Best USB Type C Adapter In 2020

Best USB Type C Adapter In 2020 | Find The Right Adapter

Micro USB ports are being replaced by type C ports because of greater connectivity and fast charging. But there are a lot of companies who are now manufacturing much more USB type C adapter. You need to carefully pick the adapters according to your device compatibility or else your device might get damaged.

So, to make it more convenient for you, we have listed down the top 10 best USB type C adapters below.

Top 10 Best USB Type C Adapter In 2020

 10.TAKAGI USB Type C 3A


Are you looking for a C type cable that is strong and durable? Then you’re in the right place. Takagi’s C type USB cable is flexible and it provides fast charging.

It is made of strong fiber and is nylon braided to avoid tangles. The material is very strong and flexible. Aluminum housing is also present.

  • Includes metal welding technology so the metal part won’t break.
  • Can bear 10000+ bending tests
  • Nylon braids ensure a tangle-free experience

9. JSAUX Micro USB Cable

JSAUX Micro USB Cable

The fast-charging capability, strong durability, and tangle-free experience has made JSAUX’s USB cable reach our top ten list. We believe that this is one of the best type C USB cables.

It is available in 5 colors. This cable is nylon braided and is made of the most durable materials. It is 6.6 ft long so you can easily lie down on your bed while charging your phone.

  • Can transfer data and charge fast. Transfers up to 480 Mbps
  • Is compatible with Samsung, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, etc.

8. Type C Cable USB 

Type C Cable USB 

This cable is not only strong and flexible but it is also compatible with Samsung, Huawei, and google pixels. It can transfer data and charge phones very rapidly.

The cable is made of nylon braided fabric and has an aluminum housing. This makes it more durable and tangles free.

  • Provides fast charging, up to 2.4 A
  • Can transfer up to 480 Mbps data

7. AmazonBasics Type-C to A

AmazonBasics Type-C to A

AmazonBasics Type C USB is one of the best high-quality budget-friendly USB cables. This is why it has been included in our list of top ten USB cables because of its high functionality.

It is available in two colors, black and white. Other than this, it can also be purchased in four different lengths (6-inch, 3-foot, 6-foot, or 9-foot). This cable also has a reversible design.

  • Supports fast charging
  • Available in various lengths

6. Anker Powerline USB C-C 

Anker Powerline USB C-C 

If you are searching for a USB cable with a good brand name at a reasonable price, then Anker has your back! Anker’s Powerline USB-C is one of the best cables at the most affordable price.

It has a sturdy design with Kevlar fiber. Furthermore, to test the capability and durability of the cable, the cable went through 5000 times of test bending. It also comes with a Velcro tie to manage extra cord length.

  • Has 5 Gbps transfer speed
  • Available in multiple cord lengths 

5. Anker Thunderbolt 3.0 

Anker Thunderbolt 3.0 

Anker has been dominating the market since the very beginning so Thunderbolt was no surprise to its users. This cable provides super-fast charging and rapid data transfer.

It is a 1.6 feet long cable. This cable is available in black and is compatible with Apple, Microsoft, nexus, Nintendo switch, etc.

  • Can transfer large files in a few seconds
  • Is compatible with almost all type C devices.

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4. Snowkids USB C 

Snowkids USB C 

Snowkids USB cable offers fast charging and data transfer. It is compatible with Samsung, Google Pixel, Nintendo switch, etc.

It is 6 feet long and it is built with a reversible connector. This cable is made of solid and durable double-braided nylon.

  • Supports fast charging and can transfer 5 Gbps data
  • Extremely durable. Has been bend tested over 6000 times.

3. Belkin USB C 2.0

Belkin USB C 2.0

Belkin has been dominating the market since the very beginning by launching its high-end product. We can assure you that the quality and function of this cable has not been compromised.

This cable is over 4 feet long and is perfect for everyday use. It includes a precision welded metal shield to increase the durability of this cable.

  • Transfer speed up to 480 Mbps
  • Has a reversible USB connector

2. CableCreation USB C

CableCreation USB C

CableCreation’s USB cable is one of the finest cables out there at a very reasonable price. It is well known for its amazing durability, fast charging, and rapid data transfer.

This cable has a cotton braided design to ensure a tangle-free experience. It has a premium aluminum alloy shell and gold-plated connectors to ensure durability.

  • The cable is conveniently long
  • Supports 480 Mbps data transfer
  • Has a lifetime warranty

1. BrexLink USB C Cable 

BrexLink USB C Cable 

NYC based company BrexLink has manufactured this cable with state-of-the-art materials. Moreover, it has durability, flexibility, and also provides high-speed charging (up to 3A). For this reason, this cable is the highest ranking in our top ten best USB type C adapter list.

Besides, it is made of ultra-durable nylon braids and has seamlessly molded joints. There is a snap-lock tie on each cable as well.

  • Has bend lifespan of over 10,000+
  • Has a 24-month warranty
  • Made out of durable nylon

Many people nowadays prefer to use type C ports since they are much more convenient to use. However, there are a lot of adapters to choose from so we have created this list of top 10 USB type C adapters. We hope you can make your choice after reading this.

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