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Best RGB Mouse Pads in 2020 | Improve Your Games

An RGB mouse pad is the ultimate piece of the puzzle for a complete RGB gaming setup. We will be reviewing 10 best RGB mouse pads from the market today according to public choice. The 3 essential factors of a mouse pad are fabric, thickness, and length which allows more comfort and efficiency.

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Top 10 Best RGB Mouse Pads for 2020

10. SteelSeriesQcK RGB Prism

SteelSeriesQcK RGB Prism

The SteelSeriesQcK Prism is an excellent gaming mouse pad of all time, it comes with many sizes and designs to select from. It is 4mm thick which is neither heavy nor too thick.

Top choice for sports gear for nearly 2 decades, therefore, it is the best.


It has discord notifications which are customizable discord chat notifications. It also has game alerts, audio visualizer that syncs up your music to the lighting via the use of the audio visualizer engine app. PrismSync is dynamic RGB light that syncs with all SteelSeries Prism-enabled products.

9. Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

There are two surface alternatives to pick from, one is hard another is made of fabric, but only a single medium length. 5mm thick setting which is on the heavier side, heavy pads help address rough surface.

It has RGB backlighting in 15 zones with every area being customizable, this unlocks almost many color combinations. Its only downside is that it has a USB hub connector that can get in the way of your mouse wire.


There are 6 lighting fixtures to select from as well as a static mode and the lighting link setting. The lights link permits you to sync up your lights with other RGB Corsair merchandise, like your mouse or keyboard for instance. There’s a USB port for connection.

8. SteelSeriesQcK Surface- XL RGB Prism Cloth

SteelSeriesQcK Surface- XL RGB Prism Cloth

Ideal for more pace with added precision. More texture experience can be added through the flip of the mousepad as it has dual texture.

Designed with ambiance and comfort. Width is 35” and 11 inches in length and is considered as the largest.


Dual textured, smooth, RGB LED lighting effects that can be adjusted with the PC and the software, large surface for the desktop, and soft pad in the center.

7. RazerGoliathus Chroma

RazerGoliathus Chroma

It is a smooth cloth pad with two sizes to select from, standard and wide, both sizes have a medium thickness of 3mm and it additionally has three distinctive designs, matte black, mercury white, quartz, purple, and gray.

It is optimized for all sensitivity settings and sensors. You will have tracking responsiveness for reliable in-sport control.


Simple and chic, large surface, rubber bottom for grasp and accuracy, and easy on hand and wrist.

6. Cooler Master MP860

Cooler Master MP860

Each pad has a different floor, one being cloth and another aluminum. It available in medium-size and comes with an octagon shape. The wire is great and unobtrusive so it does not intervene with your mouse cable.

The RGB lighting has some choices to pick from, along with cycle, wave, stars, marquee, and custom. You can also sync up the lighting fixtures with different RGB Cool Products, which include a keyboard or mouse.


Low-friction material for pace, and aluminum for control, 19 LEDs decorate the borders.

5. Razer Firefly Chroma

Razer Firefly Chroma

It is a medium-sized pad with surface alternatives to choose from, cloth or hard base. Instead of getting a lights strip along the rims of the pad, the Firefly is lit up from beneath, this offers it an extra diffused impact.

 Razer Chroma gives extra personalization options with 16.8 million colors and customizable lighting effects through Razer Synapse. It is designed for hard gaming, customizable Chroma RGB Lighting which is 14″x10″. It is ideal for faster mouse movements and has a non-slip rubber base.


The Razer Firefly is a hard, micro-textured surface for the right balance between precision and speed.

4. RazerGoliathus Extended Chroma Mousepad

RazerGoliathus Extended Chroma Mousepad

Excellent lighting that syncs with any devices. Massive 16 million and more color combinations.

The surface of Goliathus is made up of texture cloth. It offers pace and easy control. Ensures high-performance gaming with stable rubber bottom.


Smooth textured cloth, slip-resistant, foamy rubber for stability, great chroma lighting that can easily be integrated to create interesting light effects, and cable charging technology.

3. RGB World Map Gaming Mouse Pad

RGB World Map Gaming Mouse Pad

It has 14 dynamic lights modes which include, gradient and flash. This mouse pad requires no software or drivers, it is simply plugged, all the settings and effects are managed via one button.

Anti-slip, firm grip, allows great precision is a good budget RGB mouse for value.


Extended RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, Extra Large Gaming Mouse Mat for Gamer, and Waterproof Mat.

2. Redragon RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

Redragon RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

This is a top-notch desire for every person seeking out an RGB mouse pad on a budget. It has a tough water-resistant floor and is handiest to be had in a medium size. The RGB strip goes across the entire pad, even the small Redragon logo has backlighting

It has 12 light modes and is great value for money. There is no software required to use this pad, all of the settings can be adjusted the use of the two buttons on the pinnacle


Rainbow effect, Non-slip, Water-proof, and Cheap.

1. LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

Backlit effect, 11 lighting modes having 7 static modes and 4 dynamic modes. Large enough to fit your desktop. It gives a good stand for e-gaming.

Eliminates unwanted movement, Durable, Water-resistant.


Extended Large (31.5X 11.8in), Shining Led, Non-Slip Rubber Base.

If you are a hard gamer you will need these RGB mouse pads. They provide a long-lasting mousepad built for seasoned level gaming. Thus, set your table aflame with one of these top 10 RGB mouse pads!

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