaking the budget?

The board is lined with sturdy burlap that has been naturally tanned to give it a genuine look. The authentic look of this board allows it to blend seamlessly into any décor.

  • Criss-cross twine.
  • Country chic design.
  • Naturally tanned burlap.

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9. Wall Pops Veranda Printed Board

Wall Pops Veranda Printed Board - Notice Boards

Do you want your notice board to be breathtakingly beautiful? This printed board from Wall Pops is the way to go.

Being a relatively small board, it suits best for home use. Featuring a Fleur de Lis design, it also aims to add an ornate elegance to the décor.

  • Easy to install.
  • Two coordinating pins.
  • Cork inspired board.

8. Umbra Cork Board

Umbra Cork Board - Notice Boards

Be it for official use or for displaying reminders at home, this board can do it all.

Built with durable metal; this modern-styled board has a sleek nickel finish to it. The patented innovative design features a metal surface that works with both pins and magnets.


7. Mattel Cork Board

Mattel Cork Board - Notice Boards

If you want your notice board to be small and compact, opt for this one.

This versatile board elegantly exhibits everything, whether it be important documents or casual pictures. The warmth of walnut wood brings a pleasant homely touch to it, but it still looks professional enough to use in school or office.

  • Self-healing surface.
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Receptive and versatile design.

6. Wall Pop Catalina Board

Wall Pop Catalina Board - Notice Boards

Want to decorate your bare wall space with a strikingly beautiful board? Then this one from Wall Pop is here to meet your needs.

The geometrical floral printed design on a chic white frame makes it one of the most beautiful boards out there. Even if you don’t stick anything on it, this board will add a hint of elegance to your room.

  • Easy to install.
  • Includes push pins.
  • Comes with mounting tools.

5. U Brands Board

U Brands Board - Notice Boards

For a $12 board, the design and quality of this board is quite impressive.

Contemporary design adds a subtle look to your wall and the solid construction of birch wood with a dense material underneath firmly holds the pins against the board.

  • Universal mounting system.
  • Surface with a firm grip.
  • Anti-hole surface.

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4. Quartet Cork Board

Quartet Cork Board - Notice Boards

Looking for a notice board to splurge on that will last you in the long run? Quartet Cork Board will get you covered.

Featuring a sturdy aluminum frame, this board is resistant to holes. Classic design allows it to easily blend into any décor, making it a versatile option.

  • Seven sizes and five styles to choose from.
  • Flexible mounting system.
  • Backed by five years warranty.

3. Umbra Trigon Board

Umbra Trigon Board - Notice Boards

If you don’t want your board to take up a huge space all the while looking not too small, this is the one to go for.

Be it your home or office, the perforated geometric design on EVA foam material adds functionality to any space. Thanks to the versatile structure of this board, you can mount it both vertically and horizontally.

  • Modern geometric design.
  • Comes with a set of pushpins and magnets.
  • Concealed mounting hardware.

2. Navy Penguin Cork Board Set

Navy Penguin Cork Board Set - Notice Boards


If you have a budget to splurge, then consider investing in this premium board would be a smart thing to do.

Navy Penguin notice boards are built of heavy-duty aluminum with a blue hue. With multiple designs and sizes to choose from, you can choose the one that is convenient for your wall space and goes well with your décor.

  • Comes with 10 colored pushpins.
  • Adjustable hanging hooks.
  • Lifetime refund guarantee.

1. Quartet Framed Corkboard

Quartet Framed Corkboard - Notice Boards

This board from Quartet with a whopping 2200 five-star reviews on Amazon has made it to the top of the list.

Featuring a durable black wood construction, both the quality and design stand out for this board. Moreover, the price tag for this board is unbelievably reasonable too.

  • Fully trackable cork.
  • Flexible mounting system.
  • Comes with mounting hardware and hanging instructions.

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To wrap it all up, settling on the right notice boards can be a lot harder than one could imagine. That’s why we took the responsibility upon ourselves to help you with that. We hope this write-up will come in handy to find you the perfect notice board that matches your needs!

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