Best TV Brackets In 2021 | Wall-Mounting TV Extension

Best TV Brackets In 2021 | Wall-Mounting TV Extension

Buying the right TV bracket is as important as buying the TV itself. You can think of the bracket as an extension of the TV. Most people prefer wall-mounting their flat-screen TVs since they can save a lot of space. A strong TV bracket keeps your TV firmly in place. Before you come home with a TV bracket, check if it’s compatible with the wall in your house. Many brackets require extra tools to mount the TV on a concrete wall.

You should also consider seeking professional help instead of mounting the TV yourself if you don’t have enough experience in the matter. The TV is quite fragile and if the bracket fails to stick to the wall properly, the TV can come crashing down on the floor. We have listed 10 of the best TV brackets below so you can rest easy about picking one.

Top 10 TV Brackets In 2021

10. Monoprice Stable Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

Monoprice Stable Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

Suitable for almost any 37 to 70-inch TV, this bracket keeps the TV within 1.8-inches of the wall. The bracket allows the TV to be tilted 10-degree downward which makes it perfect for not just households but commercial or store settings as well.

  • Weight capacity of 165lbs
  • Universal VESA pattern mounting
  • 10-degree tilt adjustments
  • Suitable for all wall types

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9. Peerless ST650P Tilt Wall Mount

Peerless ST650P Tilt Wall Mount 

This bracket is suitable for TVs that are 37 to 75-inches. The smooth tilting setting allows you to adjust the TV as you need to get the perfect viewing angle. Once you find the optimum tilt angle, you can easily lock the TV in place.

  • Made from solid metal
  • One-touch tilt adjustment
  • Up to 150lbs of weight capacity
  • Pre-assembled

8. Sanus Systems Vmpl50A-B1

Sanus Systems Vmpl50A-B1 

This budget TV bracket can hold your TV 2-inches away from the wall. The mount can take up to 130lbs of weight which generally means a 70-inch TV. Because of the rail design in the bracket, the TV can be shifted left from right even after installation.

  • Can fit from 32 to 70-inches TV
  • 12-degree virtual axis tilt for convenience
  • Height adjustments can be made post-installation
  • Universally compatible mounting pattern

7. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 

The bracket can extend a good 16-inch so you can find the optimum position for your TV to be mounted. With this bracket, the TV would stay 2.6-inch away from the wall. The weight capacity indicates that the bracket can hold up to a 70-inch TV.

  • 130-degree swivel
  • Can withstand up to 132lbs
  • Helps reduce screen glare
  • Compatible with almost any TV brand

6. Everstone TV Wall Mount

Everstone TV Wall Mount 

The bracket can support up to a 65-inch TV, whether it’s an LED, LCD, or Plasma. The universal VESA pattern allows almost any brand of TV to be mounted. There are 2 optional locks on the mount that lets you adjust the TV height even after it’s mounted so you can get the perfect viewing angle.

  • 3-degree level adjustments
  • Durable alloy steel construction
  • Up to 14-inches extendable
  • 180-degree swivel adjustments available

5. WALI TV Wall Mount

WALI TV Wall Mount 

With a 33lbs loading capacity, this bracket can support up to a 30-inch flat-screen TV. The rotation along with tilt and swivel settings allows full adjustability so you can get the perfect viewing angle.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • 15-inches extendable arm
  • Quick installation

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4. Mounting Dream TV Mount

Mounting Dream TV Mount 

These metal TV brackets come with 16-inches wood stud spacing. It can withstand 99lbs of weight. With this bracket, you can mount your TV at any angle you wish. The swivel and tilt adjustments help get the best viewing that won’t give off-screen glares. The 6 articulated arms can firmly grab onto any type of wall surface in your house.

  • Durable metal construction
  • Optimum tilt adjustments enabled to reduce screen glares
  • Extendable mount
  • Suitable for all walls
  • Can support up to a 55-inch TV

3. AmazonBasics TV Wall Mount

AmazonBasics TV Wall Mount 

AmazonBasics has this articulating TV mount that can support a 55-inch TV. The bracket can be swiveled at 180-degree right and left. The 15-degree tilt lets you find the optimum viewing angle so you won’t suffer any screen glare.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 80lbs of weight capacity
  • 15-degree tilt adjustment
  • Easy to install (all mounting hardware included)

2. VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall mount kit

VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall mount kit

This mount bracket is a full-motion one that comes with a magnetic stud finder. With its tilt settings and the swiveling on both sides, the bracket can effectively hold any TV in place. It’s easy to install and all the necessary hardware is included in the package.

  • Extendable for up to 20-inches from the wall
  • 6ft. of HDMI cable included
  • 88lbs of weight capacity
  • Tilt and swivel adjustments included

1. Cheetah Mounts TV Wall Mount Bracket

Cheetah Mounts TV Wall Mount Bracket 

With a lifetime guarantee, this mounting bracket comes with articulating arms that allow you to tilt, swivel or rotate the bracket as needed. No matter what model TV you own, the bracket can be adjusted to get the perfect viewing angle. Included tools should cover installation for almost any TV. But if it doesn’t you can find your desired hardware at Cheetah.

  • Can be extended up to 14.5-inches
  • 115lbs of weight capacity
  • – 3-degree rotation adjustments
  • – 10-degree of tilt adjustment allowed

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The indicated weight limit is not exactly correct for these walls to mount brackets. Each of them is tested to withstand four times the written weight capacity so you won’t have to worry about putting any strain on the bracket. Just make sure you pick the right hardware according to your TV and hire a professional to finish mounting the TV.

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