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Best Touchscreen Pens in 2020 | Driving To Digital World

Everything we were accustomed to doing by Pen and Paper are now making its way into the digital world. And Touchscreen Pens, which is commonly known as a Stylus, has undoubtedly contributed to easing the transformation. Artists are now doing their marvelous artworks right on a tab, and selling it online – all using a touchscreen pen.

To help you find the best stylus for your work, we have created a list consisting of the all-round best touchscreen pens or styluses on the market. Have a look at them:

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Top 10 Touchscreen Pens in 2020

10. Kimwood Surface Pen

Kimwood Surface Pen

For starters, this digital pen is Microsoft Certified with 1024 pressure points. This means, this is not only an ideal Pen for Surface, but also for any Windows Touch tablets or laptops by any vendors, including Asus ZenBook or Dell XPS!

An elegant Pen, available in Ash color, it has two buttons on the body; one works as an eraser while the other is for right clicks.

  • Palm Rejection Enabled.
  • Tilt to shade in Surface.
  • Priced at $34.99

9. Lenovo Active Capacity Pens

Lenovo Active Capacity Pens

Lenovo has been making lots of cool touchscreen laptops and tabs lately; their Yoga and Miix series has been quite a hit. And precisely for these devices, they have rolled out the Active Capacity Pens.

Lenovo went with a very straight forward design. The pen features a red tip with black metal unibody and a pocket clip attached. Besides, it also has a pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels.

  • 2 reprogrammable side buttons.
  • Palm rejection technology.
  • Priced at $28.99

8. FOJOJO Active Stylus

FOJOJO Active Stylus 

A comparatively newer device, introduced in mid-2019, FOJOJO has manufactured a digital pencil, especially for newer (2018-2020) iPad models.

It features a very plain pencil-like design. The Stylus can be found in 2 colors, black and white. Apart from the 1.2mm carbon fiber nib, it has a Type-C charging port and a LED indicator.

  • 20 Hours continuous working time.
  • 12 Month service warranty.
  • Priced at $36.99

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7. Evach Active Stylus

Evach Active Stylus 

Though this universal compatible stylus has been in the market for some time, it still supports the majority of the newer devices.

A futuristic look, we must say, it comes in a Pure White anodized aluminum body with a generous sized oval-shaped blue LED indicator and a metal mesh designed fabric tip.

  • 2-in-1 design, both tip, and nib give functionality.
  • Adjustable Elastic Fine Tip.
  • Priced at $30.99

6. Digiroot Universal Disc Stylus

Digiroot Universal Disc Stylus 

Digiroot went on to make a universal stylus that supports all platforms. Rather than featuring a Point Nib, they used a transparent Disc Nib. Apart from the disc nib, the pen implicates a typical Pen. It has got rubber above the nib for better gripping and also a protective cap. They offer the pen in 7 colors.

  • 30 Days refund with 1 Year Replacement warranty.
  • 2-in-1 Functionality.
  • Starts from $10.99

5. Pony Stylus Pen

Pony Stylus Pen 

Coming in a leather case, Pony Stylus Pen is another universal digital pen that supports almost all the new devices of all platforms. The pen is available in 4 color options. It is a cylinder-shaped aluminum body along with an absorbable hat.

  • 2-way functionality.
  • Hidden chamber to store extra nib.
  • Starts from $12.99

4. Bargains Depot 2-in-1 Stylus

Bargains Depot 2-in-1 Stylus

Bargains Depot has brought a different edition of stylus. Instead of using ballpoint tips or disc tips, they have used rubber tips.

The aluminum barrel comes in 2 colors, silver, and white, while the rubber tips come only in black color. Since both the end features the same type of tip without the cap, the pen looks just like a pencil sharpened at both ends!

  • Anti-Scratches, Anti-Fingerprints, Anti-Smudge.
  • 2-in-1 Functionality.
  • Starts from $6.98

3. Mixoo Stylus

Mixoo Stylus

This one is the best-selling touchscreen pen on Amazon. Featuring both disc nib and fiber mesh tip, this is one of the best bargains. Mixoo Stylus comes in six different color options. It has got a stylish protective cap, along with a Rubber grip.

  • 2-in-1 Functionality.
  • No charging or battery required.
  • Costs $10.99

2. Apple Pencil – 2nd Generation

Apple Pencil - 2nd Generation

The name alone says it all! This works on all iPads after 3rd Generation. A plain, simple yet elegant looking Pencil in signature white color, it is the most comfortable and accurate digital pen out there. Not to mention, the Apple Pencil logo etched at the top.

  • Charges magnetically directly from the iPad.
  • 2 sensors on the tip.
  • A whopping $124.98.

1. JamJake Upgrade Stylus Pen

JamJake Upgrade Stylus Pen

Coming to the market at the end of 2019, JamJake has taken over the industry by storm. It has an impressive 4.8* rating on Amazon and is termed as the best digital pen for the money.

The design takes after the Apple Pencil with a white unibody, but it has a Type-C charging port and a capacitive cap button. JamJake’s 2nd Gen stylus pen takes after the Apple Pencil in quality too! It feels right and comfortable and also is very sensitive and accurate – great to sketch, draw, or even take notes on the iPad.

  • Palm Rejection Technology.
  • Precise, Smooth, along with 365 days standby time.
  • Excellent customer service with 18 months warranty.
  • Priced at $39.99

Note that, not all touchscreen pens are compatible with all digitizer supported devices, as there is a difference in the technology. So, please make sure to check the compatibility list. In this article, we have featured Digital Pens from all the categories so that you can choose the perfect one right from here.

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