Best Wall Mounted Desk In 2020 | Space-Saving Solution

Best Wall Mounted Desk In 2020 | Space-Saving Solution

A wall-mounted desk is a smart and contemporary solution for your functional needs required in small spaces. It is cheaper than the traditional tables and creates a clean layout due to taking up zero floor space. Check out this list of the best wall mounted desks that you will love.

Top 10 Wall Mounted Desk In 2020

10. Wooden-Life Fold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk

Wooden-Life Fold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk

This innovative wall-mounted desk features shelves and a corkboard making it worth the price tag.

This durable wall-mounted desk provides a lot of work and storage place due to fixed and adjustable shelves. When towed away, the table is undetectable to look like a cabinet with an incredibly useful corkboard for reminders.

  • Medium-density fiberboard.
  • Weight capacity: 25 pounds
  • Open measurements: 17.7in wide x 58 in height

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9. YJTGZ Wall Mounted Folding Table

YJTGZ Wall Mounted Folding Table 

Whatever your needs are, this thick and durable wall mounted desk is ready to deliver.

This desk has a scratch-resistant, easy to clean glossy surface. The high-quality build allows it to endure more weight. The size is a customize fit for your specific needs.

  • Material: Wood-based panel
  • Weight capacity: 60kgs.
  • Available in five beautiful colors

8. QIMO Folding Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

QIMO Folding Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

Looking for a fold away desk for your laundry or kitchen room? Get this sturdy, waterproof wall mounted desk without hesitation.

This firm desk is sleek with rounded corners and made of a solid thick wood plate. It has a great load-bearing capacity when open and lays flat on the wall when folded away to free up space.

  • Material: E1 density wood board and steel brackets.
  • Size: Made to preference.
  • Available in glossy white or natural wood color.

7. Folding Wall Table White Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

Folding Wall Table White Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table 

This chic, multi-functional wall mounted desk is a huge space saver for those wanting to free up space in your home.

This desk is well built and supported by thick metal plates. It has a smooth surface that is easy to clean. All of the four edges have round edges for safety and aesthetics.

  • High-density wood board.
  • Size:70x30cm
  • All installation hardware is includ.

6. Plan Station Mini Portable Standing Desk

Plan Station Mini Portable Standing Desk 

Ever heard of a lightweight and portable desk? If your worksite keeps changing and involves a lot of planning, you would not want to miss this inexpensive, instant wall mounted desk.

This compact folding blue desk uses tough nylon with heavy-duty rings to hang it anywhere. It can support laptops, and 16 have mesh compartments to organize pens, notebooks, and other supplies.

  • 24″ x 32″ x 1/2″ installation plywood not included.

5. Need Small Mounted Kitchen Table

Need Small Mounted Kitchen Table

This heavy-duty wall-mounted desk ideal if you have insufficient surfaces and want to expand your space in the kitchen, bar, or dining area.

This desk is thicker and can bear five times more weight than other desks on the market. The moderate-sized black plank is stylish and supports up to 220lbs. The high strength steel brackets ensure stability.


4. Sauder Anda Norr Wall Desk

Sauder Anda Norr Wall Desk

Similar to the wooden-life desk at number 10, this simple and modern wall mounted desk fold up and transformed visually into a cabinet. If you want no trace of a table after your work is done, you’ll love this desk from Sader Anda.

This white desk has a while frame and a beautiful natural oak door that opens up to lay flat as a desk, exposing a convenient grey felt tack board. It also has a small shelf for you to place small items such as small plants of pencil holders.

  • Sustainable and recycled wood.
  • Size: L: 24.8″ x W: 5.0″ x H: 18.5

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3. Wooden Mallet Wall Desk

Wooden Mallet Wall Desk

This gorgeous and functional wall mounted desk is excellent for professional settings like offices and libraries.

The rich mahogany or oak finish brings a luxe factor to your workspace. It has a compartment to store your pens, folders, etc. It comes fully assembled, which reduces installation time.

  • Weight support: 20lbs.
  • Size: 21 x 4 x 17 inches.
  • Strong Magnetic closure.

2. Ikea BJURSTA drop-leaf table

Ikea BJURSTA drop-leaf table

This Ikea wall mounted desk is minimalistic and seamlessly get incorporated into the environment. It is adaptable to various needs and can be used as a study area, kitchen table, etc.

This intelligently designed desk folds up to feature a fully functioning desk but is also useful when folded down as it forms a small shelf that is five inches wide. The clear lacquered surface is eye-catching and easy to clean.

  • Material: particleboard wood with reinforced plastic.
  • Size: 35 3/8×19 5/8 inches.

1. White Wall Mount Floating Folding Computer Desk

White Wall Mount Floating Folding Computer Desk 

This retractable wall-mounted desk is well-balanced and makes the most effective use of small spaces.

This Ivory white desk is well craft wood. The cold-rolled steel brackets ensure maximum support and can support things such as an office PC. The edges are precise and rounded for an elegant look.

  • Size: 23.6″*15.7″
  • Weight: About 6.5kg

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The apartment spaces seem to get smaller and smaller. Wall-mounted desk designs are a stylish and low maintenance solution to effectively work in a small space while keeping the environment breathable. Say no to old-fashioned, bulky furniture and get a wall-mounted desk from our list.

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