What You Need To Know About Ring Peephole Smart Bell

For someone who resides alone or is just in need of more peace of mind, getting a smart bell or a smart camera for your front door can be a worthy purchase. It gives you a better way of seeing what is going on outside your apartment and these bells more often than not come with added nifty little extra features. Today we are taking an in-depth look at the Ring Peephole Smart Bell camera from Ring. Ring’s products have always been about simplicity and performance without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money.

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The Ring Peephole is a good way to get some advanced functionalities in your house, especially for the front door. It is easy to set up and use. Let’s get started with the box contents and installation process.

Ring Peephole Smart Bell Review

Ring Peephole Doorbell Smart Bell


The box is quite good with tasteful graphics and some product descriptions and mentions of all the features that you get with this smart bell. More on this a bit later on the review.

Opening the box, you are presented with a cleanly put together display of everything you need to get you started. You have the Ring sticker – this does not serve and functional purpose and is just more just a sticker with Ring branding.

You got the two-part Ring smart bell. The silver and black unit goes outside your door and you get a white plastic piece that is meant to be mounted on the inside of your door.

Next up, you get the connector that will link the outer and inside parts. Plus, a tool to get you set up. Inside the box, there is also a thoughtful addition of an adapter that lets you mount your Ring Peephole cam if your normal peephole on the door is too big.

Apart from these you ofc get the usual charger and battery. The battery is rechargeable. A special thing we like about Ring products, most of their doorbell products use the same battery. So, these are pretty versatile.

Effortless Set-Up

Ring Peephole Doorbell Smart Bell

Setting up this smart bell is as effortless as it can. There is no need to deal with excessive annoying wires or electrical tools. Here is how you get this installed.

Step 1

First up, it is always a good idea to charge the battery before you install it. You can’t be really too sure about how much charge the battery has out of the box. As mentioned before, this is a rechargeable battery – there is not need to worry about the charge capacity.

Step 2

After you have done that, you will need to take out your old peephole to replace it with this awesome digital one. This Ring bell gives you a tool to do exactly that. Take the existing peephole on your door out and just gives the area a little clean before you go on about installing this Ring smart one to get rid of any excess paint that might be on there.

Step 3

After you have removed your existing peephole from both sides of the door, insert the front portion of the Ring Peephole camera and the tube from the outside and push it flush against the door. This where you also might want to check if you need the included adapter. If your peephole is large, the included adapter is there to ensure you get a snug fit.

Note that there is a sticker on the doorbell button, you should remove this sticker for it operates optimally and so that the motion detection works. Now come back inside and set up the indoor assembly. This brings us to step 4.

Step 4

Before installing the indoor assembly take the cover off and carefully slide it on to the tube also flush to the door. Keep in mind that the outer assembly also needs to be flush as well. Check to see the outer assemble didn’t get pushed out.

Step 5

Get the connector cable and gently take it out through the tube till you do not feel any sag. After that tighten it with the help of the tightening nut. Place the cable into the port on the indoor assembly.

Step 6

Secure the cable by guiding it with the help of the arrow and slide it down. After that insert the battery. Install the ring app and set it up, once you are done just put the cover back on and you’re all done. It’s as easy as that.

Smart Security

With this smart bell, you get a sharp 1080p camera that lets you see if someone is at the door from anywhere. You can also speak to them. The built-in motion sensors can focus on what you deem important.

The Ring Peephole will even notify you on your phone if someone presses the doorbell making sure you never miss anything.

The smart features do not end here. You get Alexa support too; this lets you see who is at the front door when someone rings the bell. You can record for 60 days and review the footage to check and see if there is something you missed.

We would have loved for it to come with a basic amount of cloud storage without you having to pay extra, but given how versatile and this smart bell is, this minor issue can be overlooked.

All in all, we are fairly impressed by the Ring Peephole smart bell. The security and smart features work flawlessly and the ease of installation is just the cherry on top of what already is a great package. The combination of all these together is what really sets it apart from the rest and. Having robust security at home is a no-brainer for someone who wants some peace of mind and is looking to bump up their security without having to spend all too much.

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