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Best Reception Desks In 2020 | First Impression Matter

From assisting your clients in attending important business queries, a suitable reception desk is all you need to optimize your work and stay on track. As we know, the desk is an essential part and parcel of the décor of hotels, offices, hospitals, and even school counters. Everything you need to manage is put on the desk, and that’s where you can ask for any support that you need. Check out our top ten reception desks list now to find the best suitable for you.

Top 10 Best Reception Desks In 2020

15. OFM Marque Series Reception Station

OFM Marque Series Reception Station

If you’re looking for a reception desk that will become the centerpiece of your reception area, then this is the model you’re looking for. It will create a lasting impression on visitors.

The desk has a silver frame structure with a thermo fused melamine finish. It’s very durable.

  • Easy to assemble
  • The interior desk is 19.75” deep
  • Simple wire management.

14. DFS Reception Desk Shell

DFS Reception Desk Shell

This modern reception desk gives off a cozy vibe to the visitors. So, it’s perfect for greeting guests and customers. It is specifically designed to save more space. You can use the front accent to emboss your company or office logo.

The desk is made of laminate wood with 3mm PVC edge banding. It’s available in a luscious espresso finish.

  • Dimension of 60 x 30 x 44 (H) inches
  • Scratch, water, and stain resistant
  • Desk shell can fit a monitor of up to 15” diameter

13. Linea Italia Curved Reception Desk

Linea Italia Curved Reception Desk

This reception desk easily fits in in modern office lobbies and saloons, due to its contemporary design. Its spacious working area makes it very comfortable to use and makes it a perfect fit for receptionists and secretaries.

Its thermo-fused laminated wood body has a solid metal frame and the top acrylic panel illuminates the desk area. Comes in six different colors.

  • Customized unit design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Equipped with wire routing notch

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12. Alera ALEVA327236ES Valencia Series Espresso Reception Desk

Alera ALEVA327236ES Valencia Series Espresso Reception Desk

This beautifully designed reception desk is the option you’re looking for if want to save money. You can turn this affordable desk into an L shaped workstation by combining it with a reversible reception.

The rectangular-shaped desk is made of top-quality woodgrain laminate, polished by an espresso finish.

  • 3 mm edge protective branding to protect damage from bumps
  • Equipped with two cable grommets
  • Easy to assemble
  • Features bow shaped transaction counter

11. Linea Italia Curved Reception Desk

Linea Italia Curved Reception Desk

This aesthetically pleasing desk seamlessly blends in with any office décor. It’s particularly suitable for lobbies with less space. It also helps to create a professional atmosphere.

The curved desk is made of thermo-fused laminated wood and has a strong metal frame, and comes in six different colors.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Customizable
  • Dimension of 72” W x 32” L x 46”H

10. DIR Reception Desks

DIR Reception Desks

An elegant addition to any space you want it to fit in, this desk is easy to assemble and is super instant to work with. The white embellishment with a durable painted surface serves a great outlook.

Besides being sleek and glossy, this desk has a fantastic addition to an LED lighting system. It has a lockable drawer with a large working space.

  • Keyboard style drawers with extra safety
  • Stellar paint finishing with built-in metal legs

9. REVIVAL-I Office Desk Counter

REVIVAL-I office desk counter 

This desk stands out with its stylish vintage design and luxurious structure, amidst everything in the room. It’s a statement reception desk that is wrapped with wooden pallets.

Crafted with Victorian details and beautifully carved legs, this desk is designed with sophisticated shapes, having the desk finish round the corners.

  • The Attached LED illuminated lightning
  • Comes with two large storage cabinets and drawers

8. Esquire Glass Top Reception Desk

Esquire Glass Top Reception Desk 

A simple, workable design that is very affordable and comes with a high-quality furnish. You can’t go wrong with this one. Esquire glass provides a professional structure with a modern flair.

A solid laminate design and a driftwood finish give off a refined professional appearance that is equally great for any workplace. It has a 25’thick glass top that adds an elementary furnish to the desk.

  • Comes with two grommet holes with wires and cord
  • The floating glass top on the counter for adding assistance to the desk

7. Led Illuminated Reception Desk

Led Illuminated Reception Desk

This product is a ready-made meteor black reception desk that provides full support to the small working area. It’s durable and is easy to fit.

The high gloss surface with a large working dent has an excellent illumination system with a built-in LED lighting design.

  • Keyboard slide-out storage and lock drawers
  • Durable laminate surface
  • Tow level shape with large cabinets

6. LED Illuminated Curved Reception Desks

LED Illuminated Curved Reception Desks

A curved shaped desk that is minimalistic and very stylish. It’s a desk that can suit a salon and spa area or even a new office area.

It’s already assembled, so it’s super easy to install. The high glossy surface and white LED lights are a profound inclusion.

  • Comes with shelves with storage cabinets
  • Lockable drawers available
  • LED lights attached both on top and at the base of the desk

5. DIR All-Purpose Reception Desks

DIR All-Purpose Reception Desks

A beautiful and modern designed reception desk that comes with a large counter and comfortable space is indeed an excellent choice for anyone starting to set their workspace up.

With two color options to choose from, this product is built with front glass panels for an elegant outlook and an LED lighting system.

  • Lockable drawers
  • Tempered frosted glass panels
  • Four inbuilt cabinets

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4. DIR Beauty Salon Reception Desk

DIR Beauty Salon Reception Desk

The cute podium style counter is a favorite and fitting for every beauty salon. It has an illuminated LED front panel and tackles all the queries in style.

It’s a small-sized reception desk with a glossy finish, wooden construction, and built-in storage.

  • Workable added storage
  • Frosted glass panel

3. Esquire Glass Top Laminate Desk

Esquire Glass Top Laminate desk 

You cannot go wrong with a polished mahogany desktop. It’s a high-end desk with a long-lasting laminate and a curvature end.

The kick plates and the silver accents add much value to the desktop’s full stature. It is scratch resistant and has a neat style.

  • Comes with a floating glass top
  • Super easy to assemble

2. Compass Four Person Reception Desks

Compass Four Person Reception Desks

This desk is a dynamic creation with a walnut stone laminate that is very suitable for any hospital, office, and other professional working space. Four people can work in this single desk having their respective large areas.

Fine wood furnished half-circle designed desktop is something you’d prefer over non-spacious desktops. It has a fully furnished glass panel with silver accents. The counter surface is resistant to spills, scratches, and stains.

  • Strong base
  • Generous counter and cabinet space
  • Compass quad shaped.

1.OFM Core Collection Reception Desks

OFM Core Collection Reception Desks

With great features and a reasonable budget, you’d get everything and more with this reception station. It’s a durable choice that comes with a very contemporary and soothing style.

Keeping durability and safety in mind, this model was created with a sturdy steel frame with a melamine finish that is thermo-infused. You do not need extra tools to assemble the desktop.

  • Comes with wire management cutouts
  • Extended counter space
  • Comes with two extra side tables
  • Contains an interior desk surface.

The desk reception station is one of the most important places to hold your business and service firmly. A suitable desk station optimizes productivity and helps service providers work inconvenience. Any of the reception mentioned above reception stations is much recommended to align with your working space.

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