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Best Projector Screens in 2020 | Wide Display

It’s nothing new to use Projector Screens for projecting things or images onto a display screen. These are commonly used in classrooms, companies and at home. It is the best alternative for Large Screen Television and presentations. However, people get confused about whether to buy a Projector Screen or not.

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Fortunately, if they want to get one, this list helps them to buy the most enchanting Projector Screen within their budget.

Top 10 Best Projector Screens in 2020

10. Elite 85 inch 

Elite 85 inch 

These several series provides the widest possible viewer angles, diffusion uniformity, image color reproduction, and binary contrast.

It includes wood-screws and anchors to use on drywalls.


– Safely and efficiently rolls the screen back into the case.

– It has HDR-ready, 3D screened, and 4K HD with Ultra quality.

– Greenguard and Greenguard GOLD certified

– Good image quality is maintained on this screen.

– Because of the extra drop, it can be mount to the ceiling or can be hidden easily.

– A very suitable size of it makes it easier to use.

– Bow inwards edges of the screen towards the screen distorts panning shots

9. Elite 71 

Elite 71 

This series is a well-made and affordable projector screen that is perfect for ubiquitous applications.

Sturdy Steal Casing in Your Choice of Black or White Finish. Dual Wall or Ceiling Installation is suitable.


– Wide Viewing Angle.

– It has HDR-ready, Active 3D, and 4K HD of ultra quality.

-Black-backed for a bright image.

– Size is quite adjustable and too much suitable for any room

– Have an extra drop.

– The high-quality image is good for this.

– Rippling at the bottom of the screen that creates a problem.

8. Elite 120-Inch 

Elite 120-Inch 

These projector screens are manually operated and are also great for professional video presentations and other uses.

Casing is durable that can be easily installed on any surface.


 -180° angle for wide view

-Has a Gain of 1.1

-Active 3D

-Ultra HD, and HDR

-Black-border mask enriches the quality of picture-contrast

– 1080p resolution has pixels that are about 1/10″ wide.

– Image quality is amazing.

– Edges of the screen distorting panning shots.

7. Elite 100-Inch 

Elite 100-Inch 

It is budget-friendly Manual SRM and an excellent choice for your projection screen needs.

Slow Mechanism of Retraction is great to take control over it.


-Enhanced performance in picture-contrast with Black-border mask

-Black-backed to prevent light penetration or loss

-Greenguard and Greenguard GOLD certified

– Size is very appropriate for room displaying.

– Image quality is great.

– The screen is leaning towards the left or the right.

6. Elite 99-Inch 

Elite 99-Inch 

It has a 4K HD of ultra version and Active 3D Ready FRONT Projection Screen with Black Backing.

Its projector screen is retractable in a sleek way.


– The durable casing.

-Lanyard for easy operation is included.

– Wide Viewing Angle.

– User friendly.

– Rippling at the bottom.

5. Elite 100-Inch 

Elite 100-Inch 

This is an amazing Slow Retract Pull Down Projection Projector Screen.

On your ceiling and the surface of your wall, you can install this durable projector without any worries.


– It has HDR-ready, Active 3D, and 4K HD of modern Ultra version.

– Mildew resistant and easy to clean.

– Easy set-up and takedown

-The soft-close feature is awesome.

– A little bit overpriced.

4. Elite 120-Inch

Elite 120-Inch

This projector screens are perfect in giving a presentation professionally and are great for the ubiquitous environment.

Screen lanyard for easy operation is included.


– It has HDR-ready, Active 3D, and HD.

– Black-border mask enhances picture contrast

– Image quality is good.

– The size is awesome

– Sometimes it ripples.

3. Elite Pro 100-Inch

Elite Pro 100-Inch

This Pro series is operated manually. You can pull down the projection screen in a smooth way and retract it back using an auto mechanism.

Its windscreen is manufactured from MaxWhite Fiberglass FRONT projection screen material.


 – Durable casing.

 – Slow mechanism in retraction

– can use without handle.

– The extra drop is great.

– Image quality is good enough.

– The price is comparatively high.

2. Elite 100-INCH

Elite 100-INCH

 There are varieties of selection options that bring diversity to fulfill your needs. Additionally, it has many options for aspect ratio selection formats.

Most models are available in either white or black.


– Black-border mask improves picture-contrast quality

– Excellent noise ratio reduction

– The soft-close feature is very nice.

– Excellent screen, pull action very good.

– Black spots dot is available.

 1. EasyGo


It has a canvas projection screen that is perfect for any parties, cinema and brings full-excitement and thrill to the environment.

The mega-light movie screen is easy and convenient to set up in 2 minutes.


– Mega lightweight movie screen.

– This mega lightweight projector screen is easily carriable

– Reasonable price.

– Excellent screen, and set up time is very short.

-Not too much big size

To conclude, Projector Screen is an essential equipment for the professionals of every job sector and academic background. Additionally, its compatibility, providing the largest picture size, saving up space, easy installation and low cost will always enlist it as the primary choice for each individual.

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