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Best Office Boards In 2020 | Work Brainstorming Assistance

A new exciting project is on board. What do you do? Brainstorm to get the best ideas for the client, right? And how can you keep track of the most important ideas? By noting them down somewhere. It’s high time you get an office board. Here are the top 10 office boards fantastic options especially for you which we handpicked from Amazon.

Top 10 Best Office Boards In 2020

10. Elegant Boards 4 Pack Office Board

Elegant Boards 4 Pack Office Board - Office Boards

Do you want to know what’s better than one office board? Four of them. “Elegant Boards” has a convenient combo pack for you. You can set these boards anywhere around your office. You can hang photos, documents, notes, etc. on the boards. The cork surface makes it easier to push pins on the boards. The firm design keeps things from falling off automatically.

The boards have grain cork, which heals the pinholes on the board.

  • The boards are designed with long-lasting materials
  • It doesn’t much time to mount the boards
  • All the boards come in 12-inch x 12-inch size

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9. Cork Board Bulletin Board

Cork Board Bulletin Board - Office Boards

Are you looking for a bit large board? We have a classic 15.7 inches x 12 inch office board for you. You can easily mount this board on your office wall and get a long term service from it. The board is made of a natural cork surface, so it has self-healing capability. Meaning, no holes on the board.

The board has a sturdy structure and it is extremely lightweight.

  • The board is durable
  • The cork surface makes it easy to pin things
  • This office board retains anything pinned to it

8. INNOVART Cork Office Board

INNOVART Cork Office Board - Office Boards

Are you looking for an office board for the display or to pin notes? How about a board that goes with both? Check out this stylish and hefty office board from Innovart. It comes with the easiest installation process with kits. You can pin notes, pictures, and so on. The cork surface closes the holes made of the pin push.

The sturdy board has a silver aluminum board.

  • It can bent for transportation purpose
  • It comes with 10 pins
  • The size is 36 inches x 24 inches including the frame

7. Quartet Combination Magnetic Office Board

Quartet Combination Magnetic Office Board - Office Boards

Are you looking for an office board to hang things and write on? We have an exciting suggestion for you. This combo board has a natural cork surface where you can pin notes. Additionally, it has a whiteboard where you can write and hang notes with magnets.

The whiteboard is designed to be entirely magnetic.

  • The overall size is 17 inches x 23 inches
  • The board stands both horizontally and vertically
  • Self-stick pads are inclusive

6. Quartet Combination Board

Quartet Combination Board - Office Boards

We believe combination office boards are the most convenient boards for an office. You can write and hang things on the board simultaneously. Here’s another board where you can get a wider area as the whiteboard. The overall size is- 11 inches x 17 inches.

It is designed especially for small offices.

  • The white magnetic board is easy to clean
  • The board is divided into two different frames
  • It mounts both horizontally and vertically

5. Office BlackBoard by Bi-Office

Office BlackBoard by Bi-Office - Office Boards

Who remembers the classic blackboard from the old times? If you want to bring back the classic flavor of chalkboard in your office, then you must check out this one! This office board is lightweight and very convenient for office purposes.

The blackboard is well constructed and durable.

  • Overall size is 60 cm x 40 cm
  • It doesn’t require much efforts to clean
  • Wall fixings are included

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4. AmazonBasics Magnetic White Board

AmazonBasics Magnetic White Board - Office Boards

Who understands you just like Amazon? Us, perhaps, because we have a fantastic suggestion for you! Here is a basic yet effective whiteboard for your office that you should try out. You can organize all your ideas in one place with this office board. From sticking notes to writing them- do it all with this one.

The versatile design contains an MDF frame to make the board sturdier than ever.

  • The overall size is 23 inches x 35 inches
  • The surface eraser restrains stains
  • The board can be mounted either horizontally or vertically

3. Quartet Magnetic Board

Quartet Magnetic Board - Office Boards

Check out this superficial compact magnetic office board. You can stick all your important notes on this magnetic board with magnets. Pro tip – even fridge magnets can work! Additionally, you can write and erase your notes on the smooth surface.

The painted steel body makes the board extremely durable.

  • The overall size of the board is 17 inches x 13 inches
  • It comes with a dry erase marker
  • Both portrait and landscape orientations are plausible

2. U Brands Glass Board

U Brands Glass Board - Office Boards

If your budget is flexible, then why not get something classy and fancy? Here is a glass-based whiteboard. The glass layer makes the words written more prominent.

It comes with a modern frameless design.

  • Size- 23” x 35”
  • Easy to mount
  • Perfect for heavy writing


REATIVE SPACE board - Office Boards

Ever imagined getting a moving board? Now brainstorm your ideas with this scratch-resistant whiteboard.

The wheels come with a triple lock system.

  • Dual-sided board
  • Protected corners
  • Easy to install

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An office board can help you brainstorm on future projects and keep track of the work on a larger scale. If you prefer a board just to stick notes, then go for the cork surface ones, and if you want to write notes, then go for the whiteboards.

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