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Best Office Monitor in 2020 | Unique & Modern

Is there any office where there is no use of technology? When we picture an office, the first thing that comes into our mind is people working on their computers. You may ask, do you need a powerful monitor for your office work? The answer is both ‘yes ‘and ‘no.’ It ultimately depends on your type of work. If you work as a game developer, you might want to work with a powerful monitor. But if you use the computer for basic things, a standard monitor will do the work just fine. Office monitors are cheaper than gaming ones. This might be one reason to consider office monitors.

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Top 10 Best Office Monitor of 2020

1. Acer Predator X27

Acer Predator X27

Acer Predator X27 monitor is best known for its accurate colors and 4K resolution. It has a higher price tag than other monitors, but if you are not bothered about the price, and you do not want to compromise the quality goes for this one.

The design of this monitor is not like any other monitors. It has 27 inches ultra HD widescreen and a stylish stand to hold the whole thing.


The refresh rate is 144 hertz. This monitor’s IPS technology enables it to feature almost perfect Adobe RGB color space.

2. Dell UltraSharp U3415W

Dell UltraSharp U3415W

You can never go wrong with any dell product. This particular monitor has every possible quality you need in a monitor. Dell UltraSharp U3415W is a durable monitor. You can continue using this monitor for years without any issues.

It has a 34 inches curved screen and a sophisticated design that will suit any office.


This monitor is made out of environmentally friendly ingredients. From the cables to the screen everything except some wires. You can adjust the stand according to your comfort.

3. BenQ 24 inches IPS monitor

BenQ 24 inches IPS monitor

Not all the monitors of our list are pricy. And not all the right things are expensive. BenQ 24 inches IPS monitor is an affordable office monitor. It may not have the high RGB color accuracy, but not all office needs that.

This is a well-designed monitor with 178° viewing angles and a sleek body. The carbon-fiber body makes it scratch-proof.


It has low-blue light technology and Zeroflicker. Perfect for those who work for hours on their computers.

4. HP VH240a 

HP VH240a 

It is a Full HD IPS LED monitor. And it offers a 178° viewing angle. You can rotate the screen according to your needs. HP VH240a is a standard budget-friendly monitor.

For the price, it is a fantastic monitor. The design is also neat and straightforward.


The thin bezel-less frame gives you full screen, and you also get a 1-year warranty and 24/7 customer service if you buy this product from amazon.

5. Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 inches

Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 inches

Another Acer monitor. Though the price difference is vast, the quality is not that different. You may not get all the superior attributes of Predator X27, but do you need it for your office? If your work does not require a powerful monitor, it is best to choose this monitor.

This monitor has a 21.5-inch LED-lit display. It is also lighter—just 5.6 lbs.


It is an Acer product. So definitely, the design of this monitor is unique and modern. Acer SB220Q bi has a bezel-less zero-frame full display, and its 0.24-inch thin body makes it one of the slimmest monitors available in the market.

6. Philips 328E9QJAB 32-inch

Philips 328E9QJAB 32-inch

This has to be one of the most stylish looking monitors of our list. It is a Full HD monitor with all the qualities of a perfect office monitor.

The thin body and almost zero border curved display is the first thing that will catch your attention.


Philips 328E9QJAB 32-inch has flicker-free technology and low-blue mode. Which means you can work for hours in your monitor without harming your eyes.

7. HP T3M88AA 27-inch Monitor

HP T3M88AA 27-inch Monitor

Another HP monitor of our list. It has IPS panel technology and LED backlighting. These features make your work experience smoother and more accurate.

HP T3M88AA 27-inch Monitor is a bezel-less monitor, and it is 0.25 inches thin. You can tilt the display from -5° to 25°.


This monitor has a 5000000:1 contrast rate. Because of this, you will get sharper and more accurate colors. It also has an Energy Star.

8. Dell U3818DW 

Dell U3818DW 

As already mentioned, you can never go wrong with any dell product; this is our 2nd product from dell. And it is also a fantastic monitor for your office.

Dell U3818DW has a 38-inch curved display. The infinity-edge of this monitor makes it more desirable to the buyers.


Dell U3818DW is compatible with all operating systems. And it also has flicker-free technology.

9. Dell U2518D

Dell U2518D

At this point, if you think we are doing favoritism, we cannot even deny that. They are just too good just to choose 1-2 monitors from them. This particular one is a cheaper alternative to our other dell monitors of this list.

This is a professional-looking monitor. You can tilt the display as you want.


Its HDR content gives you premium image quality. It comes with a stand lock.

10. LG 25UM58-P

LG 25UM58-P

LG 25UM58-P supports 99% SRGB. The color accuracy is commendable. The wider screen of this monitor lets you multitask without any trouble.

The ratio of this monitor is 21:9. And it is 25-inch wide. So you can guess yourself how wide this monitor is.


The contrast ratio is 1000000000:1. And response time is 5ms.

To conclude,all the monitors of this list are durable and trustworthy. All you have to know is what kind of monitor you need for your task. In our list, we have included both the expensive and affordable options you can choose from. I hope you find the monitor you need among one of them!

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