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The reason why smart locks have been invented is that you can lose a key easily. It is the hospitality industry that first realized that it was a very real possibility. There are quite a few ways by which a thief can bypass locks. So, to counter this situation, the concept of a smart lock had been developed.

A smart lock is a solution to some problems you may regularly face. If there is a teenager in your house looking to break the curfew, just change the lock. So, are you looking to buy a smart lock, given the benefits? In that case, here is a list of the best smart locks to buy from:

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Top 10 Best Smart Locks of 2020

1. KwiksetPremis


Premis features a numeric keypad on the outer part with the keyed lock. It does not have an industrial look but is incredibly durable.

The setup for Premis has some similarities with Kevo but smoother than it. Premis locks allow you to limit the access codes, be it time or date.


The administrator can use a Bluetooth connection for controlling the smart lock. Premis locks are compatible with the HomeKit.

2. August Smart Lock Third Generation

August Smart Lock Third Generation

Augusts’ new smart lock is slim and tall, unlike its predecessors. It is bound to work well on a door that has glazed panels. It contains a sensor that lets the administrator know if the door is open or closed.

The design for this smart lock allows you to install it on top of the conventional door lock, and it includes a sensor for the smart lock to observe the door and notify the administrator.


There is a mobile app by August Smart Lock which instructs the user throughout the installation process. It also comprises of auto-unlock and virtual key features.

3. Schlage Sense

Schlage Sense

Schlage provides an industrial appearance for this smart lock and its inner escutcheon is eight inches in height. The lock contains a commercial-grade certification as well.

Schlage completely enables the HomeKit with this smart lock. This makes it easy for Apple TV users to observe the lock from a remote location. The design is not compatible with an Android device.


There is an auto-lock system within this smart lock. There is an app that allows you to use auto-lock features. It also contains an alarm system that will sound off in case of forced entry.

4. Nest X Yale

Nest X Yale

Nest X Yale exudes elegance with satin nickel and polished brass for the outer part of the lock. The lock is powered by four AA batteries that usually have a shelf-life of 12 months.

The lock contains a stunning design. Keypads are quite smooth even though they are a heavyweight touch screen. There is also a spring-loaded pin as part of its mechanism but, it does carry high standards in general.


The keypad for this product is quite modern. It comes with the auto-lock feature which will activate as soon as some time has passed. This smart lock is compatible with Google Home.

5. August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro has an appearance similar to the first August Smart Lock. So, users can expect to see the silvery hockey puck. There is an additional device that connects the Bluetooth-only lock with the Wi-Fi network.

August consists of DoorSense for its latest versions. The design went through few changes to integrate DoorSence which allows August to know if the door is open or closed.


The app is easy to install and it integrates with HomeKit, Google Assistant, etc. DoorSense does not close the door if it remains open for a certain amount of time.

6. Yale Assure SL

Yale Assure SL

Yale’s smart lock seems tiny in comparison with other locks. It is also very slim with a rectangular shape. The look for Assure SL is quite futuristic.

The design is a little complex. There is very little hardware on the front part of the smart lock. The rest of the hardware is placed towards the back part, featuring the manual latch. The sight of it can seem hideous but, it will not show on the front part.


Assure SL stores 25 pin codes. These codes can last from 4-digits to 8-digits. When you connect it to a hub, the number increases to 250.

7. KwiksetKevo Convert

KwiksetKevo Convert

Kevo Convert works by changing the subsisting deadbolt to a Bluetooth-connection based smart lock. The interior part of the deadbolt is removed to make way for the Kevo Convert.

The smart lock depends partly on the subsisting hardware. So, the quality varies with each installation.


This smart lock from Kwikset is compatible with standard applets. If the door is left open, the app will let you know through an email.

8. Schlage Encode

Schlage Encode

The Schlage Encode can be found in the market with several finishes and edges. It comes with a metal keyhole for old-fashioned customers.

Schlage offers a lot of models, each having a unique design. There is a conventional Camelot trim and also a sleek, rectangular trim which is more modernistic in design. No matter which design you like, the quality remains the same and delivers a solid performance.


The smart lock allows users to remotely monitor their homes. It is compatible with third-party apps, such as Amazon Key.

9. Ultraloq U-bolt Pro

Ultraloq U-bolt Pro

Ultraloq has come up with a very precise and clean smart lock. There are six ways to unlock the device, each different from the other.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro has a low-profile design, but high-profile performance.


It has rubber number buttons and a companion app. If you buy the Ultraloq Bridge, you can use its remote controlling features.

10. Array by Hampton Connected Door Lock

Array by Hampton Connected Door Lock

The Array is a clever smart lock that has a perfectly concealed keypad. There is a solar panel as well.

The Array comes with two 5,200mAh rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. This smart lock contains a sliding panel design and a physical keypad to enter the e-code.


The Array comes with an app for iOS and Android devices alike. Users can remotely monitor and unlock it through the app.

To conclude, there are a few important features to look for in a good smart lock. The smart locks above have these features and make for a very smart investment for your home.

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