Best Power Strips In 2020

Best Power Strips In 2020 | Power Devices All-At-Once

Like the trunk of a tree, power strips contain many branches (power outlets) all of which are connected to a single outlet. It allows power to be able to flow into ports i.e. where you plug your electronic devices.

Without further ado, we are bringing you the top ten power strips in 2020, so choose your pick!

Top 10 Best Power Strips In 2020

10. Witeem Power Strips

Witeem Power Strips 

If you forget to charge your phone again last night, you don’t have to wait long hours anymore. The Witeem power strip comes with high-speed USB charge ports. These enable you to get your phone charged up in the quickest way up till 2.4A.

The power cord is made of pure copper, which has improved conductivity. The surge protector has also secured thanks to the mounting holes.

  • Fireproof materials
  • High speed USB charging
  • 6Ft 15A Extension Cord

9. Belkin BE112230-08 Power Strip

Belkin BE112230-08 Power Strip

We are used to using so many appliances and electronic devices that we are bound to need a power strip with many power outlets. If that’s the case for you, the Belvin BE112230-08 comes with twelve outlets, six regular and six BlockSpace.

This power strip contains a green light that ascertains that your devices are secure. There’s also a red light showing that the outlet isn’t properly grounded.

  • The energy rating of 3940 Joules
  • The maximum spike voltage is 6000V
  • AC 15A, 125V, 1875W

8. GE Power Strips

GE Power Strips 

Do you happen to have kids who love poking their fingers in sockets? The GE power strip could be of use to you. With its “Twist to close” safety cover, objects that are foreign can be prevented from being inserted. To show which plugs are to be used, the covers are swiveled into place.

The GE power strip guarantees your electronics to be safe with its circuit breaker being integrated. Its protection rating being 800 Joules also ensures safety.

  • 10ft cord
  • Surge protection of 800 Joules
  • Contains mounting holes

7. SUPERDANNY Power Strips


Are you afraid that your entire office might be on fire? Introducing the SUPERDANNY power strip! This power strip is made of ABS+PC fire-resistant material. With a rating of UL94 V-0, this is the greatest fire-resistant level. Guess you won’t be meeting any hot firemen anytime soon.

It contains surge protection of 900 Joules ensuring your electronic devices are safe.

  • Contains mounting holes
  • The product includes a fastening cable tie
  • Fire retardant

6. JACKYLED Power Strips

JACKYLED Power Strips 

If God made of the plugs bigger than the others, not to worry. Here’s a little bit of body positivity. In the JACKYLED power strip, there are sufficient spaces between the outlets. This way you’ll be able to make room for the larger sized plugs, among your smaller and normal-sized plugs.

The 6.5ft cord is made of pure copper having high conductivity. The cord can be set at the length you want due to its tower body being rotatable.

  • 6.5ft retractable cord
  • Portable Handle
  • Contains smart USB port

5. Anker PowerPort Cube

Anker PowerPort Cube

Perhaps you have a big house and want to carry your power strip in any room you go. Well not to worry. With the light and compact design of the Anker PowerPort Cube, transportation is made simple and easy.

This power strip contains three USB ports and three AC outlets to get your phone charged up at high speed.

  • Fire-retardant casing
  • Strong coated power cable
  • Size of a tennis ball

4. TESSAN Power Strip

TESSAN Power Strip

Are you scared of your expensive tv, computer, and other electrical devices from being damaged? This power strip features a safety module customized to protect your electronic devices from being damaged due to short circuit, overload, and voltage fluctuations. During such events, the overload switch gets turned off automatically giving you the ultimate safety.

During trips, the small size of the TESSAN power strip enables it to fit easily in luggage.

  • Compact
  • Wall mountable
  • Widely spaced outlets

3. Anker Power Strip

Anker Power Strip 

The charging speed on this power strip tops all other power strips. The Anker power strip is widely renowned for its high-speed charging and will ensure that your electronic device, whether it’s a tablet, laptop, or mobile, gets charged up in the fastest way possible.

The coating is made of thick rubber, the wiring is integrated copper and the casing is flame retardant.

  • Ultra-Durable
  • 12 AC Outlets
  • 3 USB Ports

2. AmazonBasics Power Strips

AmazonBasics Power Strips 

With its innovative design, this power strip has a “protected” red LED indicator that lights up showing that plugged-in devices are protected. If you see the light going out, make sure to replace this power strip. This design will help you feel safe about your devices.

This power strip creates a layer of defense against fire and other damages (usually caused by voltage fluctuations).

  • Includes six outlets and two USB ports
  • Standard AC Outlet
  • 1000 Joules

1. Bototek Power Strips

Bototek Power Strips 

Topping our list is the Bototek power strip. This power strip has everything you’d want in a power strip! It has a fire retardant casing, widely spaced outlets and it provides lightning protection. It also has not one, two, or three but four USB charging ports! The ports are compatible with all the latest series of iPhones, iPads, galaxy, and other devices.

Overload protection is provided with a circuit breaker that is integrated for all outlets.

  • 4 USB Ports
  • 6ft copper cord
  • Wall mountable

There are different kinds of power strips and you should know the kind you’re looking for. As a result, you should have good knowledge of the nature of electronic devices you’ll be using. You should be aware of the number of slots you’ll be using the need to protect your appliances from power surges.

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