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Best Tall Vases for Your Home in 2020 | Organized Your Flowers

For a perfect ambiance, we prefer flowers over anything. So why not choose the perfect vases for them? Or how about a tall and posh-looking vase for the guests to get jealous? Here’s a little idea about all kinds of tall vases.

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Top 10 Best Tall Vases for Your Home in 2020

10. Ufengke Plum Blossom Floor Vase

Ufengke Plum Blossom Floor Vase

If you want to add a vase for your humble abode to sing, this handmade decorative vase is just the thing you’ve been looking for. A utensil derived from mandarin culture, the attractive part is that it is one of the famous traditional crafts of Jiangxi Province.

The ceramic vase has an overall dimension of 18.9”×8.27”. A beautiful light yellow shade color comprises its body giving off an elegant glow.


Porcelain Ceramic

– Suitable for office, living room, study even gift

– Plum brings a beautiful mood

– Attractive looking that will suit anywhere

9. CYS EXCEL Hand Blown – Black Cylinder Vase

CYS EXCEL Hand Blown – Black Cylinder Vase

The perfect centerpiece for a wedding, birthday or dinner with the boss, the CYS EXCEL is a handmade simple yet elegant glass vase. Although sleek and delicate, the vase can be supplemented with floral design.

It is a cylinder vase formed of molten black glass and is 26” tall.



– Versatile uses

– Scratch resistant surface

– Slim and elegant

– Suitable for all sorts of decoration.

8. Aluminum Molten Vase

Aluminum Molten Vase

A modest yet classy vase and made of aluminum. Perfect to be used for gifts, decoration even for candle light dinner events!

Made of aluminum, a silver texture is seen in this vase. If your kids try sticking metal to it, best to remind them that it’s not magnetic. The height of this vase is 16”.


– Durable

– Suitable for lawn, patio

Designed to be used as decor accent.

7. Stonebriar


This is a beach inspired wooden vase. It’s strongly recommended it as it will enhance home décor instantly. The wave pattern gives an ocean like view, perfect to buy before weekend at Bernie’s.

It is a wooden vase and is pale ocean blue (an uncommon color). It has a height of about 15.9”.


Perfect sized accent piece.

– Suitable for housewarming parties, Christmas

Wooden but really light weight.

6. Hosley Metal Vase

Hosley Metal Vase

This is a metallic vase with handles on both sides emitting a rustic yet incredibly soothing look. You might often see them used in spa centers. This company promotes neutral carbon footprint. I’m definitely buying this.

It is a metallic vase that is black in color and is 26” in height. Perfect for you if you want tall vases!


Made from raw materials which cause minimum wastage

– Can be recycled

– It’s the right décor with or without greenery addition.

5. XoticBrands African Wildlife Giraffe Sculpture

XoticBrands African Wildlife Giraffe Sculpture

This artistic piece pays homage to a truly unique animal. This can be a true masterpiece for a contemporary gallery. But it gives me traditional vibes.

It is hand-cast in quality with a burnished bronze finish. The casting is done in designer resin.


Durable and attractive

– A true piece of art

– Has a glossy bronze finish.

4. Lenox Sea-view Sand Tulip Vase

Lenox Sea-view Sand Tulip Vase

This vase has a strange swirling pattern of sand and storms making it so different. With or without flowers, it is sophisticated. It’s quite suitable for gifts.

It is crafted of non-lead crystal and is 10” in height. It comes in a range of 6 colors.


Minor cosmetic imperfection on top, bottom or sides making it unique

– Looks great in other floral arrangements

– Swirls with different colors

Vibrant and beautifies any occasion.

3. Tosnail Candelabra Vase

Tosnail Candelabra Vase

This one is quite different from the rest. The elegant gold finish truly satisfies the insatiable thirst of having a complete home. It can be used as a vase and also a candle holder.

Coming in a set of two, each of the stands is almost 20” tall and is made of metal. This candelabrum is a solid and heavy plastic base.


– Great for celebrations

– Works great as wedding centerpieces

– Can be used as a vase, for candles and also led candles.

2. Efavormat Tapered Cylinder Vase

Efavormat Tapered Cylinder Vase

The Efavormat’s uniqueness lies in the component of the handcrafted crystal. These are ingenious for making stunning centerpieces and also for succulent display.

Premium quality crystal glass has been used to make this vase. The height is 31” making it ridiculously tall.


– Stylish design and classic outlook

Perfect for all floral arrangements and display.

1. Elements Embossed Metal Decorative Vase

Elements Embossed Metal Decorative Vase

Embossed metal harlequin vase is perfect for any place. The color combination is so bold that it gives metallic vibes anywhere. With its overpowering design it adds a bold statement wherever it is placed.

Metal is uniquely crafted in its making. It is a 17” vase with bold color combination.


– Has a lovely embossed floral pattern

It is very light weight.

Each vase is flawless to a home and as you can see, they will definitely transform the look of your home from a messy house to an elegant one. Hope you’ll be able to find the one you need from our list of top 10 tall vases.

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