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Best Office Boards in 2020 | Note Your Important Things

No matter what you are up to, for instance, staring at your smartphone like the social media junkie you are, a neat, elegant and functional office boards can make your head turn and do a double-take. To be filled in with info about the latest and most practical office boards out there, do go ahead and delve into this article.

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Top 10 Best Office Boards of 2020

10. Combination


Ideal for small areas, this office board is divided into a magnetic whiteboard that comes with marker tray and shares space with a bulletin board too. The contrast between the black felt and the  Instead of cork, the upper surface of the tack board is encapsulated with felt which does not wear or tear after sticking too many pushpins in it.

  • Metal support on the backside
  • Aluminum border
  • Plastic enclosed corners
  • Set includes 4 erasable markers, 4 colorful smiley face magnets, 10 pushpins, a cute notebook and 2 sliding hooks for setup.

9. Woodsam 


This is a LED powered board which means that you can use it at home or outdoors by simply connecting it to a USB power bank/ travel charger/ car charger or the conventional wall socket.

The high-quality LED board won’t ever stain or ghost.

  • A variety of 16 neon colored LED lights
  • 4 different glimmering modes
  • 5 illumination levels
  • 8 upbeat liquid chalk markers
  • Can be wiped clean without the trouble of dirt/dust

8. Magnetic White Board + Corkboard

Magnetic White Board + Corkboard

The combination of two different surfaces makes this board highly versatile. You get a magnetic board on the left side and a corkboard on the right.

Framed by a high-quality robust aluminum border that includes plastic corners, it has no sharp or pointed edges which makes it safe and user friendly.

  • The dry-erase magnetic surface resists scratches and you can write on it effortlessly with regular markers.
  • The cork surface is self-healing; it lets you display and arrange notes, photos, cards, etc. using pushpins without any holes
  • The marker tray can be detached and fixed to any of the four sides, keeping your supplies close

7. Pink Felt Letter Board

Pink Felt Letter Board

It is unique and unusual and therefore stands out in a crowd of many regular and mundane bulletin boards.

This board is composed of a strong wooden frame and soft pink felt. It even comes with a lifetime warranty!

  • Includes a wall mounting hook
  • 335 letters, emojis, and symbols in white color
  • 126 gleaming gold letters, emojis, and symbols
  • A bag for storing the letter

6. Kaforise


It is a quintessential storage and display unit because the grids can be rearranged to create a vertical storage area on your wall and can be used to exhibit your photos, small items, etc.

Constructed of metal wire, this one is strong and heavy.

  • The plain white color complements any article in your office
  • Comes with 2 panels
  • It is customizable as you can reconfigure it according to your taste
  • Can be easily hung

5. Navaris


It is the perfect learning tool for home or office and can also display pictures, reminders, mail, travel plans, calendar or messages. On a different note, this cute felt board can be a functional yet enticing gift for anyone on the hunt for the ultimate display unit.

The board tiles are made up of felt and EVA foam materials.

  • Very light weighted compared to a conventional glass/wooden display board
  • Doesn’t require any tool to hang
  • Can be arranged in any style
  • The package includes 6 felt boards, 24 self-adhesive tapes, and 10 pushpins



This is a DIY board on which you can arrange letters in any format to deliver your greetings. Also, it can be the most marvelous gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or wedding.

The high-grade equipment is manufactured using natural oak wood and the long-lasting black felt on which you will place your letters do not get dirty that quickly.

  • A sawtooth hanger attached on the backside
  • An adjustable stand
  • A set containing cutouts of 680 letters, emojis, and symbols

3. Bulletin Board 

Bulletin Board 

With a cork upper surface and a fat fireboard layer beneath the surface, this functional beauty helps you to stay well-ordered and systematic.

It has been engineered in the USA using sustainable and natural goods, for instance, recyclable cork and domestic wood fibers.

  • It includes a set of four picture hanging strips suitable for use with regular pushpins
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally



 It is a wonderful double-sided board for a large classroom, office, home, etc.

Made of steel and ABS plastic materials.

  • It is large
  • Can be rolled
  • Can rotate effortlessly at 360 degrees; perfect for office presentations or brainstorming sessions
  • The corners are covered by hard-wearing foam with scratch-resistant protective film
  • Includes steel and silicone locking wheels for clasping the board, moving it and securing it in place.

1. The Board Dudes

The Board Dudes

This cork board with a black frame is fantastic for all kinds of spaces and rooms. Moreover, it complements other ornamental boards.

Delicate grains comprise the cork that gives a self-recovering upper layer concealing pin holes after use.

  • Durable backing for extra stability
  • Installation hardware & instructions included

In conclusion, by now, you must have identified the grand office boards that will do you justice. Present whatever you need to in a way that catches your viewer’s attention! We hope this article was of help.

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