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Best Office Cabinets in 2020 | Keep Your Essential Files

Tired of not being able to find the files when needed? No matter how big or small your office is an office cabinet is a must for every office. It will not only help to organize your files; it will also keep them safe and secure. By organizing files properly in the office cabinets, you will not have to waste time looking for them.

There are many types of office cabinets. Each of them has their specialty. Before buying a cabinet, you must consider a few things—for example, the size of the cabinet. If you have a smaller room, choose a small one. If you are looking for a cabinet to keep your essential files safe, buy a cabinet with a locker room.

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Top 10 Best Office Cabinets of 2020

1. Lorell SOHO

Lorell SOHO

This is a US origin item. Lorell Soho promises to deliver a stylish and high-quality product for your workplace in an affordable price range. This cabinet is just 24-inch tall and 14.3 inches wide. So, it will easily fit any space.

It has two drawers, and the body is made of steel. The finishing and mechanism of this cabinet worth the money you pay.


It has a lock system, and it is easy to assemble.

2. Lorell SOHO

Lorell SOHO

This is also from the same brand. The top drawer is perfect for checkbooks, keys, and other accessories. And the additional 2 drawers are for files.

The design is almost the same as the previous Lorell cabinet. Just instead of 2 drawers, it has 3.


This cabinet comes with wheels. So, you can move it when needed. It comes fully assembled, so you will not have to worry about that.

3. Calico


This small cabinet will take only a little space in your office. It will come fully assembled. All you have to assemble is the wheels.

This cabinet is available in many colors. The body and drawers of this cabinet are made out of metal.


All the three drawers have a lock system, so your files will always stay safe!

4. FITUEYES PS406801WB Office cabinet

FITUEYES PS406801WB Office cabinet

This cabinet is big enough for you to use it as a small table. You can place your printer on it.

It has both open and close spaces. You can keep your essential files in the hanging drawer, and the free space organizes the data you need frequently. This cabinet is available in 5 different colors and made of fiberboard and wood.


You can use this cabinet for various purposes, and the wheels come with a stabilizer.

5. ModernLuxe


It is a heavy-duty cabinet. It may look small, but the drawers are big enough to store all your files.

ModernLuxe is available in 8 colors. This modern looking office cabinet is made of steel, and the surface is powder-coated.


The hanging bars are adjustable. So, you can adjust them according to your file size.

6. Tribesigns


This cabinet can hold up to 155lbs. And each drawer can hold up to 55lbs. So basically, you can store all your files in this cabinet along with your accessories. The surface of this cabinet can also be used as a printer table.

For any modern office, this cabinet is suitable. The design is simple and refined. Tribesigns large file cabinet has one big drawer, two open shelves, and one cabinet storage.


Because of the ball-bearing slides, you can easily find every file. And the wheels can rotate 360°, and they have a stabilizer.

7. Tribesigns



This Tribesigns has three open spaces. You can use them as bookshelves or organize your files. It is perfect for those who need some extra space for their records and accessories.

The design is not different from any typical office cabinet. It is 47” *16“ inches wide surface can be use as printer stand. Because of the heavy metals, it is comparatively more substantial than most of the other cabinets of this list.


The footpads can be adjusted. And it is a heavy cabinet. It does not have wheels, so

8. Eddy


Are you someone who admires aesthetics? If your answer is yes, do not look further. This office cabinet is not just pleasing to watch; it is also very spacious.

It has two drawers, and both drawers have bright orange handles. The only thing you may worry about is you will have to assemble it. But with a little work, you will get the most ravishing office cabinets, that will double the beauty of your room.


The drawers of Eddy metal lateral file cabinet slide smoothly, and it has necessary features to protect the drawer from any kind of damages.

9. Kathy Ireland Home by Bush Office Cabinet

Kathy Ireland Home by Bush Office Cabinet

Do I have to say anything new about Bush furniture? I do not think so! Just like our previous Bush furniture, it is also a fantastic office cabinet.

It has two antique chest looking drawers, and it is available in 2 colors.


The design of this cabinet is the first thing the people notice. It is perfect for a rustic office.

10. Bush Furniture Birmingham

Bush Furniture Birmingham

Bush furniture is famous for their unique design and superior quality product. Birmingham lateral file cabinet is an elegant office cabinet for a stylish office.

There is nothing new to say about the Quality and design of any bush furniture. Each of their furniture has premium Quality and fantastic design. This particular cabinet has a vintage look with two drawers.


The design and detailing of this cabinet is the main thing that makes it stand out among the others. The interlocking drawer feature makes it more secure.

To conclude,I hope this article will help you find the perfect office cabinet! Happy shopping!

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