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Best Razer Mouse Pads in 2020 | Cool Lighting & Design

Razer mouse pads are premium quality and come in with both smooth and hard surfaces. They are designed to convey an exceptional gaming experience. It is tested and confirmed by top gamers to suit the gaming setup. Here we are going to review top 10 Razer all-time favorite mouse pads. Expensive but worth the pay!

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Top 10 Best Razer Mouse Pads in 2020

10. Razer Firefly

Razer Firefly

Enjoy countless RGB lighting customization with the brightest mouse pad. There are 8 million colors and lighting fixtures results for a vibe that perfectly enhances your setup.

It comes in with the thinner, brighter and better design. Turn it up and remove darkness from your game station with the improved and extremely-thin mouse pad designed for superb overall performance.


Customizable RGB lighting, Micro-textured surface, Built-in cable clasp, All-round edge lighting, and Enhanced surface coating.

9. RazerVespula


Two sides usable with one side made of cloth and another a hard base, more advantageous in tracking surfaces, and extra foam for wrist relaxation, so that you get excellent versatility and comfort, all in one.

Perfect for long gaming sessions, comfortable and give both precisions and glide coming from flipping two sides.


Enhanced surfaces for any sensor, thick cloth surface on one side for more accuracy, Firm ‘polycarbonate’ micro-textured quality on another side for more slide, Non-slip silicone rubber base, and Memory foam-filled wrist rest.

8. RazerSphex


Offers both swiftness and control. It is less than half a millimeter thin with an adhesive base.

Scratch and Slit resistant and laboratory tested of having high impact.


Ultra-thin 0.5 mm / 0.02 in the surface, Excellent control, high sensory for both laser and optical mouse and extra-durable polycarbonate finishing.

7. RazerGoliathus Chroma

RazerGoliathus Chroma

It comes with a complete spectrum of 16.8 million color options and customizable every imaginable color shade.

Great responsiveness of sensors.


Offers both speediness and control, Enhanced surface mouse sensory, and Inter-device color synchronization.

6. RazerGoliathus Control

RazerGoliathus Control

The micro-textures on the floor of the RazerGoliathus Control Edition supply the proper quantity of friction to your gaming mouse actions, so you get pixel-particular focused on for absolute in-sport accuracy. The weave also gives a comfortable sense underneath your wrist and hand minimizing fatigue over extended durations of play.

Low sense, high feel, laser or optical sensor, total tracking responsiveness for continually dependable control.


Profoundly coarse texture for accurate mouse control, Pixel-precise steering, and tracing, optimized for all mouse sensors, Very portable cloth-based design, Available in 4 different sizes: small, medium, large, extended.

5. RazerGoliathus Speed

RazerGoliathus Speed

The silky cloth on RazerGoliathus Speed Edition makes your gaming mouse speedily glide through zero predicaments. The weave moreover offers a safe and comfortable rest for wrist and hand, minimizing fatigue over extended durations of play

The high sensors offer great responsiveness for continuously dependable gaming.


Smooth, stretched texture for quick mouse actions, Pixel-precise aiming and trailing, Optimized for all mouse sensors, Very portable, Fabric-based design, it does not wear out, stitched frame, Anti-slide rubber base, and Offered in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, extended

4. RazerGigantus


Big size for better space and movement, made for use in a low sensory setting, designed for removing extra lift and repositioning of the mouse during gameplay.

5mm thick for firmness, reliable mouse movements, smooth movement and stopping power, depression, and elevation resistant for more precision.


Large size for low DPI gameplay, coarse cloth surface for balance concerning speed and control gameplay, thick rubberized base for best comfort and has Anti-fray stitching on RazerGigantus Elite and RazerGigantus Black.

3. Goliathus Mobile

Goliathus Mobile

For hardcore on the go gaming. Slim and flexible for the highest mobility.

Offers both speed and precision made up of superfine micro-texture weave that opts for high sensitivity by both optical and laser mouse.


Textured cloth surface, 1.5mm easy carry mousepad, and rubber base for comfort.

2. Goliathus Chroma Extended Gears

Goliathus Chroma Extended Gears

RGB lighting including gaming banner surface.

Designed with smooth, micro-textured fabric made for swiftness and powerful mouse movement.


Stable for quickness and control playstyles, Elevated surface for all mouse and sensors, and device color harmonization.

1. Goliathus Extended Stormtrooper

Goliathus Extended Stormtrooper

Designed for the tenacious, anti-fraying, stitched frame with rubber base for support.

Very durable with smooth, micro-textured cloth surface for attaining both speed and accuracy to reflect the fast and decisive actions of stormtroopers.


Smooth, stretched texture for quick mouse actions, Pixel-precise aiming and trailing, Boosted for all mouse sensors, Very moveable cloth-based design, Anti-fraying, Stitched frame, and Anti-slip rubber back.

Hope our list of best Razer Mouse Pads will help you to find the one you need!

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