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Polaroid Mint: The Best Pocket Printer

You were invited to a 188ft yacht for the best night of your life. You dance with dozens of girls and take the most ridiculous pictures that you will look back and reminisce about forever. It’s 5am and the party’s over. You head back to the dock, and your phone slips out of your hands right into the sea. But wait. You catch it. It slips again and you see it float away sunken among the budging waves. All those pictures are gone, as well as your phone.

You’re home with more remorse and less of a hangover. And if your dehydration got the most of you, then you’ve probably blacked out and don’t have a clue, and even your phone’s gone, unlike Alan who at least held on to his camera. If only there were an affordable camera that could supply photographs immediately. Oh wait! It’s the 21st century! We have Polaroid pocket printers and that too upgraded ones that are compatible with our phones.

We have all faced the days when our laptops had crashed and we lost hundreds of memories in the blink of an eye. Some of us blame fate while others blame their droopy brains, but I hold your cheap asses responsible. You need to make each memory special. People are out there writing poems of devotion with their own blood. And here you are, making collages with apps on your phone. I’m not saying that you need to express your love with a thousand roses, but you could at least make a collage that’s not stored away and forgotten in a folder in the corner of your phone.

What better way to make memories than with a pocket printer? You just take your goofiest pictures together using the app and watch yo’ ugly images come to life. We’ve chosen a pocket printer by Polaroid. Polaroid, known for its instant films and cameras, has been selling eyewear and consumer electronics since 1937. Every household, rich or poor, owns equipment by Polaroid.

Polaroid Mint: The Best Pocket Printer

Polaroid Mint: The Best Pocket Printer

The Polaroid Mint is a mini printer that fits in pockets and purses of fun people only. The pocket printer comprises Zink Zero-Ink innovation and is built for any phone, Android or iOS. If you’ve ever had a Polaroid or any other pocket printer, you will be surprised at the weight and size of this Mink.

Ever felt fully satisfied with those super-fast chargers? Yeah, the Polaroid has a fast-charging battery too. You literally can wake up, charge the printer while you make breakfast, and head out with it for the day. With a Mink battery, you can print fifty pictures of your repugnant face and impress the hot cheerleaders. Leave buying and replacing batteries for remotes and toys.

For those of you who are objective to products outside the US, you are in luck because the Zink manufacturing and development company is situated right in the heart of the States in North Carolina. Make peace with the innovative tech by all American hands. Their modern engineering allows us to realize the capabilities of smartphones. With the power of built-in Bluetooth pairing of the Polaroid, we receive the convenience of printed images shared from our phones instantly.

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Build and Design

Polaroid Mint: The Best Pocket Printer

The Polaroid Mint is available in a white shade but has several other colors such as black, blue, red, and yellow. I like the yellow more but I’m worried about the prying eyes. The printer has dimensions of 3×0.5×1 inches so it fits in your hand and pocket but is still sturdy enough to withstand pressure.

With the Polaroid Mint, you don’t have to go through the hassle of cartridges, toners or ink unlike those in the studios. All you need is their 2″×3″ ZINK paper. The paper may look like it works magically, but each of them is embedded with crystals layered with color and power up automatically when you take pictures. This is the power of ZINK zero-ink technology. Their attention to detail allows us to forget about expensive printing supplies and toners.

To pack the most powerful punch, Polaroid freeloads you with 10 superior ZINK paper sheets. If you’re the wild outdoor person, then you should apprehend asking for a sheet supply when you purchase the printer. The sheets are designed with an adhesive back that peels off for miniature photographs. To attach them wherever you like, scrapbooks, laptops, notebooks, lockers, phones, or on your cheeks.

The Polaroid Mint pocket printer is child friendly and easy to use. At first, you open the tray and load on a ZINK sheet with the blue calibration portion at the back. Like the switching in of a phone, you press and hold the power button. As the light turns on, you open the Polaroids Mint App. If you don’t have the app, just download it from your Play Store. Google or Apple, it’s compatible. Customize the looks of your pictures with the app and print your full-color pictures to life.

  • Instant printed photographs
  • Travel-friendly handheld printer
  • Sheets resistant to water damage, smudges and tear
  • App allows printing, saving and sharing of pictures on social media
  • Endless editing, filtering, doodling, and adding stickers and emoticons
  • Photographs have heavy red hue
  • Picture quality not high-end


The Polaroid Mint beats many other pocket printers in terms of cost per sheet and practicality. The quality of the pictures printed can be considered as somewhat between a professional studio printed picture and a par instant print camera. Although the pictures printed out to resemble an old school polaroid, the effectiveness of the adhesive backing of the sheet along with the trendy filters are exciting and fresh.

The Polaroid Zink with ZINK zero-ink technology comes at a great deal of $75.01 and is available in a rainbow of vibrant colors to adapt to your personality. A great buy indeed. Happy shopping!

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