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Best Tower Speakers in 2020 | Music Reach Every Corner of Your House!

With the advancement of technology, things are getting more user-friendly and compact. That said, to keep pace with the changing demands of the time, the sound industry, tower speakers, in particular, has gone through a massive transformation over the past few decades.

Whether you are an audiophile or good-music and movie freak, you cannot simply think of just having a random speaker because it is not just about sound, it is also the other facets a speaker comes with. For your convenience, we have crafted a list comprising of some best of the best tower speakers.

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Top 10 Best Tower Speakers in 2020

1. Pioneer SP-FS52

Pioneer SP-FS52 - Tower Speakers

The pioneer SP-FS52 is one of the affordable speakers with high-quality sound-producing features. Many people chose it over other speakers especially when it comes to building a home theater.

Andre Jones directly led the stylish design and quality of this product and demonstrated his craftsmanship. From colors to weight, it took into consideration so many things.


– It has RF molded curved cabinets

– Soft dome tweeter

– 4-5 inches woofer

-Complex Crossover

– Affordable price rate

– Quick shipment facility

– Great bass

– Compatible with numerous devices

– Highs sound quality could be improved.

2. Polk Audio Speaker (Monitor 70 Series II)

Polk Audio Speaker (Monitor 70 Series II) - Tower Speakers

Polk came under limelight back in the mid-1970s, and they have gone through several phases of upgradation. It is well-known to many for both- high-quality sound and outstanding appearance.

Its designer demonstrated an unwavering commitment towards its look and features. The speakers have been guarded with magnets to prevent sound distortion. Its outstanding bass and superior audio are what dragged it to the favorite list.


– Better durability because of its sturdy construction

– It got a stylish appearance that fits any modern interior

– Finished with wood grains

– Equipped with balance drivers for reducing distortion

– No sound distortion

– Reasonable price

– Full sound delivery

– Packaging could be more professional.

3. Polk T50 150 Watt

Polk T50 150 Watt - Tower Speakers

One of the most multi-functional speakers by Polk that meets your demand with all the time-befitting features at an affordable rate.

When it comes to appearance, it is simply elegant. The size of this tower speaker is designed in a way that that would be suitable irrespective of the space size.


– Embedded with top-notch features

– Balance technology is quite dynamic

– Black colored

– Highly compatible with most devices

-Controlled bass system

– Affordable price rate

– Sleek look

– Easily movable due to lightweight

– Overall quality can be measured as average.

4. Sony Single Floor-Standing Speaker (3-Way)

Sony Single Floor-Standing Speaker (3-Way) - Tower Speakers

Sony has always been topped in the list for many years now due to its well-researched features. It offers versatile usages and is easily movable due to its lightness.

Due to its color, black, it suits both interior and exterior placement. Besides, due to its durability, it will serve you the best sound for many days.


– Top-notch crossover networks

– Black color

– Premium construction quality

– Super tweeter

-The Mids are vibrant and clear

– Perfect size

– Impressive sound-quality without overpowering bass

– Looks stylish

– Could arise some issues regarding loud amplifiers.

5. Samsung 2015 Model Sound Tower (TW-J5500)

Samsung 2015 Model Sound Tower (TW-J5500) - Tower Speakers

When you set preference about the top-notice quality sound, look nowhere else other than this flagship product. Its unique features are what set it apart from the above-mentioned tower speakers.

It is easily connectable to any audio source. and it is also equipped with high-functional features that produce deep bass and accurate highs.


– It has a 2.2 channel sound

– Appearance is sleek and elegant

– It has HDMI

– Remote control feature and Bluetooth option

– No clipping or distorting sound

– Remote control and Bluetooth facility

– Stylish looking

– Could produce loud sound with TV.

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6. Onkyo’s Tower Speaker (SKF-4800) 

Onkyo’s Tower Speaker (SKF-4800) - Tower Speakers

It has all the premium features to easily take the quality of the sound to the next level. Due to its maximum power input capacity, it can deliver a very soothing sound. Thus, everyone who once used this tower speaker tends to stay with it.

Excellent construction with all the necessary features needed to deliver detail sound in the long run. This one is space-saving and stylish to look at.


– Twin woofer

– Appearance is sleek and the color is black

– MDF stabilizer

-space saving

– Reasonable price and well-designed

– Quality of the build is commendable

– Sounds are clear and crisp

– The base is somewhat average.

7. Polk Audio Monitor

Polk Audio Monitor - Tower Speakers

Again, at this position, we have to put another tower speaker from Polk 60 Series II. With a wallet-friendly price tag, it offers all the modern features necessary to deliver high-end and detailed sound for your theater.

It is built with care and considerations. Thus its look and features are very lovable to the audiophile and sound enthusiast.


– Premium construction quality

– Tweeter and woofer equipped

– Elegant look

– Reasonable price

– Great highs and mids

– Good for watching movie and gaming activities

– Bass quality could be better.

8. Pyle PA Speaker

Pyle PA Speaker

This Passive Speaker System of Pyle is loud! A very well-built speaker incorporated with modern features is good for a variety of parties and gatherings.

Carefully designed with best quality lights, sounds, shapes and look.


– Built-in lights

– RCA cables

– Two subwoofers and tweeters

– Bluetooth

– Loud and deep bass

– Good for parties and laptop usages

– Packaging could be improved.

9. Aperion Audio Novus 5.0.2

Aperion Audio Novus 5.0.2 - Tower Speakers

It produces excellent quality sounds both for music and most sonically soundtrack.

It has got a strong physical appearance and comes with two colors- stealth black and pure white


– Weight: 27 pounds

– Has outrigger feet

– 1-inch tweeter

– Great value for money

– Clear and detailed sounding

– Deep bass is limited

10. JBL Stage A170

JBL Stage A170 - Tower Speakers

The JBL Stage A170 is one of the quite defined and capable types of tower speakers that just produce awesome sound with no distortion. It simply produces raw sound.

It comes with a compact size and professional look.


– Tall: 37 inches

– 2 bass ports

– 2 woofers

– Dynamic sound

– Reasonably priced

– Finish options are limited

Finally, if you care about sounds, this list should help you look no further to select the best tower speaker for your house. They followed contemporary designs and are equipped with all the premium features, which will produce more enjoyable and livelier sound. A good body of research established the positive casualty between sound and mood. Therefore, when you choose the best tower speakers, you should choose to pick the best one amid the innumerable speakers in the market.

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